BeBold Video Contest Top 10 Finalists - Watch the entries now and let us know your favorite!

CrackBerry BeBold Video Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Apr 2012 11:59 am EDT

The CrackBerry Nation has done it again! All of the video entries for our BeBold video contest have been submitted and there sure are some good ones. We had plenty to go through with everything from a Thorstein Heins impersonation to movie trailers like BoldMan to a spoof of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Some great stuff from the community showing the world how you choose to BeBold. We've narrowed things down to the top 10 (as chosen by the editors) videos that made us laugh, cry or just say "wow". Keep reading to check out the top 10 - we'll post the grand prize winner of a trip to BlackBerry World 2012 later this week, but be sure to leave your feedback in the comments. 

CrackBerry BeBold Video Contest Top 10 Finalists

Here are the top 10 in no particular order:

1. Daniel Pauley

"For my video, titled "BlackBerry Desperation", I centered more upon the vagueness of what boldness really means. I chose the humourous and more crazy interpretation. The video was filmed mainly at my humble apartment in Kingston - and a few areas around the city. After seeing the contest on, I knew straight away that I wished to enter. This is my first real video. It was flmed on a Canin Vixia HV30 HDV camcorder and edited using Windows Live Movie Make (advanced professional software, I know)"

2. Winston Phavivongkorn

"My "BeBold" video was filmed at my high school (Maple High School). Six of my friends were involved in this project, as they had important roles in this video. The process of this video was somewhat easy but yet difficult at the same time. To explain, this is a version 2 of the video. The original version of this video didn't flow well and it had a very choppy edit to it. How I came up with this concept was, I incorporated action scenes that will capture the audiences attention right away. I wanted to present this in a matter of the bullying issues in schools and how bystanders rarely contribute in helping the victim. I approached it as a peer standing up for another and taking the heat for him because he wanted to stop the bullies' reign of terror towards the student"

3. Ryan Reyes

"This was the first video that I've made using real editing techniques. Just got a few programs and watched a lot fo tutorials online. Ended up being a lot of fun. I tapped a lot of resourses for help filling roles and filming. My wife, a bunch of friends, co-workers, my brother, strangers, and even got chased off by security a few times. The BoldMan trailer shows the struggle of BlackBerry, but also its fight and determination. I'm hoping all of Team BlackBerry finds themselves rooting for BoldMan and maybe even getting goosebumps while watching. Enjoy!"

4. Natasha Szabo

"I was thinking to myself... it's a very dark world with Androids and iPhones. I really wanted to make a difference. I had to go out and spread the joy to people. It had to be a lot of people. I could not sleep. So then I pondered, oh how could I ever do that? Then one day, I came up with this bold idea! I said to myself... why not dress up strange and go carol at the busy mall Polo Park? That's how it all came to be."

5. Joe Moreno

"The idea for this video was a little bit of several things I had saw in the past. The first part is similar to the mac vs pc but this time around its a little of ipad vs android vs playbook. I wanted tell about what playbook and blackberry mean. No need for several hundred new fart apps a week. We need the tools not the toys. So I went with my friends cute little daughter to play the role of our special playbook. As the role for ipad that would be Anne which owns an ipad and iphone. The role of android was my brother in law who owns an android phone. Then my nephew Josh played the role of Blackberry. For the second half of the video I wanted to show the protection of blackberry "playbook". So the two hackers (My sister and my friends son) played the role well. They stole info from both ipad and android while they sleep. And when the prize came little did they know little playbook was packing a little heat for them two hackers."

6. Mikel Calderon

"For my video, I decided I wanted to do something that anyone could do, and that at the same time was bold and inventive. I remembered that during our cross country trip, we made a pit stop at the Grand Canyon and that the views are spectacular. I also remembered that there was a trail called the "Rim Trail" and well, the rest is history. I have recently wanted to get back in shape and I drew inspiration for this video from the Mobile Nation's fitness month campaign. I purchased a fitbit earlier this month and signed up to Endomondo thanks to the helpful posts during the month of February and decided to put them to good use. I wanted to walk the entire RIM Trail, (as it should later be renamed) the entire 12 miles it spans on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, but instead decided on a more attainable goal. To my surprise, even though I only ended up walking a little over 8 miles of the Rim Trail, I walked a total of 21 miles during the entire day. "

7. Mitch Kehn

"One of my closest friends, Tom Burick recently informed me of his plan to embark on a 10,000 mile scooter journey through the US, Canada and Mexico to raise money and awareness for three charities that deal with child sexual abuse. The Bold(er) part is that the scooter is a 50cc Honda Ruckus that has a top speed of 30 mph. For the next 6-7 months, Tom has been camping or accepting hospitality and hot showers when it is offered by the well-wishers he meets. As a recovering iPhone fanboy who used to spend 80% of his time web surfing and playing games, Tom realized that he would need a more rugged, communication focused device with a reliable GPS app and a keyboard. While researching the 9900, he took special notice of the "Do What You Love" and "Be Bold" slogans and had an epiphany. What's bolder than selling your business, riding 10,000 miles alone on a moped and sharing the most painful memories of your young life so that others might draw inspiration and heal?" 

8. Daren Martinez

"Video was filmed at home and in the office. The video concept was to show how i relentlessly provide technical support to our mighty BlackBerry forum users in anyway i can. And being a relatively new and emerging BlackBerry nation, our forum is the only one existing right now that focus solely on all BlackBerry devices problems etc as Philippines don't have an official BlackBerry support or store. The whole video idea is my brainchild, asked my good friend and officemate to appear in the film. "

9. Stephen deRusett

"I shot this video because. Dos Eques Beer has a Brilliant marketing strategy, so nonchalant, and thought it would make a great BlackBerry Style commercial. "

10. Design77

"The video is supposed to be a spoof on Thorsten Heins, starring me. Filming took place in my kitchen and lasted almost 40 minutes, the final video is 03:13. I thought of the dialogue for several days and finally improvised most of it because I couldn't remember the lines! The majority of the time was spent preparing the BB backdrop and wig. I bought a 70's style costume wig that needed to be cut and sprayed with white hairspray to recreate the Heins peppered hair style. The BlackBerry logo stencil was cut from bristol board, which took forever to do. I used the remaining white hairspray to create the graphics. "

Reader comments

BeBold Video Contest Top 10 Finalists - Watch the entries now and let us know your favorite!


Saw them posted a YouTube a little bit ago, they are all pretty good. well done everyone!! My favorite would have to be the interview.

#10 and 7 were the only ones I really enjoyed honestly. The rest were kinda just blah. If I had to pick one it would be #10. I can't even watch #1 because its blocked.

The Natasha Szabo video was weird and awesome. I vote for her even though the other entries were commendable. There's something about her video that was really appealing. Maybe it was the fact that she kept throwing Androids and iPhones from buildings trying to smash those crap phones.

#4 entry for the win.

I really enjoyed reading the reviews, I totally agree with you on this one, she's full of energy, weird but awesome, check out what I say about others contenders on my tumblr.

Hey Julien,
My video is #1. I had used a section of O Fortuna. I didn't know it was copyrighted (I thought the composer had died more than 50 years ago, but it's only been 30...).
Thanks for your review. It was my first attempt at making a video. :)

My vote is #7, Mitch Kehn, for the win because that is something real; not an invented scenario. Doing something Bold for the benefit of others--a real world application and a perfect example of why Blackberry is the best communication device of the planet, "this is my connection to the world". Next would be #6, Mikel Calderon, for all the beautiful sites of the Grand Canyon (now added to my bucket list of places to go before I die) and another fine example of real world application. Get out of your houses and apartments, people! You can't "Be Bold" from your couch, go out into the world and do something! Your Blackberry will always be there by your side, keeping you connected to the world.

#3 Ryan Reyes with Bold Man! I love the analogy of him getting beat down and under rocks and then rising from it. It's also very creative with lots of device use and the classic message stars (good touch!)

"They're going to brain wash the whole city!!" - haha...

#3 FTW!!

Thanks! I had a lot of fun filming and making all of the props. Even though most them took a while to set up and then only made the video for a few seconds. There were just a lot of themes that I wanted to touch on. Glad you caught them and enjoyed the video.

Video #3 for sure! Few reasons 1. It's my favorite number 2. It's awesome 3. Did mention it's awesome?!!!?! Hands down my favorite of the list!!!! BE BOLD!!! GO BOLDMAN!!!

I'm inclined to not vote for my video, and tip my hat to Design77 #10. I admire his graphical talent in creating amazing concept devices and just his overall enthusiasm for the "Thor" Mr. Ketchup, instant classic. It was pretty bold for him to spoof Thorsten Heins, lets hope he doesn't bring his hammer down hard on him :D

I LOVED the first 2 mins of Mikel's (#6) as an actual ad concept! (the trails were awesome too, but the first 2 mins would make a great ad by itself). I do think the taglines of "don't have to be good-looking / fast / strong" could be tweaked so it isn't interpreted as negative qualities of a BlackBerry phone or something, but execution, music, visuals... all awesome. Way to go!

I also really liked BoldMan (#3) a lot - great execution and gave good perception of BlackBerry as an undying force.

And very much liked Mitch / Tom's (#7) - great story and the best one that provided examples why BlackBerry is different from - and superior to - the competition (durable, reliable, keyboard, etc).

Well done!

My top 3/4 is
3)Ryan Rayes BOLD man
2)Mitch Kehn
1) Daren Martinez and Mikel Calderon
I wouldn't mind if they all won

BTW why didn't you guys add a poll to this for us to vote

Thanks man, being number one on your list paid off all my efforts in providing BlackBerry help to my fellow country men. I call it BlackBerry love. Cheers! - #8 guy

#3 is definitely the winner! That video is nicely done and is a great representation of what BlackBerry is going through. All the other videos just seem like they just want to win the contest, but #3 is standing up for RIM and BlackBerry and what they are really about!


I enjoyed watching #3 the best (Ryan Reyes). Video #7 was a great story and cause, but not entertaining. It was bold, however. My third choice would be #9 (Stephen de Rusett). It is a knock off, but it would have been awesome if RIM hired that Ad agency before Dos X.

I give props to everyone who submitted a video, even those who didn't make the final five.

BTW, video #5 get's an honorable mention because I am a family man ;-)

Thanks much man. Being a true BeBold & tirelessly providing BlackBerry support to our persistent Blackberry users and reading your vote just made my day. BB4Life! Cheers! - #8 guy



MY 3RD VOTE IS # 10. Design77: HE IS FUNNY,

#10 was funny...on a side note...Amare Stoudemire (NY Knicks) recently took a pic of himself rocking a Porsche Design BB ...who said BB is dead? =P

#10 made me laugh. I loved how he said that it's moving slow bc Canada is cold. Definitely the most amusing one of them all.

#5 was pretty cute. The little girl was adorable.

#3 was a clever movie idea that kept me entertained.

#8 was artsy and well-made. I quite enjoyed the minimalistic approach.

#7 was the boldest of them all. but unfortunately not an entertaining video. It has a LOT of potential to be a really amazing commercial if he was filmed on his journey, recording/taking pics at different, blogging/tweeting on his bold at checkpoints. Maybe even seeing him drop his phone by accident and picking it up to continue working like nothing has happened.

The rest were either too long and made me lose interest quickly, or didn't pique my interest.

Good job everyone.

Awesome, thanks man. All the effort providing unrelenting BlackBerry support to my fellow country men paid off with your recommendation. Cheers to that! - #8 guy

Great videos everyone. My picks are:

WINNER(by a country mile): 3. Ryan Reyes - Video was well done, creative, entertaining, had a positive BlackBerry message, and was the only one I found myself watching more than once.

Honourable mention: 8. Daren Martinez - Although it's not really a BeBold video in my opinion, it was excellently filmed and had great BlackBerry integration. Glad to know there are people like this guy running help forums for people like myself... keep it up! Also, after the mellow mood set by the video, the closing line "That's how I roll bitches" was unexpected and funny!

Honourable mention: 7. Mitch Kehn - Great interview with BlackBerry integration. BUT... it's just an interview about a much bigger project which started before this BeBold contest therefore I don't really see it as a contender. Had this whole trip idea come about because of the BeBold contest, then it would have won for sure. Also, I believe it was the guys buddy who pushed BlackBerry on him so I'm a little more reserved about accepting him as a BlackBerry spokesperson/addict than I would be had he chosen BlackBerry on his own. Good luck on the trip though!

Why I didn't choose some - I think the overall goal of this contest was to produce videos that would attract users to BlackBerry... unfortunately I think some would do the exact opposite.

4. Natasha Szabo - (I understand the video is in good fun buuuuut....) Smashing a competing phone is good and all, but it has to be done properly if you want to try and make some kind of point. If I were an iPhone user, seeing a BlackBerry user dressed silly, talking squeaky and loudly while smashing an iPhone... I would actually be repelled from BlackBerry! To convince someone to switch camps, they have to respect your opinion on the subject... Who respects the opinion of a court jester?

10. Design77 - (I understand the video is in good fun buuuuut...) Just doesn't reflect well on Thorsten or BlackBerry. These days we need inspiration and positivity, this video just pokes fun at the new guy who's job it is to actually save RIM. If you wanted to focus on Thorsten, you should have gotten together with Ryan Reyes and talked him into revealing that BoldMan is actually Thorsten! haha

Anyway, my opinion is just that, mine. You all made videos and I did not, therefore you are all winners and I am not. Good luck to everyone and BeBold!

Couldn't view #1

Numbers 2, 6 and 7 portrayed true BOLDNESS. My tie votes go for 6 & 7.

Loudest laugh has GOT to go for #10, although I had good moments with several of them.

Good job you guys! I love these contests because they bring humor and talent out of the woodwork.

I choose #3

"send out the sheep"

"they're going to brainwash the whole city"

KABOOM..."it's BlackBerry 10"

And the soundtrack was excellent!

Uhhh...I don't mean to be rude, but, I don't like the entries that attempted to tug on my heart strings. These seem like obvious choices, but seeing the theme, and what I imagined to be the original intent, I feel as if I'm being guilted into choosing those:/

#4 - I thought she was adorable. It was super cute, and just made me smile a lot.

#8 - Really well done, classy, and a nice theme.

But I must say #10 is awesome, and really encapsulates Boldness, and it was frankly, hilarious.

That would be my vote!

My votes, in order of quality.
1. #8, I liked the cuts between action and text. "That's how I roll... bitches."
2. #9, the most interesting man in the world. Derivative, but a sure professional touch.
3. #3, Boldman.
4. #10, Because some of the lines were good, but I just wished the actor had learned his lines a little better
5. #2, This had a youthful effervescence. I like the way the kid had a chat with his gf midway through the fight. Reminded me of my son & his geek buddies.

I liked a couple of these the first one titles black berry desperation was funny hahaha the part where the "Ninja" kicks him then walks away was priceless hahahaha.
video 7 was good but i can't help but think that they are just using this site to promote the video they would have made regardless. I feel like that journey or continental trip was months in the making and I'm sure they were already filming it, but then when they heard of this they decided to just talk about the guys bold that way they could have promote it for free as well as give them a prize for winning, I can't help but feel they didn't make this video special for this competition. They just tailored it to fit. To me that wrong and its not fair to the others. The number 5 video was ok i liked the concept overall.