Get your college on with Beer Pong for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jul 2010 01:51 pm EDT

Beer Pong for BlackBerry

Ever felt the need to get your inner college kid on during a business meeting? Well now you can. Beer Pong brings all the excitement of everyone's favorite game right to your device. No more warm beer or sticky Solo cups. Fire up Beer Pong and play by yourself or challenege a friend. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you'll be a master in no time. No frilly options in this one so just download and go. While obviously not for everyone, most should get some good play from it and can even stay sober in the process. Beer Pong is available for $2.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Get your college on with Beer Pong for BlackBerry


the one that was released for iPhone awhile back that MADD and all the colleges went crazy over and they enddd up changing the name of the product?

...and hello to my Droid X.

It's because a piece of crap app like this makes the front page of one of the better BlackBerry blogs around, due to the fact that quite frankly, there's nothing else to be excited about if you're a BB user. AND it's $2.99. Pathetic!

Well, you're pathetic for finding the need to post this. I, along with probably MANY others here, am sick of hearing about Androids. I don't give a mother EF about your decision-making.

C'est la vie, C-word.

...also...the entire point of blogs like this is for a community of people to get together and discuss a shared interest.

I have been a member of this community, discussing my BB, asking people for help and providing my own.

It is no secret that BB is falling behind its competitors and losing lots of customers. I took this particular post to illustrate why. Your response borders on pathological. I suggest you address how to manage your anger, because if a simple blog response elicits this type of anger from you, it's only a matter of time before you're hurting someone IRL.

I agree with the commenter who bashed you. You loser trolls who keep coming to a BLACKBERRY forum and posting nonsense about how you're switching devices on a blog about a BB game is just annoying at this point, hence his anger (and mine!). Stop ruining our experience! I love bb to death and am not a fan of android, and I really CHOSE a 9530 over a droid (my droid is a dust collector lol) for many reasons.

Have fun with android, but quit annoying everyone else; NO ONE CARES YOU'RE SWITCHING!!

Wow, a beer pong game for Blackberry! Why don't they just have a decent browser or...wait for it corporate typers...a decent pdf viewer. You Blackberry sycophants make me sick with your pathetic low expectations. I only use this P.O.S. so that I can support business users. Keep in mind losers, the Blackberry has value to business for what it can KEEP users from doing. Like a company car that only goes 55 mph and has no stereo. You idiots are carrying water for the corporate types. And so far, has done nothing but confirm my observations about a lame platform. You're all like abuse victims. You keep looking for ways to justify your low expectations.

You are a pretty sad came onto this site, made a user name called Not Impressed, and ranted in a random blog post totally off topic about crap no one wants to hear?

Besides, what you said is flat out wrong, I can do everything on my Storm that I need/want that I can do on my droid... Sorry you struggle doing things with your device, maybe a better approach to ranting would be to simply ask for help...

You know I wish the blueant post on the FP today could be commented on, as all you lame Android fanbois would be bashed; what's that? You don't have built-in voice dialing? Meaning this awesome new accessory doesn't work for your line of phones? That's too bad.

I read CrackBerry to see if there is anything I am missing in my otherwise pretty technical existence. I do not find any information of value. There are plenty of sniveling fanboys but not a lot of information out there to refute my assertion that Blackberry's are sold as much for what they do not do, as they are for what they can. Face it sycophants and boot lickers, the Blackberry is sold so that the Enterprise can turn it into a car that only does 55 and has no stereo. All your enthusiasm does not make the screen a usable size for .pdf's, does not give it pinch zoom, does not make the default browser usable, does not make the camera not suck. Cannot open .txt files,.. plain business e-mail. Oooohhh encrypted business e-mails, RSA tokens...Remote wipe, my goodness Blackberry, what will you come up with next?