Beejive IM Beta Now Available for Blackberry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 5 May 2009 10:05 am EDT


Everyone's favorite all-in-on instant messaging application has finally made it to beta for the Storm 9500 & 9530. Until now there was not a Storm specific version, and the standard version didn't fair all that well on the touchscreen device. If you've been waiting for this to drop, head over to on your mobile browser to download.  Keep in mind this is an early beta, so some features like chat logs and file transfers have been left out.  If you need assitance or want to report a bug, hit up their support forum.

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Beejive IM Beta Now Available for Blackberry Storm


is actually pretty awesome so far and it's only in beta! I've gotten a few errors but it's so fast and works quite well!

Reminds me of iChat. Memory footprint isn't bad either, so the phone doesn't slow down. If they got BBMessenger in here I think I would drop the $$ to buy it (still might anyway. who knows)

One thing, for me at least, is that you have to go into the chat you want to close in order to exit it because that feature doesn't work from the home screen.

Just downloaded, it was working fine till my phone rebooted now when I try to sign in it says sign in time out... ???

I have found a bug, where can we report these?

If you have the theme for messages set to anything besides bubbles, or bubbles with icons, and you do not have an IM window for the user you are chatting with open - you get an uncaught exception error.

I wanted to run the classic theme for the message window, now I'm stuck with bubbles like the freaking iphone. Lame.

Good app so far though.

How can they make you pay for a Beta?? When you start it, it asks if you want the trial or if you want to register...

I take my previous comment back..i somehow gained my memory back...and there isn't a leak after all

Hands down, the best third-party application (of any category) I have used so far on the Storm. The BeeJive for my old Curve was nearly perfect, but this new version includes so many enhancements.

Love the flick scrolling and the "touch" functions (e.g., double-touch (not double-click) any buddy and their info will pop up).

Really great work BeeJive.

Finally! Found one prob... If you end a chat and receive an IM from the same person the chat box comes up blank. Doesn't seem to have the spell checker like AIM.

DL'd it at lunch and been using it all day. No problems yet, and FLICK SCROLLING... if they could only get the whole damn phone to use that then we'd be in business...

Is anyone having a problem with the facebook IM part? I get a timeout message when I try and connect. Have restarted - no help. AIM works well though.

Been waiting for this one, and it looks like they've done a solid job all the way across.

I'm not seeing the error with changing the themes within the program...I can swap back and forth to classic/bubbles/etc without the uncaught exception. Weird.

For a beta, she looks pretty much done...not a lot of issues. Yay.

Hello all - I downloaded from the link just fine. However, every time I try to launch the application I get the following error message.

Error starting
$2dvga: Class
multiply defined.

Any suggestions on how to fix? I sent the error message to Beejive asking for assistance but have not received a response.

Thanks in advance.

It seems like they updated the release to v1.9.1 today and made some changes based on feedback.

you can download it at the same link:

It still needs work, but that's why they call it Beta.

I've been using BeeJive on my Storm for 12 hours and I'm constantly getting

"class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException, null" when I receive messages. This is not limited to a specific protocol.

The keyboard likes to disappear when in full qwerty mode. On occasional the keyboard will flip.

From the menu, "Send IM" is not implemented yet.

The app does get a little sluggish at times, but it's nothing intolerable.

I still use it because I like it so much. I hope they get the bugs worked out soon! Totally worth the money.