Behind the scenes of CrackBerry Live!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 May 2013 09:47 am EDT

When BlackBerry announced they were rebranding BlackBerry World to BlackBerry Live for 2013, we just knew we had to kick up our coverage for the annual event to include a live component. Hence, the idea for CrackBerry Live was born.

Doing live video content is a challenge on many fronts, but thanks to our friends at GeekBeat.TV, we pulled it off without a hiccup. Where we were lacking on the gear and experience front, John P. and Kien Tran were not and they helped pull it all together and kept us on track all week long.

We've been receiving great feedback on all of our CrackBerry Live content. In the video above we take a behind the scenes look at the entire setup and what it took to produce to CrackBerry Live this year. Enjoy!

Reader comments

Behind the scenes of CrackBerry Live!


GREAT setup. I hope you guys do this @ every BlackBerry Live! I Really enjoyed watching it.

I only have 2 suggestions for last year...well 3.

1 - Have a red light (or something similar) on the active camera so Adam, Kevin ect. Know which camera to look at. There was a few times that Kevin would say and/or show something to the wrong camera.

2 - Have another TV pointed at the stage so Adam & Kevin can view it. This way they will better be able to see what's goin on in chat, how long they have been talking/have left & also, Jon & Co would be able to send msg's to the stage without yelling it to them from off stage (this could also be accomplished by earwigs)

3 - I think it would be kinda cool if next year TH were to wonder by for an interview. LOVED the BlackBerry Employee Interviews!

Anyways great job guys, keep on Rock & Rolling it! :)

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Great feedback. Agree with all of it. We've been making a list of ways we could further improve for next of my list is losing 20lbs!

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HCG Hormone is for you KEV,check it out the pounds will slide off without any effort at all.wouldn't want you to get crabby because of some diet.good luck. I got your back!! might help. Don't fuck with your hormones.

Better drop that weight and give your fiancee that wedding lol, I imagine being away for so long isn't easy.

Make a contest for best video using only story maker and the BlackBerry Z10/Q10

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Damn, I used to have one of those old handcams.... and I tossed it away a few years ago in New Zealand. Should have kept it!