BeBuzz fans - Have you checked out the BeBuzz 6 Beta yet? Get it today!

BeBuzz fans - Have you checked out BeBuzz 6 Beta yet? Get it today!
By DJ Reyes on 16 Nov 2012 12:01 pm EST

I've been a longtime user of BeBuzz for BlackBerry and if you love the app as much as I do you may like to know that BeBuzz 6 is currently in beta and open to everyone. If you haven't heard of BeBuzz, it is an app developed by Bellshare that allows you to customize different LED notifications and sounds for the many different notifications you get on your BlackBerry so you know exactly what is incoming and waiting for you. If you take a click into our forums, you'll find Bellshare themselves have made the BeBuzz 6 Beta available for download for BlackBerry smartphones with OS 5.0 and higher.

New features in BeBuzz 6 are:

  • E-mail, text and BBM filters. Create notifications for specific messages filtered by message sender, subject, body etc.
  • Automatically perform actions on filtered e-mail messages (Delete, mark as read, change priority)
  • Use toasts or fully interactive popups for e-mails and text messages. Reply, forward mark as read e-mails and texts straight from the popup. Popups are fully customizable (Display, font, buttons etc)
  • E-mail notifications. Missing notifications while your phone is in the other room? Get an e-mail on your desktop PC when your phone's battery is empty, phone is fully charged, when you get a new BBM or any other notification supported by BeBuzz.
  • Limit sending of e-mail notifications to when your phone is face up/down or charging
  • Now you can select to have the initial audible alert played by BeBuzz in addition to the audible reminders
  • Many bug fixes

It seems like Bellshare is consolidating some of their apps into this one. All for the better I say.

Right now the beta release is open to everyone and all new features are fully functional. The beta program will end November 30th. After that, all BeBuzz users who have purchased BeBuzz 5 will get a free upgrade. Bellshare will also be giving away free licenses to CrackBerry users who contribute the most to the test. So, be sure to give feedback and report bugs in the forum post. Bellshare are monitoring that forum post.

For more information and to download BeBuzz 6 Beta from the forums

Reader comments

BeBuzz fans - Have you checked out the BeBuzz 6 Beta yet? Get it today!


Feature bloat. BeBuzz duplicates a lot of baked-in OS functionality, and the developer just doesn't seem to get that. Toasts or popups are nice. Notification reminders are nice. Expanded LED colors are nice. Everything else is already in the operating system.

Once custom LED colors were added in, I got rid of BeBuzz. BeToast and BeRemind would be great little apps, if they just did one thing. On a side note, Advance OS & LED needs a UI cleanup, and then it'd be really great.

And really like the Core version. It has all the basics and works great for me. If you're going to download this I would say do it with full recognition that it's a beta and has bugs that are being worked out. There's a discussion in the app forum so I would check that out before I jumped in - know what you're getting. That said, it's nice to see BeBuzz getting an update. :)

My Application Resourse Monitor app is constantly shutting down BeBuzz. I hope this version has fixed any bugs that have caused it to perform so poorly on my Bold 9930.

I 'm testing and so far I like it. Advanced OS and Led always show me problems with the personalized alerts in BBM (a lot of times gives me a generic BBM alert instead of personalized alert when the person first contact me). So I have being looking for an appealing alternative.

I have been using BeBuzz and tried Advanced OS for a couple of versions. Im back to BeBuzz because I need the vibration alerts that it allows me to configure.