BeBuzz 10 Pro updated - Adds support for Blaq, WhatsApp and more

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jun 2013 09:34 am EDT

The popular LED app BeBuzz 10 Pro has received a big update that brings along some new features as well as support for some big name apps. BeBuzz has been a strong seller on BlackBerry 10 already, but with the new additions its sure to appeal to even more users.

Along with some various tweaks and fixes to keep things running smoothly, BeBuzz 10 Pro now supports apps that include WhatsApp, Blaq and BeWeather. There is also improved LED notifications for BBM that show when the device is locked or umlocked.

Updates in this version include:

  • Added support for WhatsApp (OS / WhatsApp has separate section in Hub)
  • Added support for the upcoming Blaq 1.1 (New tweets, new mentions and per contact Twitter messages)
  • Added support for BeWeather 10 Pro (LED, sound, popup and text-to-speech support for weather alerts)
  • Added single notification for all 3rd party apps (like Skype) that post to the Hub notification section (OS 10.1)
  • Improved Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn support reliability (OS 10.1)
  • BeBuzz now uses the native device theme (Bright on Z10, dark on Q10)
  • Fixed BlackBerry Messenger notifications when an outgoing message has been read
  • BlackBerry Messenger notifications now work whether the device is locked or unlocked (OS 10.1)
  • Added support for switching BeBuzz into silent mode
  • Added support for adding homescreen shortcuts to switch BeBuzz into/out of silent mode
  • Showing indicator in active frame/in app when silent mode, sleep time or bedside mode is active
  • Added option to automatically sync e-mail accounts on specified interval in addition to on Hub enter/exit
  • Sound/vibrate are now being silenced while on a phone call
  • Improved screen use on Q10
  • Added option to clear notification when opening any app

BeBuzz 10 Pro is available now in BlackBerry World for $2.99. 

More information/Download BeBuzz Pro 10

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Reader comments

BeBuzz 10 Pro updated - Adds support for Blaq, WhatsApp and more


Can't wait for this app to be Headless. Anyone know if that's apart of 10.2?

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Supposedly, but let's wait to hear how the whole headless apps thing works before we get too excited!

Devs like Shao will be filling us in soon, I'm sure.

This is how you CB10, son!

I have it on my 9650 do I have to pay for it again when I switch to the Q10? Will it be a free upgrade?

Not looking forward to headless apps. Too many issues with rouge apps running in the background taking up clock cycles of the z10 cpu, draining battery life, and slowing boot times.

Posted via CB10

It's definitely something to consider, but lots of time to wait and see how that's handled before public releases of 10.2.

This is how you CB10, son!

I was talking to the BlackBerry people at BlackBerry Live who are responsible for adding the headless API. They are very well aware of the problems and that is why they are taking their time trying to very carefully design it so things like what you mention don't happen.

I paid the $2.99 or whatever it was to download for my Q10, even though I'd already purchased BeBuzz for my 9930. Didn't think it was a big deal to do so, considering it was a new phone/new OS. It works very well for me and the flashing LED more than makes up for the lack of a little envelope icon to let me know I have emails. When minimized it defaults to a battery indicator with percentage of charge displayed (and estimated hours of use left, if you toggle that on). That obviously won't happen when it goes headless which is fine considering how long the battery on my Q10 has been lasting - I don't scramble for the car charger by 8 PM any more :)

This app just keeps on getting better. Can't complain one bit. Once headless apps become available this will make me even more happy.

Posted via CB10

Has anybody gotten it to read incoming texts or emails to you? I see it in the options but I can't get it to work. Customer service was no help.

Posted via CB10

What does it mean when they say, "Notification for BBM when outgoing message is read"? Does the app notify you when someone reads your BBM? Is that a 10.1 feature?

Posted via CB10

I noticed it said that too and wondered the same.

I haven't used it since updating earlier this week, so we'll see when I have a few minutes.

This is how you CB10, son!

In the pervious version of BeBuzz (and in other BeBuzz clones) you would get a notification when an outgoing messages was read. We considered this a bug and BeBuzz 1.5 fixes it.

That's interesting. Could that bug be made as an optional feature? I could think of a few scenarios where that would be useful.

Posted via CB10

By the time I have my next upgrade in the fall to replace my Bold 9930 in favor of the Q10, I'm sure the headlessness of this app will be worked out. Love it on my 9930, really looking forward to it on the almighty "Q".

Ditto. It seems to work 1/10th of the time... both before and after the update. I'm running the stock OS

I wonder if it has something to do with my case (flip case).

Would still like LED illumination when battery is low, charging, and full.

Who cares if this app isn't headless yet, it's probably the most useful 3rd party app on my phone (and I have lots of utility apps).

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

Can't wait for Hub++ to get similar updates. I definitely prefer H++ if for no other reason than having a dev that responds unlike Bellshare.

Posted via CB10

Some of the LED options don't work. While I like the preset options of two colors, it doesn't seem to work. I have one notification set up with the Blue + Green LED and when the notification LED goes off, the blue LED flashes and the second LED flash is red and not green as set. The app still has a ways to go for it to be on par with the prior version and some of that is not their fault since they cannot run it headless right now.

Am I the only one who thinks that my Z10 should be able to do this without having to buy an application? This function should really be worked into the OS.

Posted via CB10

BeBuzz and similar apps would be perfect, if only we could keep them running in the background without having to keep em constantly open.

Posted via CB10

If I have the phone set to Normal mode for notifications, the bebuzz still vibrates. Is there something I'm missing, or will it ALWAYS vibrate no matter what notification setting I'm in? I'd hate to have to toggle it on and off every time I change my profile from normal to vibrate..

Posted via CB10

They need to hide all the apps we haven't installed. It doesn't make sense to show a large list of ghost settings.

Every time I have buzz open,my sms get deleted. I get the notification in hub that I had an email but no pop up, no led, no tone. All if my permissions are set to allow. I have 2 phone numbers setup to delete automatically but all of them do now. Nothing else us set to be deleted. I've posted this before but never got a reply.

Posted via CB10

I bought this app last night after a few weeks searching for an app that could read sms and email.
I purchased this app for this reason only, i am not really interested in led and vibration control, although it is a bonus.

This app does not read sms or email in the latest version. I can share screenshots of where the option was removed. Although it does still advertise that it does. Since it is advertised to do so, could this option be added back in, with future releases?