BeDroid Theme From AHAZ and Jmal Designs - 50 Free Copies

By ObiGeorge on 25 Nov 2009 10:21 am EST


AHAZ and Jmal Designs have teamed up to bring you another gorgeous premium theme for your BlackBerry smartphone. BeDroid brings the newly popular DROID feel with its replica icons, status bar, wallpaper, signal meters and lock screen. User customization is high with this theme, giving you 8 icons that you can place as you like, as well as the DROID tab that allows you to place 16 more applications in a way similar to a quick launch. It also features a custom about screen, giving you easy access to information such as your PIN, OS version, Battery level/temp and free memory. Storm owners get a nice bonus of Stop Turning! by Epic Applications, which comes built into the theme. BeDroid is on sale for $4.96 until November 23rd via the CrackBerry Store, and available for the 83XX, 85XX, 87XX, 88XX, 9000, 95XX, 9630, and 9700 devices.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of BeDroid to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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BeDroid Theme From AHAZ and Jmal Designs - 50 Free Copies



Love the droid, and love this theme. Currently I do not have any themes, but I am very interested in them!

I have had the pleasure to work with the DROID phone for the past 2 weeks. I would love to bring the look and feel to my STORM.

nice looking theme. can anyone tell me if there are any themes that are certified or quality tested at all? i had theme issues with my last BB, and i hate wiping! thanks all

Spectacular Theme...THE BEST THEME EVER...EVER......EVER!!!

You guys are Goddesses, with a perfect creation for theme....

As Goddesses use to give a give to a humble person like me such a spectacular "BeDroid" Theme for my humble Curve 8520....

Thank you for giving me the theme...may bless be shine all the time upon the creator of this theme and the one responsible to give me these theme......Amen

I love my BB but also like the look of Droid, so i can show off to my wife (she has Dream), that I have DROID too..

I've been looking forever for a nice cool new theme that's really involved. This one really stands out. Hopefully I can make it my next really cool theme.


I have seen alot of Droid based themes lately, but this one seems to take the cake! I would love a free copy!

Ok ok... i have to wait till Sunday to blow out the candles, but this would be a great gift from Crackberry!!

I love the color, concept,Creativity,and its perfect for my new bb!
So please please let me have a copy of this theme!
Thanksz for the chance to win!
Crackberry Rocks!!

And 3 2 1 YAY for getting a blackberry. Now if I get this I can confuse people when they ask me (which they have) "Why didn't you get the Droid? And I'll pull this out and say "Yeah, I bet you have no idea what kinda phone this is now do you? Yay for noobs ^^. I really hope I win this theme.

All I know is the hype for this phone is ridiculous. Android market place makes Blackberry App World look like a world beater.

I guess winning this or buying it will be the closest my BB Tour will come to looking like the DroidOS. I like their icons!