Beejive Finally Lowers Pricing - Get It Now for $9.99

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 12:16 pm EST

Beejive has long been a BlackBerry user favorite when it comes to all-in-one IM clients, but the high price tag was not. There is no denying that the app does what it does well, but many users chose to stay clear since the thought of shelling out $20+ for an IM app just wasn't cutting it. Well now you can grab Beejive at a much more reasonable price of $9.99 (for a device license, a user license will run you $14.99). This is definitely a better plan for Beejive, although some may still think its a bit high. Beejive incorporates AIM, Gtalk, Yahoo!, Facebook chat and more all into one easy to use IM client. If you've been waiting for what seems like forever for a price drop, then you're in luck. Finally.

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Beejive Finally Lowers Pricing - Get It Now for $9.99


i was planning on getting it when they had the 50% off sale in december, but forgot and missed out.. might actually get it now!

I've been using the trial for 28 days so it expires in 2! I can afford 10 dollars. Yay!!!

Best IM client out there. I love being able to be on AIM and MSN at one time in a very organized full version way.

I have a feeling I already know the answer to this, but is there going to be any kind of credit/refund to those who purchased it at the full $29.99 price?

I'm with you on that one. I've had to buy it, then upgrade my license to get it on my phone. Still would've paid that money, but it would be nice if they would. lol

I bought this wwaayy back when it first came out and no offense, but I don't think any of us are "entitled" to a refund.

Yes, if you bought it in say, the last 2-4 weeks, then I think it will do wonders to offer a partial refund for the difference to those customers... A "goodwill" gesture that I'm sure will go a long way, in Beejive's favor.

Any further back than that, well you wouldn't expect a refund for a car that you bought at a higher price two years ago, so why should it be any difference with this?

I too purchased the first two years ago. However, a month ago or so I had to spend another 20 to upgrade to a license that could move to any phone (which didn't exist when I first got mine). So I've spent $35 in total. As stated above, a refund wouldn't happen, and don't expect it to, it's called commenting to a forum.

I know a lot of blackberry users and I cringe when I see them using the crappy regular blackberry aim/msn/yahoo so I will spread the word

I have to agree with @miller7796 & @scuebydue on this... I paid for the app awhile ago ($29.99) but it was worth it at the time.. Best app out there for IM... I hope they consider refunding partial credit for the app, in good faith! But if they do not I will still recommend them to anyone of my friends and colleagues....

What's the general consensus, is this better than IM+ and the other when it comes to Facebook Chat? I've used the trial several times and see its well worth $10 or $15... Just wanna make sure I'm getting the best

Without a doubt, this is one of THE best software purchases I've EVER made, particularly with regards to mobile device software...

I've been using this since it first came out for BlackBerry OS, wwaayy back when, after it was recommended to me on this very site.

I gladly paid the $29.95 or whatever it was for the user license and I've NEVER regretted it!

I have used both. I didn't like IM+. The UI is more difficult to grasp and I had connection problems. Same with Nimbuzz. Course Nimbuzz killed my battery. I've stuck with Beejive and really like it. Wish you could upload your own backgrounds (maybe in future releases). Works with with fb chat. Beejive is clean, crisp, and easy to use. Had it on my pearl 8130 and now my Tour 9630

Thanks, I'm sold. Probably gonna get the $15 user license...never know when you'll need a warranty replacement

It's not just a "warranty license" - a user license allows you to transfer your license between devices (eg. if you upgrade your 'Berry), and even between operating systems (eg. you switch to another OS that Beejive has a client for, such as the iPhone series)...

I was thinking about buying it back when they had the 50% off deal last month, but I decided to go with the 30 day free trial first. I really enjoyed the application and love the GUI.

I ended up purchasing it today (before reading the forums) at the discounted rate because I think this is well worth the money (I like having FB Messenger on the go). I actually paid $14.99 so that I could transfer the license to a new PIN in the future when I get a new BlackBerry.

I highly recommend it!

I just paid the $19.99 2 days ago! It is a great app for the multi-chats and the notifications. Partial refund would be nice but even still I'm glad I bought it.

As I said above, whilst I don't think that EVERYONE who bought Beejive IM at the former price is entitled to a refund, I agree with you - anyone that bought it in the last 2-4 weeks should be given a partial refund for the difference...

It seems pretty unfair that some of you bought Beejive IM at the full price so soon before the price-drop, and I think it would be a great goodwill gesture that would almost-certainly work in Beejive's favor.

how on that pic, there is a pic background? i cheked on my beejive, there is nothing. also the style of bubble chats, how and where on beejive?

It's not only beejive, many consolidated IM apps seem to be written that way.

Wouldn't it increase performance and security if the app stored all your account info on your device and went directly to each IM server instead of beejive proxying you?

Why all the middlemen in the RIM world?

Although I agree that bypassing proxy servers would be a good thing, the proxy server does help with one significant thing: battery drain. By using their server for the connection, they can use push services to get messages to your BB, allowing the app to run in the background with less battery drainage.

I wonder if these apps had direct connections, how that would affect battery usage.

I bought beejive during the december sales and its the best messaging client by far. I am trying the im+ trial right now because it is integrated with skype.

If Beejive would mesh with skype, it would be unmatchable.

I purchased both beejive IM & tweetgenius AWESOME apps. *sigh* If they would make a facebook app!!!!! (wink)

well i just purchased last week 20.00 and 7 days later BAM on sale, i have to say this happen to me all the time. the app is pretty good, at first it sucked and took time to get the settings correct, there fourm sucks! you never get help when you need it. anyways good IM app, just be patient with it.

You have got to be kidding me - you're all complaining about the $29.95 or whatever it was for a user license?

That license entitles you to LIFETIME upgrades, UNLIMITED devices changes and even OS (operating system) changes!

Seriously, how cheap can you all be?

Everything works fine except the MySpace IM. On MSIM it lets you receive IMs but when you send an IM the user on the other end never receive them.

I searched the forums and have not found anything. I don't have a facebook username so what do I use?

Your email address.. I dont like facebook IM on Beejive because it dont update my friends who online live

Life is cruel so we gotta bear it.

I bought it for 29.99 $ too. Well I can just feel happy for others who will now have a chance to afford and enjoy this great product.

Just tried the 30 day free trial. I bought im plus for $39 and after I updated the OS it didn't work...So far BeeJive is working for facebook, and it looks better and it's easier to use.