Beijing 2008: David Oliver is a BlackBerry User!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Aug 2008 10:21 am EDT

David Oliver is a BlackBerry User!

this just in...

Hello, I am a faithful reader and I am always on the site. I have a CrackBerry sighting for you. My friend, David Oliver is a 110m hurdler on the US Olympic Track and Field team in Beijing. We both have Curves and he, like myself, is obsessed with them. I can't leave home without mine, but he can't even go to practice without having his Curve with him.

NICE. Not only is David Oliver a BlackBerry-using Olympian, he's a BlackBerry ADDICTED one. Now that's an athlete I can definitely cheer for. GOOD LUCK David! Bring home a Gold for CrackBerry Nation!

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Beijing 2008: David Oliver is a BlackBerry User!


I'm about as straight a guy as they come, but I don't think I'm alone when I say that that is some FINE looking man meat!

but so true. I'm not turnin in my MAN card though.....I'm just confident enough to appreciate a fine specimen of manhood. (giggity)

I'm anonymous fer a reason ya know!

Of course he uses a Blackberry. How else would he keep track of all those Human Growth Hormone shipments?