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Become a part of the Virgin Mobile tester team and get your hands on BlackBerry 10 first!

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 14 Jan 2013 07:41 pm EST

With Virgin Mobile Canada already confirming they will indeed be carrying BlackBerry 10, they're now offering folks a chance to be among the first to go hands on with BlackBerry 10 by becoming a part of the Virgin Mobile tester team. By now, you're probably wondering what that even means. Well, here's the deal if selected:

  • Take the re-invented BlackBerry 10 for a spin and give us four Twitter tips or tricks over 4 weeks.
  • Post them on Twitter with #vmtester to spread your expertise around.
  • To say thanks, the smartphone is yours to keep. Your Twitter awesomeness, however, lives on forever.

Simple, right? You get a BlackBerry 10 device and you tweet out tips and tricks you learn during your time using BlackBerry 10 so that others may learn as well. If you're interested in adding your name to be among those chosen, head on over to the Virgin Mobile Canada site using the link below to get started. Thanks, Richard!

Become a part of the Virgin Mobile tester team



Not available in Quebec...Not even a VM customer anyway...FIRST!


I'm not even from Quebec but why are no contests EVER available in Quebec?? I feel bad for you lol


It's part of our 'consumer protection' act. It really means that there's no guarantee they are ACTUALLY going to give all the devices away. It's a lot of bureacratic mumbo-jumbo that means we're excluded from the CHANCE of getting a prize....

le sigh...


Ah, too bad Telus isn't doing this.


Darn i wish this offer was open to BlackBerry 10 fans stateside. But really loving how virgin mobile is showing so much support for BlackBerry 10. Used the Dev Alpha, waiting on the LE Model right now and I can say that we have a winner here and rim is doing it right this time


I wished they would have this offer in the US.


I have been a virgin mobile customer a year ago with prepaid I wonder if I could join.

Otherwise please do this Rogers.




Although they don't say it, one of the criteria is having many followers. So they'll likely give it to the people who have the most followers and are most active in tweeting.


Lets hope I get picked :)


Thank you so much! Hopefully they pick people quickly!


you guys notice how it says, "tips and tricks over 4 weeks" ?
That means, the testers get the phone on launch (jan 30) and test it over 4 weeks and its released
on the last week of February?

Maybe im wrong tho..


I've never wanted someone to be so wrong as I do right now. That would totally suck.. I've kind of convinced myself that BB10 was going to be available is stores the following Monday. I know that's wishful thinking, but dare to dream! :)


I know exactly what you mean man! I told all my friends and family that its coming on Jan 30 when its not. They gonna be so mad at me. I just really believe its coming.


very perceptive, but hopefully that's incorrect. the post stated that "You get a BlackBerry 10 device and you tweet out tips and tricks you learn during your time using BlackBerry 10 so that others may learn as well." I'm taking that to mean that everyone else that has purchased the device can learn as the tester learns and tweets the shortcuts/tricks, since we all know how fast tweets disappear. although not impossible, it would be quite the task to search for 4 week old tweets just to learn tricks :-)


I'm on wind and if that pentaband doesn't work on wind... I'll have a fantastic playbook companion. I wonder if I don't have to sign any terms or similar, I WON'T SWITCH FROM WIND to be able to test and tweet that thing.


Why ....why ...WHY ...doesnt shit like this happen in my country !!!!
Damn ....go bb10


Well this completely blows so much!!!!! It's limited ONLY to virgin Mobile subscribers. That truly sucks wet blunts soaked in male cow poop. Hopefully other carriers jump on-board.


Why "male" cow poop? Your gender bias in said topic confuses me.


I have exactly 1 follower... you know the type... they scour the 'net for evidence of new accounts, and then become your follower, and their "profile" is something like "Enlarge your Weenus!"... so if it's based on number of followers, how will anyone but a celebrity be even worth the trouble? I mean, most "civilians" don't have THOUSANDS of followers do they?


@kozmo68 I know exactly what you mean man! I told all my friends and family that its coming on Jan 30 when its not. They gonna be so mad at me. I just really believe its coming.


I read the rules it says this offer ended in dec 2012 ??


.Program Application Period: The Program application period commences on December 10, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. (ET) and ends on December 18, 2012 at 11:59 a.m. (ET) (the “Program Application Period”), after which time the Progra


This was in the rules for application :( unless I'm reading it completely wrong.


Ignore the above, it seems Virgin is still accepting applications to be testers.


you have to have a virgin mobie number to enter not cool


Blah, you have to be a Virgin customer to begin with. I'm not leaving Rogers after 12 years...I'm friggin' VIP.


AWESOMENESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sad that i dont live in Canada to be eligible


I know what you mean and it is simple to become one. With some studies everyone can do it.