BeBuzz for BlackBerry updated to version 5.0.24, brings custom colors to BBM contacts and more

By Jared DiPane on 11 Jan 2012 08:19 pm EST


Odds are that you have heard of BeBuzz (formerly BerryBuzz) and it is a large possibility that you have it installed on your very own device right now. The application received a rather large update today bringing some neat new features, and some enhancements to fix bugs that were previously found. Included in this update was the addition of the ability to add custom colors to BBM contacts, users can now have the BBM messages displayed as a pop up instead of just a notification on the icon, a rework of the user interface and more. If you are a current user be sure to head over and grab the update, and if you would like to purchase the application hit the link below!

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BeBuzz for BlackBerry updated to version 5.0.24, brings custom colors to BBM contacts and more


It's making news because the last version was 5.0.22. This is an update to 5.0.24.

Not sure why you cannot see that.

Be careful. My Mobihand account said that it was a free upgrade for me (I've paid for 2 upgrades of this program before), so I went ahead and clicked to upgrade. When I opened the new program it was the free version and wanted the license key. My version 4 key didn't work so now I would be forced to have the free 5 version or pay for yet another upgrade. Fortunately, I have BlackBerry Master Control and just restored my version 4 app. I am not continually paying for this program over and over again. They show absolutely zero loyalty to existing customers.

I encountered the same issue. Unfortunately I don't have the program to downgrade. I am uninstalling the application as I have paid for several upgrades and cannot justify the full price they are asking for the upgrade. I agree, no loyalty to their existing customers.

I have the same issue. Can't stand that it was a forced upgrade. Uninstalled it and will leave it that way.

Ditto here. After paying for the last upgrade, I'm not paying again. That would make it about $16 for the app since I first purchased it. When I realized that my activation code from version 4 wouldn't work, I promptly headed over to bellshare's site and downgraded. It's a great app, but not $16 worth of great.

I too suffered the same fate...sort of a forced upgrade. I probably would have paid for an upgrade if I was warned that this was going to happen, but not now. It will be deleted and I am now done with Mobihand. They screwed me once by charging me without my consent for Pageonce.

EDIT: core_frequency's comment is correct. When I went back into my Mobihand account there was a new code that allowed me to activate this upgrade. I guess I jumped to conclusions.

If you go to App World you will see a free version and a paid version. The paid version is the updated 5.0 version but the free one is still at 4.x. Download that one and enter in the registration code to get the full features. Only down side is it still thinks you have the free version so you can't upgrade or whatever but who cares version 4.x has everything you need and more. And if you don't know your code there should be something about them being able to email it to you if you forgot it...hope this helps! :) (This also works with version 3.x ...i got the application for free as a Sprint promo at 3. something and entered in my license key for version 4 like how I said and got all the new features)

That happened to me too. I was pissed I went and re-downloaded ver. 4 but when I went back into my account at shop crackberry I saw that I had a new code so I reupgraded and used the new code and it work!!!! :D

You guys should check your accounts again ;P

I wish I had read your post before upgrading. My Mobihand account said it was a free upgrade; so I went ahead and did it. Only to find out, of course, that you have to pay, to unlock all of the features. Hopefully, I will be able to re-download my older version when I get home without any problems.

agreed! Im pretty upset and feel like I was robbed of my app - the "free upgrade" only locked out all of my previous settings with the 4.X version. What a rip off!
My 9650 is about trashed anyway - no way Im paying another $6 to upgrade. RIP OFF!
Worst part is that I cant even downgrade back to my old version. Im sure theres some way to do it, but I didnt back up my apps with BBSAK :( Sucks for me.

WOW! Jumped to conclusions like an idiot! It's true - log into your Crackberry app account and theres a new activation code. Thank You Mobihand! Restored my faith in Blackberry apps!

Now just waiting for my BB to crash......

Upgrade on Mobihand/CrackBerry App Store is free if you purchased after 1/1/11

After downloading the update from the store make sure you go back to your Mobihand/CrackBerry account to check for a new license key.

Guys! When you click the download button, after the page refreshes, you will see a new license key! it worked for me :)

I stopped paying to upgrade at 3.2, the "leap" to 4.0 wasn't worth the $5 they wanted for the extra functions i didn't need at the time (and still don't).

Sultan just did a upgrade of his app. It now V9.2 and its in app world. The new name is advance OS and LED. He has added a lot of new features.

I don't understand why RIM doesn't buy BeBuzz OR include a feature to change the LED colours in the setting of the phone.

I don't like 3rd party software

I agree. But I imagine it's one of the best selling apps ever and it's all about wanting developers to get on Blackberry.Even though it's such a simple feature, giving it away for free takes away from the developers income. I've learned to accept that. They carefully pick and choose what features are standard and what to offer via 3rd party.

I disagree :)

The possibilities are endless with the APIs that Blackberry offered to us developers, some end users just dont get it cause you only get to see and stick to one or two apps that just offers blinking LED, but in fact it also has transition effects like blending without blinking, and many more if you mix them together.

The real reason is that Blackberry left it to the developer's imagination, it can be developed in many different ways.

But still, the way Bebuzz developed its app is very impressive, i do recommend as a fellow developer to understand that it is not that easy to add the features they have included in their latest update, they are the first to do so, and people need to give them a break, its harsh to the developer after so many years of offering exceptional app and service, to get so many bad comments with just one mistake, and having people turn against them, that just makes other developers think twice about making apps for Blackberry.


After install the keycode that is pre-populated is your old key. I got an email after I installed with a new keycode that activated the app. I agree that paying for bug fixes and some supported features that one might not use is a pain. Personaly I don't use all functions so bug fixes should be free. I was just about to move to another free bebuzz type app that's just as good from what I heard, just hated to leave an app I paid for twice (before I knew I could swap devices :p )

Maybe I'm lucky, but when I received the email saying there was an update to v5 I jumped right on it. As I usually do, I just copied and pasted the keycode after downloading it and unlocked it without any mention of repurchasing the app. My friend just upgraded for free today from AppWorld and didn't have to pay for it either. I've had it for a few years now and did pay for a few upgrades so maybe that's why I didn't have to now. Who know's for sure, but I'm happy. Still my favorite app and if I have to pay $2 a year for an upgrade I don't mind. I also have the choice not to upgrade and keep the old version.

Many apps even on IOS offer many free upgrades, but eventually have an add on that you pay for. An example is Angry Birds. You pay $.99 for the Eagle thing. I'm sure they will come out with something else that's $.99 in the future to add on. How else do you expect the app creator to continue to make money when most people purchased the app? I don't hear many people complaining when they buy a DLC for Call of Duty or other games on your xbox or PS3!

Anyways, I hope others have the same luck as I did and received the update for free.

i have v 5.0.14 which i purchased at the end of last year when they offered it at half price. I don't have any notification for an upgrade like i usually do whenever there is an update. I also checked manually for any update but the message onscreen says that i have the latest version. Does this mean that I need to pay again for this upgrade?

Also, BeBuzz is not listed in My World as one of my installed apps. (?)

Ever since Crackberry reported about Advanced OS and LED app which does all this. Plus other stuff bebuzz doesn't minus bbm then who needs bebuzz its over priced. I'm sure adv. Will get bbm soon, bebuzz should consider it being cheaper

+1. I downloaded Advanced OS and LED (it's FREE) and it's 10 times better than BeBuzz, which I've been using forever.

This is really annoying, I've got V4 from appworld and when I click on the free upgrade its asking for 6 bucks! On the program description it says if this happens just ask App World for a refund. Yeah right! How do I know that's gonna work, we shouldn't have to do that. Does anyone know if they actually give you a refund? I don't have time to beg them for 6 bucks!

I purchased my BeBuzz when I had a Curve 8320. I'm currently using a Bold 9780, but when I open my new BeBuzz upgrade that I just downloaded it says 5.0.24 (for OS 4.5). I'm very confused. Also, I don't see where I can set varying LEDs for individual contacts in the settings. Read that this was a feature implemented into BeBuzz version 5. Any help would be appreciated, because so far all it looks like to me is an updated interface.