Behind The Scenes: The making of the BlackBerry Z10 review videos

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2013 02:00 pm EST

We were going to save this for the DVD Feature Edition, but since we're on a BlackBerry high having the new BlackBerry Z10 to play we'll bring you this behind the scenes look at our temporary Toronto-based CrackBerry Headquarters, aka "The Crack House," free of charge. :)

If you've checked out our in-depth BlackBerry Z10 review and BlackBerry 10 review, you no doubt noticed the extra effort we put into our review videos this time around. Filmed with great lighting and that bright white studio feel, you may have been wondering to yourself exactly where we went to pull this off. Well wonder no more. Hit up the video above to see all of our secrets revealed. And if you haven't watched the videos yet, you can hit up the links below. 

BlackBerry Z10 Review Unit Unboxing
BlackBerry 10 Hardware Review Video
BlackBerry 10 in 10 Minutes
BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 10  

Reader comments

Behind The Scenes: The making of the BlackBerry Z10 review videos


I don't think Adam is hilarious. I think he counter-balances very well Kevin's wildness. Both are spontaneous but Adam's shyness and calmness bring some great ingredients into Kevin's spicy sauce. Their attitude, voice, personality are quite opposite and complementary.

There was something that disturbed me though while watching this "making of in the crack house". This might be strange for some of you, in particular those from the US, but being an European citizen I am not used to see ostentatious religious signs worn in the public media (European media).

Who could miss this large wooden cross weared by Adam on top of his tshirt?

Religion is a personal belief and my European Culture has taught me that (note that I'am just a regular European Atheist) religious items should remain into the privacy of one's personal life and not shown openly in public in particular in a media watched by people from all over the world.
I know that in the US, it may be very normal to be loudly proud of being religious and to show it even in a public media. In European public media, journalists will always make sure that their religious opinions remain hidden and personal. No TV journalist will show up on air wearing ostentatiously a religious item. My European culture makes me believe that religion as a spirituality should remain a private activity without ostenstatious (showy) items/accessories for the public. Individues should not make proselytism about their own religious belief. It is also a way to avoid religious proselytism in eduacional institutions, public administration and on public media.
I presume there was neither attempt of religious proselytism and nor obvious religious pride in Adam's way of wearing his cross out on his clothes. Especially that the shot was just a "Making of".

It just striked me and since I do appreciate reading and listening to him, I wanted to let him know my feelings. I'm sure he will take this comment not as a direct critic on his only person but just as an expression of a different perception of the world.

Long life to Crackberry's team with BB10 and following...


Interesting perspective on religious symbols being worn in public. Like you said, probably not something that most of us in America think twice about doing, but interesting nonetheless.

I wear a cross on a chain as well, and though it is usually covered by my clothing, I don't think I would give a second thought to it being viewable. I can't speak for everyone in the US, but I don’t wear the cross to advertise/push my religious beliefs to anyone else, or to be ostentatious as you put it. Then again, I am not shown in public media, and as it is socially acceptable here, I doubt anybody would pay it much mind if I was.

Thanks for exchanging on the matter ;-).
You are totally right if you consider this "Anybody" as "Anybody from the US" ;-)

However Crackberry's audience is far from being limited to the US and Canada. Blackberry's products get very little attention from the US market and because they are very popular in other continents, Crackberry's audience is largely represented by individuals from South East Asia (there was a BB10 launch in Jarkata-Indonesia), Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Therefore the audience is not that much homogeneous as would be an audience exclusively representing the continent of North America. Yes Crackberry is run by North American people but this doesn't mean that its audience is representative of its staff.

I have not been offended by Adam at all, I have just tried to express something that disturbed me as a very openminded individual and not a sectarian person. No point to try to judge US culture and far from me to ambition changing it. I just think it is worth explaining through this comment that the Crackberry's audience is much diverse and multicultural than one could believe.

I lived in Vancouver, NYC, Barcelona, Paris and currently live in Brussels where population speak French, Dutch but also very much Arabic/Morrocan for a large proportion of its inhabitants.
So far, Belgian TV journalists don't wear cross, kippah or Hijab (muslim headscarf/veil) on air... We don't know until when it will last.

I wish I could have made my point clearer before: my comment came for the sack of Crackberry's professionalism and was not directly related to my own sensibility but to the multicultural audience's sensibility.


I wanna know where to get some of those action starts here posters....would be a great addition framed for in my office? Any of you guys wanna share?

Poor Adam. Kevin stole his moment of glory :( LOL

BlackBerry needs to start including some swag (ie: stickers) with their phones ! Either a spark, or the word BlackBerry or just the 7 lil berry dots.

Adam is like cut the damn video already!!! Lol

I like the new upgrade in videography though! Got to step a level up now that BlackBerry has!

Great job on the videos. I knew they looked like they were done professionally. Huge difference...especially with this video. No offense Bla1ze.

This site must make some freaking good money to be able to afford the rent or price to purchase one to make it the crackberry studio. They aren't cheap!

I think they picked just the right place. Located in a nice area. And it actually looks just a bit small for their needs. But it does like nice and modern.

We wouldn't want to see them in a run down apartment.. That would just be unprofessional..

Someone above said they think Adam is shy. I don't think he's shy at all. I work in sales and I speak in front of people all the time and I see others speaking in front of groups too. Nervousness comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Most often, exuberant people that seem unafraid, really are quite nervous which makes them talk to loud and get too excited.

I think Adam was very cool, calm and collected. And I also think Kevin hijacked his video a bit there too..

Yep, it was me ;-) and I do agree on all your above comments, including the little hijacked behavior.

Kevin bro ur zed10 review was fkn hardcore! Wat coverage.. and amazing setup!

Honestly,.. It's the best take on any mobile by a fan site..

If I was there... You would see a complete mofo-ing tour of the ENTIRE house. I am that kind of video blogger who takes detail VERY seriously. Such a disappointment I didn't get to meet kevin in person but maybe soon enough I'll get the chance. :)