Behind the scenes of #CESlive!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2014 02:53 am EST

CES 2014 is officially over, but over the next few days we'll still be bringing you a few more vids from our #CESlive stage. It was a crazy week, and there is some catching up to be done.

Hopefully you've had a chance to take in some of the amazing coverage. If not, be sure to jump over to and hit play on the videos.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to put on a live streaming event of the magnitude of #CESlive, this is the video for you to watch. Our friends John P. and Cali Lewis do the full walk about in this one. It's a 15 minute video, but it's nerdtastic in all it's tech awesomeness. In just four days we had almost 80 interviews come take place on the #CESlive stage. CRAZY.

Enjoy the show, and be sure to hit up our CES hub for more!

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Behind the scenes of #CESlive!!!


Where is the piece with John Chen. Did I miss it somewhere? I recall you saying it was coming a few days ago. But I can't find it.

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+1000. This is the only info I care about since it was tweeted,not this other CES Drivel. Let's focus on the CrackBerry news today and not the MobileNations stuff please.

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Ya really! Although I am received to know that they are provided with a garbage can that they keep filling up :/ hahahaha

...we are all connected...

CES would be an interesting place to visit.

If CB wants to hook me up with access next year, I would be all over that!

TY for bringing it to our virtual existence CB!


It was good, it was bad but most of all, I can't stand John P,from day 1 when he almost wacked Adam when turning around to point something out,he didn't even acknowledge Adam was there and did not apologize to him .then there was Simon who had the courage to plug bb in between interviews,and basically was told to put a sock in it by Cali,then there was Kevin who was trying to show off his Porsche phone and he was told to stop at one point,he made it clear that he thought it was CB's day and it was Okay,I guess what I am trying to say is that I tuned in to here about new stuff and BB of course and the Geek squad or whatever they are called has shown no love for BB.Then again ,why should they ,Market share is not there,right?Being part of Mobile Nations at this point in time for CB must be hard on the boys .I'm counting on John Chen to bring back BB and get some respect for the brand,anyway John P should be behind the camera as I don't appreciate seeing a control freak on camera.I've never seen that before.Rant it is, and it is done.

Interesting viewpoint. While I agree that BlackBerry references were definitely tempered, I didn't notice the level of control freakism from John P that you did. I actually find him to be pretty engaging on camera. I'll have to rematch some of the videos to see if I can pick up on that.

I agree with you on giving props to Kevin, Simon and Adam for plugging BlackBerry whenever they could. Great job, guys!

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I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand John P. They were both annoying and the reason I quit watching the coverage.

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Ashley Esqueda (sp?) needs to come back...

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I think she worked exclusively for Mobile Nations and yes I miss her too!!The geek people are trying to hitch up with MN and catch a ride on their wave.I'M sure they have something to offer or MN would not get involved,Let's call it outsourcing.John P I think is much better suited for something like PBS,selling T shirts and other stuff,during the breaks.His energy level is off the charts

If you have the time, check out PC Mag Live 01/08/14 Yahoo's star studded keynote on YouTube and check the difference in the quality ,of their pitch,at the end there is an interesting take on TYPO.They don't ever talk over one another which I find more productive and they seem to be real people.

I really was honored to hear that CB was responsible for having the most viewers at a particular time, that just shows how involved BlackBerry people are in the technology game.

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