BeFroyo from Ahaz and JMal Designs - THE Android theme for your BlackBerry - 25 copies up for grabs

By Michael Hepples on 21 Jul 2010 09:00 am EDT

I covered BeFroyo in last week's Theme Roundup,  and the response from the community was so favorable that the developers contacted me wanting to give a little back. In case you missed it last week, here's an excerpt from the article to give you some background on the theme.

Ahaz and JMal make some quality themes, no argument there. Their latest creation takes the Froyo look from Android and brings it to your BlackBerry home screen. A full set of Android style icons, and some serious homescreen function will really amp up your Curve. A dedicated today scree, which is becoming more prevalent in these types of themes, is a nice touch, and a personal favorite. Fully skinned, in every minute detail, this theme is a must for any BlackBerry user that craves the Android look and feel. Available in the CB store for just $2.99 for multiple devices.  

Contest: We have 25 copies of BeFroyo to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

Reader comments

BeFroyo from Ahaz and JMal Designs - THE Android theme for your BlackBerry - 25 copies up for grabs



This looks like a fun theme, now if it would just run some of the android apps............dreaming again!

This looks mean to say the least. I just got an iPhone 2days ago. Well I'm back on my BB8900 so yah have a new iPhone sitting around(Iphones are pretty lame). Anyway I'm am so rdy for this. BB RIM 4Life!

Not a big fan of droid themes but this is really one I could see running on my S1. So hook me up with a copy.

I've never tried a theme since the Pro V3 by NateMZ and this kinda sorta looks like the one I'd like to play with.

Great theme and easy on the eyes. Would love to have the look fo Froyo without giving away my dear BB :D

Looks like a cool theme but all themes run too slow on my storm 9550. The storm 2 is already slow enough with the stock theme

I;ve been the fan of Andriod look and feel (of course I'm the biggest fan of RIM for all other stuff :P) and getting this onto my S2 would be the perfect marriage made in heaven...please pick me...

I've seen a few members post screenshots using this theme in the Forums, and it looked very nice from what I saw...

Great, I just bought fivepointnine theme and now this comes out. I can never settle on just one theme

I used Android and it's great but my Bold 9700 is just the perfect phone... and the battery stays with me all day & night. It'll be great to have this theme.

...will try with this one!!
This android themes are so popular theese days, cause a lot of unsatisfied BB user are preparing for a switch- my guess...

Would like to see this theme on m curve 8900. Currently have the iberry and I am getting bored of it lol. Thanks for the chance of winning this.

These guys definitly rock the new theme world and this Android theme is their best ever. Thanks for "Theming Up" with CB to give these away. I would love to be one of them to win this theme.

Was browsing the Crackberry frontpage and this theme just caught my attention, it looks really good and would be interested to see how well it works with my 8900!

This is a theme I need on my storm 2, I hope to get this since the word on OS 6 isn't looking so good, so this will make me feel good about having a BB Storm 2 :)

Count me in please, would really like to have a copy to finally see how does the android looks like, since i never seen one before :)

haha i dont know if i can wait till the contest is over to have one haha but i want one. Maybe this will keep me from leaving BB and going to Android haha.

I love my 8530 but I like the look of the android os and this would hold me over until (hopefully) blackberry 6 comes to my device :D PICK ME!!!! *raises hand wildly* lol

I love the theme and really cant wait to have it on my phone...I hope I win a free download but even if I dont I will be purchasing it soon....Keep up the good work guys. :o)