BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Give Away - 100 Copies Up for Grabs

BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Updated
By ObiGeorge on 25 Mar 2010 03:00 pm EDT

The guys at Epic Applications and JMal/AHaz Designs have teamed up for a huge give away of their just updated software. 100 winners will get a copy of BeDroid, along with a copy of Ultimate Lock.  BeDroid brings an Android feel to your BlackBerry, with its replica icons, meters, status bar, and wallpaper. It also features a tab that holds 16 additional icons, making its homescreen one of the most fully featured to date. You can pick up BeDroid at the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 in multiple versions, and is available for most BlackBerry devices.

Ultimate Lock is the perfect complement to the BeDroid theme (or any theme) as it replicas the Android 2.1 lock screen. The lock screen displays notifications for a variety of apps including BBM, SMS, email, multiple Twitter apps, Facebook, IM+, Beejive, and Whats App. Ultimate Lock is one of the most useful utilities out there and is on sale for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store. There is also a 3 day trial available.

Contest: We have 100 copies of BeDroid and 100 copies of Ultimate Lock to give to 100 winners (thats a lot of hundreds - but really its 100 total winners). Each winner will get one copy of each app. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

BeDroid and Ultimate Lock Give Away - 100 Copies Up for Grabs



Althought BeDroid isn't something I can see myself using too much, UltimateLock def. looks like the app to have!.

Ive been wanting these for a while please pick me...with sugar and cherries and sprinkles and all kinds of chocolate on top!!!!

First time BB user here. Wasn't too keen on the whole OS, but now it's coming together quite nicely!! Sign me up!


I would love a free copy of BeDroid and Ultimate Lock!! Looks like a very great theme and app to use nice!!!

I love to try new apps. One of the things I love about my Crackberry is with one download I can forever change my phone. Its like getting a new phone over and over again!

This would make the BB the perfect phone. I've dabble with the idea of a droid but BB has had my heart for the last 4 years. Now I have a 9700 but still wonder what a droid would be like. I wonder if this app would scratch the itch. LOL

I'm pretty sure all your free apps area plot to move the millions of us carrying Curves that we got from our carriers at ridiculously low prices up to phones with some profit margin in the price.

Saw this theme the other day I would LOVE to get a copy of it. And Ultimate Lock too! This contest is full of win!

this is a very cool theme, i am really impressed with the android operating system. and the Droid and nexus 1 or tour 2 will probably be my next smart phone

please, please, please, give it to me!!! I promise to use it everytime and forever!!! thanks

I kinda like the Droid icons...something different, and I definitely would look forward to getting Ultimate Lock to replace Storm Slider potentially. So hope to win this nice combo. Thanks!

I am definitely into themes and the Ultimate Lock looks like a very useful app. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of each.

What has two thumbs, speaks french and wants to win this. I'm pointing at myself with my thumbs right now as well.

My favorite is the Ultimate Lock, EPIC APPS really came thru on this one. BeDroid is dope as well but doesn't quite have the same lifespan however it does Update quite a bit for a theme, thats a bonus!

I'm constantly seeking ways to make my personal BB Bold easily identifiable as personal and not a corporate electronic ball and chain - a funky new look would be perfect!

I would love to win the be droid theme seeing that I've paid for a lot of themes...would be nice to actually win a theme

I would really like to try this new app out because i have tried alot of locking apps for my storm 2 in the past and i didnt like any of them.

I want to win this so bad. I can show my friends how a real phone should run and laugh at how mine can look as sweet as theirs. And I've been dying to try applock and this free win would be great.

I've looked into it but i'm not to sure about how a app that locks the phone would work on top of the device lock. Might be worth a look. Sure, Sign me up!