Become a BlackBerry Secret Agent and Win!!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2009 02:23 pm EST
- has launched another contest. The theme is "Become a BlackBerry Secret Agent" and the are a ton of prizes to be won - daily prizes, weekly prizes and a travel grand prize valued at $34,600. I think Waterloo's less than friendly winter temperatures had the marketing deparment thinking "go someplace warm" on this one.

The contest closes February 27th at midnight and is "open to residents of 48 U.S. states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec)." Click the image to jump on over, and be sure to report back if you win anything!

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Become a BlackBerry Secret Agent and Win!!


Ok, Alaska and Hawaii I can kind of understand... they are both out of the way... but Quebec?!? Man, those Canucks are vindictive.

This is cool and I'm glad I registered - but now I have this stupid song stuck in my head!! argh!

o/~ Secret agent man, secret agent man...They've given you a number and taken away your name... o/~

Secret Agent Man.

Speaking of which, Canada gets the smelly end of the stick all the time. No Slacker (Pandora), no streaming video for Playstation, Itunes and Xbox vids are extremely limited. I mean if Rogers or Bell can't make a buck from it, You won't see it in Canada!

Unfortunate for Quebec but at least this time the contest restrictions are limited to them.