BeBuzz 5 Now Available - Includes individual BBM alerts, BBM toasts and text-to-speech

Bebuzz 5
By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2011 11:20 am EST

BeBuzz has long been a CrackBerry favorite across the board. It adds a level of customization you can't find with many other apps. BeBuzz lets you choose specific LED colors and patterns for all of the apps on your device including emails, SMS, phone calls, third party apps and much more. Well today with the availability of BeBuzz 5, you can now add custom LED alerts for individual BBM messages. That means you can have different color alerts for your spouse, kids, boss or whomever you choose. BBM toasts are now supported as well, meaning you can choose to display a short alert with the BBM message and even have it read aloud thanks to the text-to-speech feature. All in all some awesome updates to an amazing app.

Current users of BeBuzz can grab the update for just $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. While it's regularly priced at $5.00, to get things rolling, BeBuzz is available to new users until tomorrow for $2.99 (If the discount isn't yet showing for you just check back later).

More information/download of BeBuzz 5

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BeBuzz 5 Now Available - Includes individual BBM alerts, BBM toasts and text-to-speech


Here is the official BeBuzz 5 Upgrade FAQ

BeBuzz 5.0 changelog:

- LED colors/alert tones for individual BBM contacts!! - Select individual LED colors and alert tones for your BBM contacts

- Message tone and audible reminder now for contacts, too - Now you can set alert tones and audible reminders not only for apps but for phonebook and BBM contacts, too

- Displaying BBM message text in toasts - Toasts will now show the full message body and sender for BBM messages

- Text-to-Speech support - Speaks out e-mails, SMS and even BBM messages (Free until Dec 31st 2011)

- New toast positions - You now have even more choices where toast popup notifications show (Top Rounded, Center Bubble)

- Completely Reworked User Interface - Now with a new tabbed user interface, cleaner and more powerful

- + more Bug fixes, many minor changes and improvements

Yep. This is from the FAQ posted above.

- How can I upgrade to BeBuzz 4.0 at Mobihand/CrackBerry AppStore?
BeBuzz 5.0 is not available at Mobihand/CrackBerry at this time. To make the transition for users who purchased at these stores easier we are offering BeBuzz 5.0 at a discounted price (50% off) on App World for a very limited time only!

Try again in a couple of hours. It takes some times until the price change goes through all App World caches.

me too! It starts off as $2.99, but when i get to "Buy Now" it goes back to $5.99 :(
UPDATE (3hrs later): This is ridiculous! The app is only on sale for 2 days but for the first day the price is not even correct!
It says $2.99, but when you try to buy it goes back to $5.99. I cleared the cache and everything!
Whats going on? I really want this app but its not worth $6 to me. Its getting really frustrating.

Its shows 2.25 but if you going to buy its 4.25, I paid for this app while back in v4 in Mobihand!

Now if Mobihand cant pay devs, then they should pay App world for Mobihand customers instead

I agree, I just paid for the upgrade in mobihand literally less than a month ago for the latest version.
I do not feel like I should have to pay for this app again. Not cool.

This sucks since I always buy my apps through Mobihand rather than App World...and like the others above, it shows $2.99 and then $5.99 when going to no discount for me :(

Says £2.99 in App World, then lets me purchase for £5.99... cool.

Don't think I'm going to pay 6 quid for an incremental update tbh.

Simply the best for LED/Audible Notification enhancement on BlackBerry devices!
I can't live without BerryBuzz and QuickLaunch!

might as well get it cuz then when it gets to 6 you get the discount upgrade price. i'm just waiting for the correct price to show in appworld right now. i have a feeling i'll be buying all my apps over again in appworld due this fiasco as they are all in the cb store now

I see how you can set an alert for just BBM, but not for individual contacts. Were we duped here, because it doesn't mention that you can do it for individual BBM contacts on App World either?

In the first tab (Contacts I think), just say you want to add a new contact notification, and then it will give you an option for Call/SMS/Email or BBM. That's where you go to set it up.

I did select the bbm option, then I only se a search box.. I tried to write name/pin of my friend and nothing happened.. The search result is empty..

Almost all software companies change for full version upgrades and only "dot" upgrades are free. This is a full version upgrade with lots of new features. I'll happily pay $3.

The 'full version update' is completely arbitrary. The fact of the matter is that this is an incremental update in terms of functionality, and really only adds things that already paying customers (myself included) have been asking for since version 3 and 4.

I cleared appworld cache and the new price worked after clicking to buy. Could be a coincidence but it worked.

im not paying for an upgrade thats just want me to pay three more $ to enable individual bbm lol.

I also bought v4 from CB AppStore as well and in AppWorld its showing $2.99 and not the $1.99 for upgrade. Guess I won't buy any more apps from here anymore if the support is going downhill.

The $1.99 cost for the upgrade is for those who purchased the previous version from AppWorld -NOT- Mobihand/CB Store.

Please read the large banners going across the picture in the blog post above.

Seems to be going backwards. Started as the list and description showed $2.99, payment screen was $5.99.
Now the list shows $2.99 but description AND payment screens show $5.99
Face Palm

What seems odd to me is the manufacturers website Bellshare isn't even updated to reflect v5 downoads?! What's going on here?

I bought BeBuzz a few months back to see what all the fuss was about and didn't think much of it to be honest. Although the upgrade looks interesting, I'm not inclined to try it again if I have to pay to upgrade! For those are complaining about Mobihand, there's a thread on the Crackberry fourums about Mobihand's current problems and (I think) likely demise.

I really resent how Bellshare treats their customers. This is not worthy of a paid update. I'd argue that none of the past updates have introduced anything revolutionary or worth charging for. I won't be paying for this upgrade, and I won't be purchasing any of their other apps to avoid being nickel-and-dimed in the future

+1 I won't be buying either simply because of the way they charge customers. There are other LED customization apps on the app world for as little as $1.99

+1 I wont be buying it either; I do not like the way in which they continuously charge for upgrades for apps. And to all those apologists out there; there are plenty of other apps on App World that give you major updates that don't require you to pay over and over and over again. Disappointed with this company.

I gotta agree that this isn't much of an upgrade to charge for, especially considering they charged for the 4.0 upgrade not all that long ago. I'll probably end up getting it but getting annoyed at having to pay for incremental updates all the time.

EDIT: And now I realize that since I had previously bought BeBuzz from Mobihand (or Ponzihand as CheetahAce appropriately calls it), I have to pay even more. This is a bunch of crap to be honest with you. I feel bad that devs lost out due to Ponzihand's incompetence and would be fine helping by continuing to buy and support their apps in AppWorld, but this just feels like a fleecing to be honest.

Wow I just read some of the reviews on appworld and the update apparently has a huge ammount of bugs. People are not happy. You would think with it being Christmas that the upgrade ...idk might be free? I'm sticking with the 4. Version even when they fix the bugs in 5. Merry Christmas Bellshare.

I upgraded only because I wanted the bbm notifications....I do resent the fact I purchased it through mobihand and they werent offering the 1.99 special to mobihand customers and only for app world customers.....

I'm not impressed being penalised for having bought my version from Mobihand and not Appworld. Also, in the UK £2.99 is significantly than the US $2.99 equivalent. I feel I've been ripped off twice.

This is just a wild guess, but it doesn't seem to support the latest version of BBM Beta (.37). Instead it has reverted to the original red led light for all contacts. I don't even have the toast feature come up. Can anyone confirm this?

I totally empathize with those who previously paid for the application in the last few recent months. But please consider that the revenue from those who have recently paid for this via Mobihand in the last few months has most likely has never been forwarded to the developer. So, it is not like Bellshare has/is taking money from the end user twice. Mobihand kept the money that was paid to them and needs to be blamed for this debacle.

It is not the customers fault that the devs are being screwed by mobihand. It is their fault though for punishing the customers now because we used mobihand instead of app world.

Also... it does not excuse the fact that bellshare nickel and dimes its customers for every single upgrade.... and to top it all off has extremely lousy support. I would not purchase from them ever again.

LoL! Not sure why you are quoting my post with this???
I never stated that anything at all is the customers fault.
Regardless of the MobiHand situation or not.
The end user has done nothing wrong.

I stated it is MobiHand’s fault in the first place for not paying developers their just due.
If they did, none of this would have even happened.
Some people make statements as if Bellshare has received revenue from customers with their recent purchases in the last few months, and is asking for more. I pointed out that Bellshare has pulled their apps from MobiHand due to non-payment for those apps. As far as Bellshare is concerned, they could look at it as if their apps have been given away for free for the past few months. I know I would.

As far as Bellshare’s business model, I cannot comment on that.
It is your choice whether you choose to purchase from them or not.
I can only say that I will because I support the developer. My choice.


Actually, why can't RIM simply bake this functionality in natively? That way we wouldn't have to put up with Bellshare's buggy app, or greed.

A lot of people are complaining about this upgrade and their fees on App World comments. So, I will pass because after reading them, I think I don't want to keep paying for upgrades for sure.

I love how text-to-speech is the only other big update to this and you have to pay for it monthly... This is seriously a joke of an upgrade...

I had version 3 and just recently updated to version 4. For some reason I had to pay 6 bucks to upgrade. Now I have to pay a further 2 dollars for version 5, for an incremental upgrade? I don't think so. I do not like this type of strategy and I hope developers change it. I'm glad I get most of my apps hacked and for free at Ipmart.

I am in the exact same boat as you. Do you know if this app is available on Ipmart, which I'm not even sure what that is?

I've clicked on bebuzz (I correctly see 2,50€..ok it's fine, it's 2,99$ in €).
then, when it opens the app page I see 5,50€!!!!! :-S
I've tried on Safari Browser and I've seen 4,76€...
it's a joke????

now in safari, on purchase confirmation it shows N/D.
well done rim, well done bearshare.

wow... what a bunch of moaners and groaners. This is a great app and great developer. I am sure they will get it all sorted. Just be patient.

It may be a great app. But I have a couple of concerns.

1) I just went through an issue with the free OS7 upgrade of PatternLock. That took weeks, not days to fix. If this goes anything like that one did, we might as well assume paying $5.99 instead of $2.99.

2) There are multiple mentions of this build not working properly with both the beta and normal versions of BBM. So much for added functionality for BBM that's advertised. This is something that will probably be addressed. But I can't see, as a first time buyer, paying for the functionality I'm looking for when that doesn't work right.

Don't think its fair we have to pay for upgrades when they jump from version to version. I will stop buying apps from BellShare if they don't do anything to compensate for customers that have paid more than twice for the same app. >:(

I've downloaded it and BBM led notification and toast message doesn't work at all :(
About the text to speech feature is simply outrageous that after i've paid an incremental update they ask me money again...

Yeah - BBM functionality doesn't work for me either. I just get a red light for all BBMs now. Looks like they pushed out a version too early.

Can't help but feel that those of us who purchased via Mobihand are getting the screw by having to re-buy it (even at 50% off)

Informazioni sull'ordine
Elemento Prezzo

BeBuzz - LED Lights And More
DaBellshare GmbH
Versione: 5.0.11

€ 4,78

Per l'Unione Europea e alcuni altri Paesi, il prezzo totale indicato include le imposte. In altri casi, il prezzo indicato non include le imposte. Totale (EUR)
€ 5,50

I guess there is an error... and Vlingo were given out for free. So the reading messages is useless feature. Individual LED colours for BBM contacts? No thanks, there are limited amount of colours the LED can properly display. One colour for each function is more than enough (blue bbm, red sms, green mail, etc). Toasts..why get a smidgen when you could just open it. UI workover for something you set once, save as a backup and then never use again. No thank you.

There is nothing worthy on this update to pay for. I already had to re-buy the app to get a compatible version when I made the switch from OS6 to OS7. Now for useless updates they want more? I'll pass and keep this version. It does what I need.

I tried the free was very limited....and so I tried the Advanced calls LED which was also free. It's like the paid version of bebuzz.

But for 2.99, i downloaded bebuzz, But should there be any updates which I would be required to pay top dollar for.....this is the first and last time I would be paying for this app...

Well in Britain appworld says the cost is £2.99 that is $4.62 or €3.56 both a lot more that the $2.99 or €2.50 that they charge elsewhere in the world. plus when you go to pay they want £5.99 thats $9.24 or €7.13. before any says that the price in the UK includes tax etc. $2.99 + VAT @ 20% = $3.58 and the price in Euros should include tax in the European country of origin (Germany VAT = 19%) but if not €2.50 + VAT @ 20% = €3.00 or $3.89.

To add insult to injury I can't log on to Bellshare's forum to complain it returns a sql error and says to try again later.


The pricing issue in app world is resolved for me but it was a real pain to get v5 installed correctly.

I was using the free version with my registration code (git it from mobihand just over a month ago)previously so I uninstalled that, then bought and downloaded v5. After a restart the app was not listed in My world or on the device(panic ensued). So I hit the reinstall button in app world but the app was still not showing on my device. Then I had to go to the bellshare site and install the V5 patch listed in the support forum to get it all working.

Everything seems to be working now but I still feel a little set back by being charged for minor feature upgrades. There is not much difference from v4 and v5 that i can see. they should have charged nothing for the text to speech option instead of a monthly fee.

Monthly fee? NEVER from me.
These "upgrades" look like monthly fees already.

Does anyone know another good app (paid or free) that does the same thing? Thinking of changing if this continues. I just need my LED's to blink differently for all the app notifications. I don't care about different contacts.

Today I tried to purchase and the price at purchase finally agrees with the price in AppWorld, but when actually trying to purchase I get "Pay Fault: Error 579024: The preapproval key can't be used before the start date or after the end date..."

This is one of those examples where they tried to sneak in something and see if the customers bite. Obviously almost all of us are paying customers and having to pay for a silly feature isn't in our best interests. I hope they realize they can't be charging existing customers again for a minor update.

Forget this for a second. I've been trying for months to resolve the backup/restore issue that I've had whenever I do a wipe or a new OS install (usually the latter) and the restore NEVER works properly. I contacted customer support and they keep referring me to the forums. I've posted in their forums and haven't gotten a single reply. I don't want other customers helping me, but I might have to resort to that. I want the COMPANY itself helping me. What are we paying you for? Geez.

Never again am I buying anything from these guys. EVER! Unless they give us BeBuzz 5 for free, then I might be impressed that they understand our viewpoint. If not, yeah go screw yourselves. I'll even stop using the app I have.

I first downloaded this application when I had my blackberry Tour and it showed up in app world as a sprint promo. When I downloaded it, it was the full version (3. something). They sent me an email with an access code to enter in to get the full features. When I got my torch, I realized it was updated to version 4, so I went to appworld and downloaded the free version (the sprint promo is not available for this device). When it finished installing, I pressed menu, then there was something that said to enter in a code or something. I did that and it gave me the full features but it still says I am using the "free" version. So I hope they release a free version of this then I will try the same thing. Never had to pay a single penny for this app :)