Beijing 2008: Alicia Sacramone is a BlackBerry User

Alicia Sacramone
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2008 05:52 am EDT

Pictured above is Alicia Sacramone, Gymnast for the US Olympic team, talking on her skinned BlackBerry during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Big thanks to Vincent for sending this in!

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Beijing 2008: Alicia Sacramone is a BlackBerry User


Diddy's reality show "I Want to Work for Diddy" is full of BBs!! It's one of the highlights of the show! It is definitely the ultimate business smartphone!

I thought this girl was hot b4, but now, she's hot AND has great taste! Hmmm....I knew the force was strong in that one.

Have you seen this girls neck? It is so thick! Like a small tree going to her sholders.

BTW it was pretty sad when she feel. Looked like they where all pretty torn up about it.

To everyone hating on her... you could not have done any better **rolleyes**

She is a crazy good gymnast, she is cute and she rocks a Berry!

"Hi mom? can you hear me? I choked; not once but twice. I love you - cant wai to come home....Alicia

The reason most of the Olympians have bb's is because RIM is giving them out not because they own them. I love my curve but just had to point that out since every time I come here there is a new "OMG blank Olympian has a bb."

Did you know that other gymnastic Shawn Johnson is a blackberry user too. Because I saw her typed blackberry's keyboard in her hands during her practice time.

Shawn is an adorable kid. Glad she represents the U.S. :) Congrats to her on getting the gold medal, at last.

Ahh, cool. I have that same skin (would recommend it to anyone). I'm glad she got the silver medal despite having problems during the competition. And, Sacramone was voted Hottest Olympian at w00t!