BeBuzz 10 Pro now available for BlackBerry 10

BeBuzz finally comes to BlackBerry 10!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2013 04:53 pm EDT

BeBuzz has long been a CrackBerry favorite, so needless to say we're ecstatic it has been made available for BlackBerry 10. BeBuzz Pro 10 has been built from the ground up for BlackBerry 10 devices and brings along all of the LED color action you've come to know and love. 

The app lets you create various LED color alerts for emails, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other apps. You can stack colors for custom alerts, set audible reminders, get popups for emails complete with interactions and much more. 

Other features include:

  • Choose from 7 predefined solid LED and 12 rapid flashing disco LED colors
  • Stack 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • Set LED colors and audible reminders for E-Mails, text (SMS), Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger messages from your favorite contacts
  • Assign colors for BlackBerry Messenger (only while device is locked), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and incoming and missed calls
  • Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone's audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them  
  • Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your e-mails and text messages out aloud!  
  • Fully interactive popups for e-mails and text messages. Preview, delete, flag and mark as read e-mails and texts straight from the popup.  
  • LED notifications and audible reminders will stop when you unlock the phone, peek/open the hub or press any hardware button
  • E-mail and text filters. Create notifications for specific messages filtered by message sender or subject/body. Automatically perform actions on filtered e-mail messages (Delete, flag, mark as read, change priority)  
  • Customizable vibrate for every notification  
  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect  
  • Coverage Indicator: Get your BlackBerry 7 blinking green status light back  
  • Fully customizable and doesn't drain your battery!

The one catch (for now) is that you do need to leave the app open in an Active Frame for it to function, however that will change once the new APIs are made available.

You can grab BeBuzz Pro 10 in BlackBerry World now for $2.99.

More information/Download BeBuzz Pro 10

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BeBuzz 10 Pro now available for BlackBerry 10


+1 This is why I have not gone Z10 yet. Once Headless Apps are here, it is a whole different ballgame.

I'm waiting on a lot of apps to have headless API before I can go for them. Not a problem to just buy and then upgrade when they have API support - but I don't want to develop a bad habit.

Agreed. Having anything active when I'm not using it is a pet peeve of mine... even the Music Player open while I'm listening bothers me. I shall wait. sigh.

Does not work for me. Installed, configured, left open and no led at all when receiving email or BBM or whatever.

Posted via CB10

Expensive? $2.99? The app is totally worth that at least. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a meeting on my 9810, looked down to see a blue LRF, knew it was a Facebook alert, and could continue on without having to check if it was an important work related email. I suppose free would be better, but I've used BeBuzz since it was BerryBuzz and can tell you it's worth it.

Posted via CB10

I paid $6 for BeBuzz in BBOS 7, and it was totally worth it. $2.99 is cheap! I wonder if it's an early-adopter special, and will go up when the active frame requirement changes?

Agreed. Bought it from MobiHand way back when.

$2.99 isn't that much. Or are you coming from android where the world runs on ads? (joke, seriously)

Consider that $2.99 a part of the cost of the phone because when the API is released, this app will act like part of the OS in a perfect way.

It will make your phone unbelievably better if you spend some time customizing it properly. I promise, this app will be the best $2.99 you spend on your phone.

Posted via CB10

2.99 for an app you're going to use till you get rid of the phone is a bargain!.. Not to mention, it will most like transfer over to bb11,12, 13, ect when the time comes. And I paid 6.99 for the on OS7. So this is a no brainier. Does anyone here remember 29.99 apps like Docs To Go?... You kids are spoiled. No everything is free you know

Do you guys think people work for the glory?!? How do you think app developers feed thier kids?!?

I think 2.99$ is cheap for an app. I think the only app that I consider expensive is the F1 app.

The feature was officially announced but no ETA given. So it will definitely come, but no one knows when.

Nice, but I'll wait till the APIs are available. I don't want to leave it open all the time.

"Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your e-mails and text messages out aloud! "

Haven't seen this work..anyone have any success with this?

I also find no HOME screen...seem to be stuck in Contacts...

You will find text-to-speech in the sound settings. Select 'Single Alert' or 'Alert w/ Reminder' and then you can select to have an alert tone played or the message being read (or both).

Thank you for the fast reply...I made it work..BUT IT SHOULD BE CLARIFIED...IT ONLY READS THE MESSAGE TITLE...not the message text... and it helps to turn off any other music/alerts otherwise the sound is garbled..

Yes, it currently only reads the subject line but we are planning to add more customization in the future.

Thank You...
It works really well..
One just has to be aware that one should turn OFF any music SOUND settings under
Othewise the text reading and any personalized music notifications are running at the same time resulting in a garbbled sound track...

Other HOME screen...(maybe not needed once one gets used to it...but since it is always would seem like a natural starting place..otherwise I see a Contact on my screen all the time)

That wasn't made clear. Was the only reason I bought the app. Also...can't get any sounds working.

Posted via CB10

This comment is confusing. I am staring at the screen right now. There does not seem to be an option to have the message read aloud. Once ALERT or ALERT W/ REMINDER is selected a box to choose an mp3 file appears. Where is this "option" for read out loud?

My only concern is that the LED will turn off when you hit any hardware key... How will this work for the Q10? I like having my phone just peeking out of my pocket in class so if the flash comes on I know who is texting me. Hopefully the keys won't be pressed in my pocket...

It will only stop when you press the power or volume keys. And this is optional. There is a setting to turn this off.

This app is better then HUB++ for anybody wondering, way more customization. I have both now, even know I won't run then untill they run in the background lol. I'll try not to close then atleast

Will we get a free upgrade when the API's to allow the app go headless are available? If not, I'll wait to until the better version comes out. I was billed lots of extra times for little upgrades in the past. Not going to be burned again.

I'll be waiting for the api's to be released before I buy this. Sucks that BlackBerry hasn't released the api's for headless apps

Posted via my ZED 10 on CB10

Finally. Already set up and running. Been using since Berrybuzz. Thank you and can't wait for the update to remove tile and freely run in the background.

Disappointed over the BBM limitations, hopefully this will be overcome in a future release...

Posted via CB10

I wish BlackBerry would hurry up and release that API as I don't want to have active frames open all the time...

Posted via CB10

So no transfer of license? I have paid for 3 bebuzz's before I knew that it could be transferred. I emailed them and got beweather license transferred yet there is no way to input said license.

Please don't be cheap and just buy the program. New phone so no license for you. We make these programs to support our families.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)


Got it. I have been waiting for this one. It is one of my favorites from the BBOS platform. I will leave it open and see how it does with the battery. It doesn't feel as user friendly as the old one but I have only spent 10 minutes with it. It will take some getting used to just as BB10 does. Why so many people are unwilling to be patient and try things is beyond me. This is a new platform (playbook OS being a jumping off point BB10 is better) and the apps are essentially new as well.

Everyone I know who has left BlackBerry for other phones has only ever complained about missing one app, and this is the one. This app, combined with BlackBerry's already robust notification system, made for an experience that was unmatched when it came to communication. That experience is missing from BB10, but BeBuzz is doing their part. C'mon, BlackBerry. You want developers to make apps. You beg developers to make apps. You pay developers to make apps. You sing songs to developers about making apps. There are some developers trying to make some apps, but you are forcing them to compromise the experience. Gotta get those API's out...

Just FYI. When I left my Storm II to Android I found the LightFlow app. Pretty much the same thing. And I paid for both. Hopefully I come back to Blackberry once Headless Apps are here to buy it again!

-Customizable vibrate for every notification
-Vibrate on call connect/disconnect

These are enticing features since the built-in vibration/profile options are limited, but I am concerned about battery life effect. Any feedback?

The main feature I want to see is the ability to vibrate twice before the sound begins, which was the case on my previous Bold 9930. Right now I get one short vibrate and sometimes miss messages. Also, out of/in holster options are missing.

Something I was disappointed on my BB9800 with BeBuzz is that you had some free updates and next you had to pay for "Major" updates, around each 9 months.

Posted via CB10

Typically the major ones were worth it. Like really, people complain too much. A 99cent upgrade come on. Can't even get a cup of coffee for that. If an app improves the device I use most often ill pay.

Keep up the deep functioning apps bellshare. I'll gladly pay you.

Don't have a problem leaving apps running.. it did take some getting use to though..

The problem I have is randomly all the frames are gone.. I've even seen then disappear /crash.

Haven't kept up with the BB10.1 update but does that finally include background / service apps?

Posted via CB10

Will updates be free? Especially the one after they finally release the api without having the active frame open. I loved this app on all other bb os's but got tired of the new version and having to re buy part

Posted via CB10

Man I loved BeBuzz on my 9810. Using Light Flow on all my Android devices but I am glad to see this on BB10. Would love to see this on the PlayBook.

Nice! Bebuzz is an absolute essential to me. I'm excited to see this available before the Q10 is released. I also really like the idea of having the option to use volume rocker to mute the LED.

Just downloaded. Followed directions to turn off BB led. Selected color for my son SMS/MMS for text & pop up. His pop ups are coming in; however, there's no blue led. I just rebooted & no change.

Hope BlackBerry is address the API issue ASAP. Still bought the App but I don't fell comfortable turning off alerts in notifications just in case I close the app I won't get any alert

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Yep, same here. I'm happy and sad at the same time.
I've purchased and downloaded it so I could kick the tires... But unfortunately, until BB and/or VZW fixes the random the reboot issue I can't rely on any apps that require active frames.
BB + BeBuzz = SANITY
The only thing better would be if it came baked in.
Keep up the good work pfluger. And thank you for not leaving BB10 behind.
I definitely look forward future releases!!

Already downloaded. Have been using this app on my last 3 devices since OS4. Glad it's finally available.

Since I'm getting NO led notifications, I'll be switching back to my ColorID BBapp. At least the color led's work. You have leave ColorID open too. However, the open app icon actually shows your battery percentage. Really want BeBuzz to work. Please fix the bugs.

I'm slightly disappointed that they charged for versions 4, 5, and 10. i bought 4 and 5 but i doubt i'll be buying 10 because quite frankly $8 for an LED app i can no longer use is more than enough.

Grabbed it and started playing. First observation - I was excited for the popup, but it's not on the lock screen, which what I imagined it would be... So, I swipe up to get in, and there is the popup, cool, but I still picked up the phone and took an action - I was hoping for "prioritization at a glance". I know that's the think the iPhone (and/or Android) does, and I hate asking for Android/iPhone features.

Also - in the contact defaults - I have vibration off and it still vibrated per the phone setting. Does BeBuzz overide those settings or not? Same with the LED, I set it to Blue, Phone was set for Red, and for the first 5 secs or so, I got both Red and Blue LED blinks.

Don't get me wrong, so glad BeBuzz is back!

BeBuzz doesn't override the system LED/sound/vibrate. You will get both. We recommend to turn them off at least for those notifications that you use with BeBuzz or you will get confusing results.

LED should be turned off completely in the system settings.

We've turned off the BB LED completely. I'm not getting any LED notifications. I've entered all my BeBuzz settings, rebooted & still no LED's.

pfluger, per toddgrich's post above, will you be adding a "hands off" functionality like I have with my 9930? If the screen is off, and I get a message, it just lights the screen and pops up the message...I don't even have to touch the phone, just look at it. (the same as an Iphone)

We had this in the BlackBerry 7 version of BeBuzz. As soon as this can be done on BB10 we will definitely add this, but at this time there is no access to the lockscreen or even a way to turn on the backlight by a 3rd party app.

I'm very dissapointed. Although I loved this app pn bb6 and bb7, on bb10 it..... First - after missed call, when I should have disco led, after screen dim, there is no led at all. Second - it changed my notification sound. Hope for soon update.

Posted via CB10

Not sure if I understand. You had a missed call, the LED flashed the selected disco pattern and when the screen dimmed the LED turned off?

I will wait until no active frame matter can be resolved with the new API.

But I am definitely getting this app as it has been my most fav and only LED app I ever bought for all my BBs.


I know. I have LOVED BeBuzz on all my older BB's! My led colors makes my business day easy. I'm in meetings all day & the led notification colors are critical. When I glance & see a certain color, I can make split decisions quickly. Miss Bebuzz terribly!

Surprisingly cheap, and I for one loved BeBuzz when I used it. But, the active frame requirement sucks hard .... With the 'safe to assume based on history' upgrade fee once the requirement is removed.... It'll probably work out to the same price it was on BBOS. Still worth it in my opinion.

$2.99 for color LEDs and I have to leave it open as an active frame?! I'll pass thank you, that's hella expensive for this type of app.

This app should be 99 cents tops!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I installed the app. On the Contact Default screen, I am seeing a setup for Text and E-Mail (personal email account). My corporate email is not showing up (my Z10 is connected to my work BES10 server). How do I get my corporate email account to show up in the settings so that I can configure it as well?

BBM led isn't working. I have it on active frame and did what the instructions said ie turn off all led in profile. Emails, sms work but not BBM. Am I missing something?

Posted via CB10

Same. No matter what I do I don't get the "blue/white" flash. Email and text work. Not impressed with the interface either. Liked the old way of picking colors. Pick one, then pick the other. Here you have to select from a grid to find your combo.
Not their fault that it won't go background as that is on BBRY.

Like many already posted. I won't buy this or many other apps out there until the headless is available.

I had this with the bold and yes having different color led for messaging and phone helps a lot when you are on the clock or at a family function. This is the must have app! $2.99 is not bad. You guys spent $3 on a half a bag of chips. At least with this it has functionality.

Downloaded it. Why is white led isnt pure white? Is it the phone or an app issue? On my old blackberry it is solid white led light

Posted via CB10

It's a phone issue. We don't have much control about the exact color. On BlackBerry 7 we could fine tune the LED color.

Downloaded and installed! Love the fact that vibration configuration can be controlled per contact and by varying the number of 'buzzes'... I trust that the API will be updated very soon....

Posted via CB10

I downloaded and love it!! Everything works. I have a question though, where do the flagged messages go?

Posted via CB10

Why the heck would BlackBerry still not release more apis so devs can develop without active frames.

I am out until this app is working without leaving it open.

Great work devs I definitely buy once your allowed to get it working with out active frame running.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Looks like a good app to try. Question though....How is it that Mireo Don't Panic can run in the background without an active frame?

Posted via CB10

Reading all the reviews. I think that I'll wait until the bugs are worked out. I have no problem paying for it but it should work without any glitches first.

Posted via CB10

The one catch makes me wanna pass. But fix it and ill definitely pay for it. I miss it.

Posted via CB10

Seems to be working for me except no BBM LED when phone is locked as per the information provided by the developer.

Posted via CB10 from my sweet Z10

Yes, that's what I said. I lock the device and there is no BBM LED. Email, text and others all work, just not BBM while locked, as per their own description of how to use it.

I like it better than Hub++, only 2 complaints:
1. The active frame should show battery life. Currently shows a picture of a contact, which feels a little weird. Will be a non-issue when new APIs are in.
2. There is every double flash option available EXCEPT double flashing the same color. Green-green for instance...not possible.

This may be a stupid question but I can't figure it out: if I set custom tones, vibration and LED for contacts, how can I set the device for vibrate/LED only without changing each contact individually?

Posted via CB10

Thanks, but no. What I want to know is if I set options for several contacts, how can I turn all notifications to vibrate only when I am at work or somewhere that I don't want sounds? Looks like I have to turn sound off individually for each contact, which isn't really a feasible option, or not use the app.

I see what you mean...
So I closed the open frame...(closed BeBuzz APP) - this basically shuts if off...
went to Z10 settings and turned off SOUND and LED(already off)
that left vibrate ON
then sent some emails from a BB9900 - and got vibrate only...
I guess when they get API's and go to working all the time in background..they will need a MUTE button...

SHUT! UP!!!! BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!! (3 whole days. Since I got my Z10. <3 Stalking Crackberry for news on it... LOL!)

With all these bugs factored in and no headless api, the developer should give it to us for $0.99.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)

I too won't use it until it runs without an active frame, but I purchased it immediately to show my support. I cannot understand people who have a problem paying a few bucks for a great app. We pay plenty for our phones and service. Why complain about paying less than a coffee for an app?

Posted via CB10

Noice, the other LED apps are garbage...very happy to now have this running. Can't wait for background service obviously, and hopefully they can add battery charging indicator options as well!

Posted via CB10

I would also like to know how I get my corporate email to show up so I can set up a different LED colour for it.

Posted via CB10

I added a contact to BeBuzz then made some edits to that contact in the contacts app. Now the contact is deleted from my sim....

Quick question. Do the pop ups turn on the screen if it's dark? If I'm driving and a text comes in, and I have my phone in my dash cradle, can I look over and see the message, or do I have to wake the phone up to see it?

Always had this app on OS4 and above...bought to support the developer but i wont use it until the active frame is gone...BBRY needs to get this api out sooner rather than later...always behind in getting the tools out...this has not changed but it needs to!

Posted via CB10

I should have read the full post, I jumped and bought it without looking that it had to stay as an active frame. But it is sweet! Go disco lights!!!

Posted via CB10

Anyway to transfer account over like we could on some devices if you had already purchased app? Not sure I want to buy it for the 3rd time.

Just installed and works fine. The Z10 LED Seems a bit dim and colors not as crisp like with my 9900 but it beats the boring red blink. :)

Posted via CB10

Just bought it and configured every thing now my phone really feels like my BlackBerry again. Thanks!

Side note : while I totally understand people waiting for BlackBerry to release the headless API before buying BerryBuzz I find it hilarious the people complain and crying about having to have an active frame open to run BerryBuzz and blaming the developers while its been documented for a while BlackBerry needs to release the API before ANY all can run headless. Not to mention its stated in this blog post on crackberry and in the description of the app in all world.

Posted via CB10

At last, one of the main productivity apps from os5-7, we'll worth £2.00.

Good to read also that BlackBerry will allow apps to run in the background with a future update :)

Posted via CB10

Does this solve the not being able to set different Ringtones for different people problem? Currently I can only set a text message tone for all text messages instead of individuals.

Posted via CB10

Need to wait for the app to return to its former glory.

Don't mind the active frame but why does BBM only work with the phone locked!? Why can't I set it for other apps like whatsapp and ebay and such (looks like they can only support apps that integrate deeply with the hub).

Great to see it return - but first pass is less then compelling... still rooting for the developers!

Posted via CB10

the battery on the z10 means any app you have to leave open kills your phone so its pretty dire in all honesty

Is the phone considered locked in my holster? I set cyan for a BBM message, but don't get led notification while it's in the holster.

Posted via CB10

I was hoping that BBM notifications would work even if the phone isn't locked. Wish updates would arrive soon to fix this.

But all in all, great app! Will close it and wait for the free update

The app doesn't work for me. This isn't the first time an App Crackberry recommended that is a complete dud. Hub+ was another one.

Posted via CB10

Really wish there was a way to customize bbm contacts rather than just assign one colour to all contacts

So happy that BeBuzz is finally available for BB10. Just installed and there is no support for my Work email. I had to turn off notifications for BeBuzz to work. This is fine for the personal emails which Bebuzz found. I get no notification whatsover for my Work email. Anyone else having this issue? HELP.

huhh... blackberry guyz / users plz common be luke androud most of the apps and the games are free and full free plz make this free we need this.... add more games!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Same here! I have HUB++ and works great but I'm tired of the open app scenario. Please issue API's soon to update apps. Not getting it till this is done.

I have the paid version for my 9930. Not a big deal for the 2.99 on the Q10 platform, GREAT APP. Will we have to pay for all new apps that we have had in the past. Hope this is not a silly question.

Great app. Have been using it for years. A couple of suggestions. The selection of alert tones available within the app play at a much lower volume then the standard tones available on the device. I can barely hear them when they go off even with the device volume maxed out. Perhaps raise the volume or add a volume slider. A preview play button so we could choose which alert sound we like would be nice as well. Also if we turn off led and sound notifications in the device settings, an in app ability to set the incoming phone call ring tone would be nice. All I see for phone calls in the app is the led color setting.

Great app so far and I cant wait to see what the devs do with it in the future.

Not a big fan. The phone ring is not affected with LED. Kinda torn with dealing with settings. HUB++ might fit my office life better. We NEED toysoft with API to make PROFILER PRO for BB10 sooner rather than later. They are outstanding.

Wow, I have been looking for 2 days for this type of App. Just tried Hub++ it is limited as I need read mms and sms read,plus audio alerts. Great News. I will be back on how well it's working. Active frame for now is Ok trade off for the other features.

Wow Again, have BeBuzz setup testing four contacts , mms,sms, different alert tones, have over 200 hundred tones to work with, all available and work great, All come thru my Jawbone ERA bluetooth great, and readback of mms and ssms great. LED choices work great as well
Thanks BeBuzz & CB

I found my first big issue. When I put the phone on ring only, all of my sounds for email, text, etc started playing. So much for 'phone calls only '.

What is the solution?

Posted via CB10

I have found a huge issue. When you out the phone on phone calls only, I still get my msg alerts (sounds). Huge disappointment.

Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

I've tried downloading this onto my Q10 and it says its not available for my device?
I can't even find it by name in bb app world.

i've had this app for YEARS.

I'm willing to repay because I love it so much.. why can't I download it?

Love it- use of the different colours should be native. Unbelievable that it's not.


Why does the LED keep flashing even after a message has been marked as "read" by reading it elsewhere?

Normally, with IMAP or ActiveSync (for example) you can open an email on your PC, and the Z10's LED stops blinking almost immediately. When using BeBuzz, it is no longer smart enough to react to this change of "read" status, and keeps flashing.

So, in one respect, it's sort of a downgrade compared to the native behaviour, which is much more intelligent. Now, if I read my Hotmail email on my PC, I.... STILL have to open it on my Z10 to stop the corresponding LED notification.

It's actually pretty annoying.

Any chance of a fix?

hi, i m new comer for Q10 , i am old user of bebuzz with i with 9900, does it led works on whatsapp ?
it works fine when i with 9900 .


Two more problems:

1) Even if you read messages on the Z10 itself, the LED keeps on blinking for a while. With previous versions of BeBuzz, pressing any button would clear the LED alert. It doesn't seem to be able to use the input from the touchscreen to clear the alerts on the Z10. The ideal behaviour would be for any touch input to clear the LED notification (unless, of course, the phone is locked). Failing that, at least have the flashing LED stop as soon as the message it is alerting you about has been read- like the standard red LED does.

2) As of right now with the latest version of WhatsApp (2.10.8002.1) and BB10 (, BeBuzz doesn't have any LED notifications for WhatsApp. None. I've stopped using BeBuzz *completely* until this is fixed. My phone is always on silent, and if my LED can't tell me I have WhatsApp messages then I have to revert to the default LED. It used to work until fairly recently- I believe it stopped recognizing WhatsApp after it was updated a few days ago. I have a suspicion this affects a large proportion of BeBuzz users on this platform.

Indeed it does. I just received my Q10 and promptly bought BeBuzz. The description mentioned customer LED alerts for whatsapp, yet the option is not there. Quite disappointed to say the least. Hope it's fixed soon!

Just downloaded bebuzz for my z10. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get any sounds, just led.