Beginner BB Tip: UPPER CASE Typing Shortcut

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2008 01:58 am EDT
Auto Caps!

This BlackBerry tip comes to you courtesy of my girlfriend Erika...

This weekend after checking out the The Dark Night Batman movie (FRAK'n AWESOME!) we were sitting at a restaurant and while Erika was firing off a text message on her Curve she said to me, "HEY..I just discovered something. If I hold down on the letter I'm typing a little bit longer it turns Upper Case!!!"

Not a readily intuitive feature (and I guess it's one I never showed her!), but it is an AWESOME one that EVERY BlackBerry User should know and use, so I figured it was worth a quick post JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU ALL DO. Hopefully you knew it, but if not, you do now! You can check out more BB FAQs, How Tos and Tips in the Forums!

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Beginner BB Tip: UPPER CASE Typing Shortcut


That's kinda crazy... I hate to admit it, I didn't know.

However, I believe that quickly hitting the cap button and then the letter is still faster.

Yeah, Not sure that Holding down on a letter is "MUCH BETTER" than tapping the cap key. I guess it's easier on your thumbs (less movement!), but tapping Caps is pretty darn quick - plus you can hold it down and tap multiple letters out.

But now ya have two options!!

Very nice feature but why wouldnt RIM incorporate this functionality bi-directional so that I dont have to type a letter then hit backspace and type that same letter again when I dont want to start a sentence with a capital letter?

This really makes it a PITA when trying to send commands via SSH to my linux box which is case sensitive.

That makes more sense to me. I hate having to backspace then type the same letter again. Seems like a no brainer to me.

It may be a awesome feature......but it's a much SLOWER one......and for us fast blackberry typers this method actually slows you down.

Did anybody try the LG texting championships? I got 13.2 secs which was 15th out of 675....not to bad I guess.

Hey Yeah!

I saw the display in our local mall and gave it a go. Think I got 14 seconds. LG phones were horrible to type on. I'm sure I could have been sub 10 on the BlackBerry. Was 10th in my province when I left the booth that day. Not sure where I ended up.

Agreed on the shortcut - little slower, but still a good one!

not to pat myself on the back, but if figured this out about a month ago...i figured it out by mistake, just like erika did...i didnt bother posting, i figured i was late to the game...but the question still remains...which method is faster? alt+caps or the hold down method? the choice is yours .... and that's what its all about folks....choice.

I'm sure anyone who ever tested out a Blackberry Curve already found out about this. This post is quite useless.

story is titled "Beginner's Tip" for a reason. If you're not a Newbie..don't read it :)

More advanced tips/how tos are in the forums and BB 101s. We write content for all levels of BB user here.

I've had my Pearl since October, and one time by mistake after hitting many random buttons in succession was it on caps lock. I have not been able to discover HOW it happened!! I have searched it multiple times in multiple forums and all I've gotten is "hit alt and caps!"
It's really starting to get on my nerves, as to how to enable the secret capslock!!!
Could someone here at CrackBerry PLEASE enlighten me.

What "right side shift button" ??

I just got a bb the other day for the first time and I found that out same day haha. Also if you press space twice it auto inputs a "." and caps the next letter for those who dont know. Its in the user book in the back under shortcuts and tips etc. idk how many ppl know it but some useless info for yall :-)

"HEY..I just discovered something. If I hold down on the letter I'm typing a little bit longer it turns Upper Case!!!"


I always click alt then click cap to see icon said CAP ^ on display that will stay on caps while u r typing better than hold the key to get cap to typing. Then to turn caps lock off, just click cap button once. It's faster way. I always clicked alt then cap so I can talked to my deaf friend who have vision plm. I hope this will help yall.

I am new to the blackberry/crackberry world, so THANK YOU for this helpful hint. I did stumble across the alt and right shift key will keep them all capital but this is a quicker way!! have a blessed day!