BeFroyo from Ahaz and JMal Designs - THE Android theme for your BlackBerry - 25 copies up for grabs

By Michael Hepples on 21 Jul 2010 09:00 am EDT

I covered BeFroyo in last week's Theme Roundup,  and the response from the community was so favorable that the developers contacted me wanting to give a little back. In case you missed it last week, here's an excerpt from the article to give you some background on the theme.

Ahaz and JMal make some quality themes, no argument there. Their latest creation takes the Froyo look from Android and brings it to your BlackBerry home screen. A full set of Android style icons, and some serious homescreen function will really amp up your Curve. A dedicated today scree, which is becoming more prevalent in these types of themes, is a nice touch, and a personal favorite. Fully skinned, in every minute detail, this theme is a must for any BlackBerry user that craves the Android look and feel. Available in the CB store for just $2.99 for multiple devices.  

Contest: We have 25 copies of BeFroyo to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

Reader comments

BeFroyo from Ahaz and JMal Designs - THE Android theme for your BlackBerry - 25 copies up for grabs



wow theme looks amazing...i am surprised someone hasn't hacked bb to run android like iphone does...but hardware issues i assume...never the less an excellent looking thing will do for now :)

I'm going to hold this goldfish hostage until you announce me as one of the winners. The fate of this innocent soul lies in your hands... er, BlackBerry.

looks nice and fresh. maybe I can get froyo on my phone before people with real android phones do. ;)

I would like a cool and refreshing treat to beat these summer days with the BeFroyo theme for my BB9700! Pretty please with a cherry on top!

I would love this theme. Being extremely broke and unable to afford a droid based phone, this would be the next best thing! Pick me! Please???

I love the look of Android themes. Don't own this one yet, hoping I can win it. If not I will probably end up paying for it.

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this would be awesome, been looking to buy this but haven't decided on it yet. Now if I win it there's no decision to be made.

Thank You

Not close to being the first post... wonder why the others posts weren't displayed until afterwards. Ah well.

Since I love BB and can't justify two phones this is how I would like to "experience" Android. Thanks CB & the designers for another chance at a freebie!

lol i'm not making my BB look like a driod. I used to own a G1 and it was pretty cool no lie, but i am faithful to my phone and not what others look like.

pathetic, bb isnt good on their own and now there are themes with the skin of other phones...........

Im usually not much interested in themes but this ... i really like. Best i've seen!

This theme looks really nice! Is gonna be great to have it till the BlackBerry 6 is here and is going to look great on my Storm 2

and watching... and waiting ... and looking for this to come out! LOVE IT. Would love to win this one. Would show it off to the world and make sure they knew where and how it cams from!!! Hook me up! :) Thanks for the offering as well.

Nice! Always want to try an android! Now I could pretend my BlackBerry is one with this theme! :D

I traded in my moto droid for my bb curve 8530 cause I couldn't stand not having bbm and the batt life sucked on droid I'm glad I went back to bb and would be cool to have the droid theme and the text alert sound "droid" that I just downloaded.. Thanks guys!

With this theme BB users can have the "fun" of the droid devices with all the REAL functionality of a true BB. Great move Froyo! Keep the good ones coming!!!

just want to win, this theme looks sweet. i wanna be the one, done been struck, now my luck be a-changin'. pick me brothers of crackberry!