BeBuzz Free updated to version 4 - Adds toasts, disco LED and more

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2011 10:16 am EDT


The folks at Bellshare let us know they have update the free version of their best selling app Be-Buzz to version 4. The updates bring the UI of the free version up to date with that of the paid app as well as some additional features. Users of BeBuzz free now have the ability to add up to 5 contact alerts (instead of 3), use Toasts and create custom disco LED colors. So if you've been on the fence about using BeBuzz at all, the latest free version gives you a much better taste of what the app offers. The full version of BeBuzz has also been updated to version 4.0.77 and includes additional support for third party apps like LiveProfile, ScoreMobile, GroupMe and more. Also added is the ability to suppress the default red LED.

More information/download of BeBuzz free
More information/download of BeBuzz

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BeBuzz Free updated to version 4 - Adds toasts, disco LED and more


I got this over the weekend, the new UI is slick and clean and the capabilities of this app really make it worth the buy; Toast features are great too. If you don't have the free version of this app. you must be a CRAZY PERSON! Download this app - DO IT!

Smh@$1.99 to upgrade :-/ the free version gets a free update but I have to pay for mine after I paid $5.99 twice over my diff bb history?! Blah

Yeah, wish I had known that they were going add everything from their last PAID update into the FREE version and I would have just waited for it. I don't need BeBuzz for ScoreMobile, LP or GropeMe, lol.

I don't know about that. I rather like assigning a color to ScoreMobile. Makes it easy to see what has just hit my push notification.

I am still happily using V3.x on my Bold 9650 without fail.

Also, no sign anywhere yet of BeBuzz supporting UberSocial. Oh well.

I would love to have the functionality of the full version! :(
When is Crackberry going to have a competition for the full version because that's the only way i can get it :( or is anyone willing to donate to me ;) ?

Reason: Pay Pal not supported in my country with my particular bank, and i don't have a CC.

This is great to know. In one of Kevin's vids from Fan Night, it was noted by a RIM person that they made sure to get the simulators out early enough so that the major apps could be ported for the new devices and ready at launch. I consider BeBuzz one of those. I would suspect quicklaunch would be too...etc.....