BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Give Away - 100 Copies Up for Grabs

BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Updated
By ObiGeorge on 25 Mar 2010 03:00 pm EDT

The guys at Epic Applications and JMal/AHaz Designs have teamed up for a huge give away of their just updated software. 100 winners will get a copy of BeDroid, along with a copy of Ultimate Lock.  BeDroid brings an Android feel to your BlackBerry, with its replica icons, meters, status bar, and wallpaper. It also features a tab that holds 16 additional icons, making its homescreen one of the most fully featured to date. You can pick up BeDroid at the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 in multiple versions, and is available for most BlackBerry devices.

Ultimate Lock is the perfect complement to the BeDroid theme (or any theme) as it replicas the Android 2.1 lock screen. The lock screen displays notifications for a variety of apps including BBM, SMS, email, multiple Twitter apps, Facebook, IM+, Beejive, and Whats App. Ultimate Lock is one of the most useful utilities out there and is on sale for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store. There is also a 3 day trial available.

Contest: We have 100 copies of BeDroid and 100 copies of Ultimate Lock to give to 100 winners (thats a lot of hundreds - but really its 100 total winners). Each winner will get one copy of each app. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Give Away - 100 Copies Up for Grabs



This is by far the best looking lock app. My storm loves calling people. The native lock is okay but i really want something slick. BerrySlider just isn't doing it for me anymore!!1 I could really use this

Would really like these 2 apps for my NEW Curve 8530. The Track-pad is different but DEFINITE up grade from the Track-ball-of Dirt & Dead Skin Cells! EEwwww, don't get me wrong, I used too rub my thumb all over it as well. Sooo most of my apps are now inherited to my GF (she now has the pleasure of owning it) !!!

Gorgeous theme; SEVERE memory leak. If you get this thing for free, good on ya, I paid for it, used it once and then deleted it. Each update claimed to fix the memory leaks caused by the theme, but none worked.

Addicted to Ultimate lock!!! Would love to win. Especially since my partner tells me I need to stop buying so many applications!!! LOL

I would like to witness how cool these programs that have been carefully developed by intellegent people in this Blackberry World. Hope that I can give you some feedback about these programs.

My Friend using Ultimate Lock on his bold9000 made me curios so I sent bbm and ask him how is the ultimate lock work and are you satisfied ,he only answer "AWESOME"
Made me more curious and after I read all the function made me really want this product,hope I can be one of other winner on this product



I don't think ill be lucky enough to win but ill enter just to maybe get lucky. I love the theme and with the lock to compliment.. Hmm two peas in a pod

Meet Mr. pocket dial,Not sure if am crack berry worthie lad or not.
Love to have my Berry off and still know what going on.
Help a Green Berry out.



Yes guys meet Mr.Pocket dial, my Boss is ready to take my phone away!!!
Am probably not worthie to be on your Crackberry site am sure am over your age limit.
Save my phone save me.



This would look really cool on my storm 2...come on crackberry help a brother look a little cooler...hook me up!

This looks like a great theme. Maybe this time is the charm.......c' with me!!!!!

this would be a great app to compete with all of the Droid my coworkers. show them that the BalckBerry is still just as good.

man how sweet would this be. to have the look and feel of a droid but the security and stability of my blackberry. Love the layout and design. Would love to put this on my storm.

Would love to win a copy of both. Seem like great apps and would definitely use them on my Storm. Anything to help that crappy phone better!

i love to customize my storm2 and i think this would make me stand out among all my friends so please pick me as a winner of this awesome contest

The BB wins. I love the interface. But I've heard that the droid looks cool too so would not mind trying it out.. :D

This app sounds promising, the technical expertise of BB with a beautiful OS look of android...Sign me up

I will be the proud owner of a Blackberry for the first time next week. Sure would love these apps to go with it. I use every app available on my phone now. Looking forward to getting Blackberry!