BeBuzz Pro 10 v2.0 brings headless support, now in limited beta

By Bla1ze on 31 Dec 2013 07:07 am EST

Out of all the apps we've been waiting to go headless and have the ability to run in the background, BeBuzz is certainly near the top of the list. As announced in the CrackBerry Forums, we won't have to wait much longer for that to be the case and if you're running 10.2 or 10.2.1, you can potentially join in on the beta testing of v2.0 with headless support right now.

The number of participants in this beta is limited. If you are interested in testing please send me a short PM with your BlackBerry ID and what device/OS version you are using. I will add you to our BlackBerry World sandbox so you can download the beta version through BlackBerry World.

If you have been part of an earlier beta of one of our apps then your BlackBerry ID might still be registered with our BlackBerry World account. You might be able to download right away (see instructions below). Still send me a PM as we will be removing older BlackBerry IDs from our account to make place for new ones!

You'll have to head on into the CrackBerry Forums to get started if you're looking to get in on the beta but either way, in the beta or not, it's nice to know the update release is on the way.

Learn more / Apply for the beta release

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BeBuzz Pro 10 v2.0 brings headless support, now in limited beta


You're right. I don't see an option here for that. Sure someone with more knowledge can enlighten us.

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Fiiiinally :-)

This is the one I've been waiting for.

Also BlackBerry, can you allow more than just a few colours for the LED so that apps like these can be as they used to be?

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Nice, between headless and android, John Chen and more, things are looking up in BlackBerry land

Via CB10, Brklyn, NY

Sounds great! Running Q10SQN100-3/ and wanted to PM you but neither the Crackberry app nor the mobile site will allow me to PM.

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The big stink that was made about headless a few months back and it being so hard seems to have changed. I'd be interested to see another perspective on what is going on with headless. The article I'm referring to is this one:

Have things changed since them to make headless better? Or have the developers accepted what they have and using it?

Nothing has changed. BB has accepted more people into the program, but the implementation and APIs are still rather un-refined. Still, it works, as it always has, if you put in the necessary amount of work. A lot of the complaining I saw was with relation to the poor selection of triggers for apps that didn't need to be long-running headless. That hasn't changed either unfortunately.

Nah ShaoSoft just didn't know how to do it and was complaining. If you notice from that article and the follow up article, a lot of other devs were calling him out for passing off his opinion as fact. Quite a number of apps have been seen to be headless or coming to be headless, so it's definitely not impossible. Even Smiley, who sided with ShaoSoft, has a couple of headless apps of his own. So yes, it is down to ShaoSoft's incompetence. Sorry.

Was past tester and I was still in their data base. Downloaded and installed without incident brought settings forward. App mgr says it's working headless, so far so good

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Great, but: "pfluger has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

Oh well, good luck, look forward to the new version release.

So do you have to be running 10.2 for this to work? That's the beginning of headless support correct?

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HUB++ has gone headless and it's the first time I am having serious issues with it. Apparently, it's because I am not on OS 10.2.1. Others have reported major issues who are also not on 10.2.1. Apparently most users on 10.2.1 are satisfied.

Has anyone gotten a hold of the BeBuzz beta? If so, how is it working so far being headless?

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I have REALLY been waiting anxiously for BeBuzz to go headless...unfortunately, those of us poor saps in the USA are still waiting (and waiting...) for carriers to just upgrade us to 10.2! What's the holdup?!?

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Only some of you by choice. I used sachesi to update my os to an official rogers release of 10.2.

 AT&T Z10 STL100-3/ 

I'm actually not going to use this feature, as I really like the battery meter thing in the active frame :)

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Not sure if this is even true lol. Everyone in the forum who emailed have not received anything. Not even a response back.

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Hi. And happy new year. My question is, as much as I would love headless apps, we all know the Z10 battery is horrendous. Are headless apps going to make the battery worse?

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I have contacted the Hub++ developer to ask about battery drain for idle mode, which should be it's least. I received the following :
Its about 3% per 24hrs period.
Devcellent Team!

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