BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Give Away - 100 Copies Up for Grabs

BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Updated
By ObiGeorge on 25 Mar 2010 03:00 pm EDT

The guys at Epic Applications and JMal/AHaz Designs have teamed up for a huge give away of their just updated software. 100 winners will get a copy of BeDroid, along with a copy of Ultimate Lock.  BeDroid brings an Android feel to your BlackBerry, with its replica icons, meters, status bar, and wallpaper. It also features a tab that holds 16 additional icons, making its homescreen one of the most fully featured to date. You can pick up BeDroid at the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 in multiple versions, and is available for most BlackBerry devices.

Ultimate Lock is the perfect complement to the BeDroid theme (or any theme) as it replicas the Android 2.1 lock screen. The lock screen displays notifications for a variety of apps including BBM, SMS, email, multiple Twitter apps, Facebook, IM+, Beejive, and Whats App. Ultimate Lock is one of the most useful utilities out there and is on sale for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store. There is also a 3 day trial available.

Contest: We have 100 copies of BeDroid and 100 copies of Ultimate Lock to give to 100 winners (thats a lot of hundreds - but really its 100 total winners). Each winner will get one copy of each app. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Give Away - 100 Copies Up for Grabs



Thanks for the great contest. This combo looks great and this will make my storm look better thatn my brothers droid .

I had bought the ultimate lock app for $4 and they never sent me a registration code,,e-mailed them twice and no-response.....DONT GET INVOLVED WITH ANYTHING FROM EPIC APPLICATIONS.

BeDroid looks like such a sick and clean theme while Ultimate Lock is such a great app to have that will lock your phone when you forget

I've been using Berry slider for a while, I wouldnt mind giving this a whirl. It looks real solid. Hook me up! :D

I am Blackberry fanatic, and I think BeDroid is awsome, my trail version expired I want to cry, please consider me for a free copy.

I love switching up themes, and have had my eye on BeDroid for awhile already.

And this new Ultimate Lock app looks super-cool. Epic is an awesome developer. (Druglord Wars rules!)

Please oh please let me win, the theme and lock look awesome and i would love to put my wifes droid to shame with these two items!!!!

Ok, Ive had a blackberry for about 4 years now. I went from it to the Droid Eris when droid was becoming big and recently decided what a mistake that was. I went back to a Storm 2 last week and would LOVE to have the ultimate lock app for free. What do ya say crackberry?

Bedroid and ultimate lock. If I win I will show my cousin that his droid can't stand in a leg compared to blackberry's. This community rules and the droind can't do that!

Honestly, I was stoked to simply win...But this theme actually is quite rad. I would def recommend people use this. Still haven't tried out the Ultimate Lock I won though...