BeBuzz - Free Version of BerryBuzz - Now Available in BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 29 Oct 2009 09:15 am EDT

The guys at Bellshare have released a free, slimmed down version of the best selling BerryBuzz. BeBuzz (the app had to be renamed since App World doesn't allow 'berry' in the title') lets you customize your device LED with various colors. The app doesn't have the full features of BerryBuzz, but if you are looking for a great free alternative you should definitely check it out. Features include:

  • Missed phone calls alert
  • Incoming Call alert
  • When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
  • Customizable rapid flashing LED for incoming phone calls
  • Customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Vibrates while ringing.
  • Disco LED color, will flash all colors in sequence

BeBuzz is totally free and is available from BlackBerry App World.

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BeBuzz - Free Version of BerryBuzz - Now Available in BlackBerry App World


I can get rid of two great apps and just have this one....
I use Missed Call Alert and VibandRing.
This seems to replace both....which are excellent apps to begin with.

I like it but it still doesn't do like I thought it is still a delay in the ring! I had hope to fix it its an improvement just not quit there to be exceptional!

I was excited when I saw this, so I went straight to the App World and installed BeBuzz. However, when I tried to run it, it gave me a strange error so I restarted my Bold. Now I'm getting the error "Reload Software: 552" and cannot boot up my device. From what I've read this means that there is a bad application and hopefully when I get home from work I'll be able to just uninstall the app from Desktop Manager.

I don't blame the app since this is probably just a fluke, but I'd also like to point this out just in case there's an error.

I would suggest not using this on your Tour... not if you have custom notifications (different tones for different users), or like the holster notifications to work properly.

I left detailed instructions on BellShare's website of how to recreate my problem, they've mostly ignored me. Last night, someone else commented on having the same problems.

I find that BBAlerts works much better.

I had BerryBlink and it did the exact same thing, but didn't have a vibrate/ring option. Dumped it, downloaded this one, and it works perfect. Exactly the same but with the vibrate/ring feature which is the BOMB diggy. Thanks!

I've tried BeBuzz in the past, the paid version of course and have always gotten rid of it because of the bugs. Weather it be the light not turning off or the delay in the ring I couldn't get used to it. If they fix most of the bugs I would give it a whirl again.

Can anyone create an OTA link or desktop install for me to download and try this? I won't be getting my data plan until late December and I thought this would help solve the issue of me missing calls and not knowing. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.

I've been using BerryBuzz since the original release and I've found it to get better and better through each revision. The paid version is a wonderful addition to my Curve, Storm AND Tour - and I highly recommend it to anyone who's enjoying this free version.

I have 5.0 on my 8330 and App world won't work on it. This is beginning to tick me off, is RIM trying to run the Mobihand store out of business? Too many apps are now available in App World only.

I didn't keep App World installed when I was running 4.5, it just feels like bloatware to me.

I'm very frustrated. :(

vib and ring worked great, but missed calls, nada....on the 8330 running 4.5....
second call in and it works...but instead of reminding me every 60 seconds its just a constant (every second) blinking color that I chose on my device.

After you set it in BerryBuzz, you have to go into your profiles settings on your BB and you'll now find a "Missed Call Reminder" profile option, go there and you'll figure it out.

I installed the free version, did not really like it so I uninstalled it. When the phone rebooted (required for the unistall), my custom profiles are gone. Just a warning, not really a big deal...

It works though with my Tour. I'll take the FREE version. Don't need to pay to receive alerts from Instant Messengers.
People on IM, BBM, etc., aren't important like that.


Anyone have an OTA link for this? I'm running 5.0 on the 8330 and of course App World doesn't work. The link posted above for 5.0 is just a trial version.

When I tried to open the App I get a message saying: Reminders Cleared (to configure BeBuzz Free go to your BlackBerry Options). Running 5.0 on 9530. Any help?

BerryBuzz is the same thing and is available in the Crackberry AppStore in a free trial. They provide downloads to your BB. A worthy app IMO.

Awesome, this is exactly what I wanted with no extras that I would never use :). Way better than BuzzMe, which would continue to buzz when I picked up the call. With BeBuzz the vibration immediately stops when I pick up the call. No more "why do you sound funny when you say hello?" from my wife :).

works great on my 8900 with the official AT&T OS (

Not only did downloading this app reset all of my notifications I have lost the ability to change notifications for the gmail app. I would not recommend this app for Tour owners.

I'm hoping some kind person here could fulfill the needs of some of us posters and post an OTA link... would be MUCH appreciated!

I feel like a chump for just paying for this app, now they give it away for free.

That'll learn me to pay for stuff...

BeBuzz Free is a slimmed down version of BerryBuzz, the app that you purchased. It does only support missed calls and incoming calls. With the full BerryBuzz you get e-mail, SMS, BBM, IM Apps etc.

i follow the link, it asks to send another link to my email address. i select that and it sends the same page link back to my phone. im in an endless loop

Please, give us an OTA or link to download. Those of us who can't run App World are left out! RIM, please make App World work over WiFi - how dumb!

Installed and everything was going well. After a while, I didn't like what was going on and decided to uninstall. No big deal. Now that I uninstalled, none of my profiles work. All of the alerts were changed to different sounds and all on mute. Changed them all back to how I wanted it and still get no sounds......disappointed that I will now have to restore back to previous backup....

Not a fan..

I paid for this shit back when when the storm first came out...convince yourself to not waste the money, after a while the blinking light is simply becomes annoying.

Someone please help here. I downloaded it just for the missed call alert. The thing is, I wanted it blink at every minute alert with a green light for a missed call. If i go to options, then bebuzz, and set it up from there the light just blinks constantly (very annoying). Please help

I did the quick pull and my coverage indicator light came back on ,but after one missed call it went off again.

I have just downloaded and installed BeBuzz free from App World on my 8900 Curve without any problem, but now I can not find a way to configure it. Does anybody know how to do it? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks

When I tried to open the App I get a message saying: Reminders Cleared (to configure BeBuzz Free go to your BlackBerry Options). Running 5.0 on 9530. i went to options but where do i setup the alerts, where do i go when im in options?

next to QuickLaunch of course...i'm very surprised that peeps have so many problems with it.

I have to admit...I wasnt that happy when i saw a free version days after i paid for the app...even if it is only for one alert... Berry of mine will go without BerryBuzz