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BeBold: CrackBerry Kevin's Day 1 Sexy and I Know It Work Out! (Warning: Don't Watch This!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2012 09:21 pm EST

Ongoing BeBold Contest: Want to show off your BlackBerry passion on video? Email your own #BeBold commercial/video in to editorial@crackberry.com and if we like it we'll run it on the blogs and make ya famous (and give you some sweet prizes!).

There's a fine line between passion and stupidity, and over my years of CrackBerry blogg'n I've had a lot of fun walking that line and occasionally crossing it. Between BBM Stress Tests, Wearing PlayBooks on Gold Chains and Buying $500 BlackBerry Apps, it's not easy dreaming up new things to keep CrackBerry Nation entertained between the posts that keep you informed (like a first look at a BlackBerry 10 phone or interviews with RIM's CEO).

One of my aspiring LOL posts that I've been wanting to do for years now is a shirtless accessory review. Seriously. CrackBerry gets a lot of female traffic, and I think they'd love it! But in order to do a shirtless review I need to get my body ready for it. I'm still a ways out from getting there and have failed on my attempts before to make it happen, but with Mobile Nations Health & Fitness Month now underway and my newly developed I'm Sexy and I Know It workout plan and diet, I think this this time it may actually happen. I need your support CrackBerry Nation!

To keep me accountable throughout fitness month I recorded up today's Workout #1. If you need a laugh and are a #BeBold type of person, give it a view. Just be warned, once you see it, you can't undo the damage to your retinas. Gotta jet to the gym. Need the After video to redeem myself. I have a feeling this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. :)


Michelle Haag

You're the Boldest person I know. Go Kevin!


If he didn't have everyone's respect for his dedication to the cause, he probably does now.

On a side note, I have 30 days to lose 5kg. I'm counting on CB to help me with this. Get those articles out! Don't wanna hablve to #BeBold and face the bet I made!


Way too Bold indeed.
I couldn't stop laughing watching the video. It's great this show that Kevin is very confident about himself. He doesn't mind making fun of himself. Just for the record, Kevin you are not that out of shape. Give yourself two month of Insanity or three month of P90X, you'll look like a stud. You should go for juice fasting like Joe in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Perhaps substitute your dinner with juice.
Kevin, you are beautiful no matter what they say...oh oh...words can't bring you down...*singing* :-)


I've shared a hotel room with this man. I will never be the same. That is all I have to say.


...there are no words


Kevin is too awesome! Truly a fearless leader!

Where did you get that jacket? I would love to have one of those!!!


They gave them out at BlackBerry World.


RIM really knows how to treat their fans. Proud to be one of their customers!


lol, i was gonna say that i got that jacket at blackberry world, lol


I really wish I could go to these RIM and BlackBerry events. I'm proud of BlackBerry and would have no shame wearing that brand anywhere!

Lieutenant Dan#CB

Future CEO of RIM right there! Haha this is great, best of luck with the workout plan.


I don't think it's out of line to call this genius.

Comical editing. I belive you on the bike was my favorite part.

I think I looked way too far into this.



Shake weight.....bawhahaha


Look forward to finally meeting you week after next when Im next in Winnipeg! your BB loyalty is unequaled (though I have FB friends I piss off daily with my support for RIM)


Did you shave your chest for this video?

Kevin Michaluk

Hmm.. details like that will have to be discussed at a later date in a CrackBerry Podcast.


After watching the video I had to take a shower, but I can't get rid of that dirty feeling. I just feel so visually violated.


You were warned, no sympathy for you lol.


I feel so sorry for you guys who have to work for him.


I'm glad someone feels our pain, lol.


No wonder you didn't get the CEO job! you are Crazy to put this stuff on line


No words. Well, I think every member of Mobile Nations is obligated to produce the same type of video..........


OMG my eyes can't focus, everything is blurry


This is great Kevin! Your humor is out there in a great, normal way!


Everyt time i find myself viewing a crackberry post/video(usually on google+)...i have to wonder...does anyone outside of canada actually get psyched over blackberry anymore?


Considering the user base of CrackBerry is primarily US based, I'd have to say yes. Prety sure the nearly 10,000 users online (currently) would agree as well. I don't think they're all here to see CrackBerry Kevin topless waving a shake weight about.


That was hilarious! Not many people have the balls to put this online, so good for you Kevin! #BeBold!


Arnold would be proud (anyone else notice his pic in the background?)

[Arnold voice] Soon, we shall mold that gooey, weak body into a powerful, indestructible, BOLD machine!


All I want to know is, why does a dude own a Shake Weight?


Is it a coincidence that Crackberry chose the shortest month of the year for fitness?

That's pure Boldness I can get behind.


Hate to burst your bubble Kevin but it's a leap year so you get an extra day of fitness, 29 days... You definitely said 28 in the video! Haha...


Kevin, you got balls man. Glad to have you the helm! Keep it up!


Not friggin' fit! Good show Kevin!! lol


If this doesn't top the #BeBold campaign I don't know what can! I couldn't look at the video because I was laughing so hard! I wonder if you consumed any alcohol prior to recording this gem...


Guy watches video. Guy looks down at Kevins legs. Guy says DUDE! Enough said.

Kevin Michaluk

You don't like my "performance pants"?  It's what the NFL dudes wear. I thought they'd get a laugh... LOL.. hence why I put em on.


OMG now I'm imagining Ray Lewis wearing them. LOL.


woaaa Really inspiring Blackberry USer kevin.. Good Work out.. Btw..
just took lot of abd Exercise.. and You will be super sexy.. :)


hahahaha this has to be most boss thing ive ever seen ahhaha EXTRA BOLD!! go kevvv


Hilarious and motivational! Go Kevin!


LOL..."can't undo the damage to your retina" hahaha


Has that "teenager in his moms basement" feel to it. Lol


I hope this goes viral and promotes CrackBerry / BlackBerry in the process. I'm already seeing all the other Mobile Nations people spreading it through various social means.


LMAO thats just good internet there!!!


Which brings me to my next point...don't smoke crack...


kevin ur really bold to show off ur body hats off to you and ur really fan of BB. Well my support to RIM and CRACKBERRY will be forever


Two words, kettle bells! Way better than the stuff you're using, but keep doing the treadmill for cardio. Read the four hour body book, lots of crap in it, but the work out stuff is pretty good.


You wont see anything this good on BGR!


Hey Kevin.....there's 29 days in February this year, not 28. So you have an extra day to get sexified. You go man!

Kevin Michaluk

Wicked. I'm gonna need it.


Too many Ham Sandwiches.


Thor's turn. Let's see how dedicated he is ;)
Good on ya Kevin!


Forget cardio workouts. Forget trying to loose weight. Get huge biceps!

Eat well, train until you hurl (or maybe just before that).

Kettle bells are good. But they do require a bit of skill, they can be tricky.


Oh the humanity.......


OMG, that was hilarious. Best part was texting on the mill! I still think you should have put (NSFW) with that shirt coming off, you should have seen the eye this old woman shot me while watching on the bus, LMAO.

Nice one Kevin!


That was ridiculously hilarious!!! Wow, The pants, the shake wieght, the "try doing that iphone" OMG. That was so funny! U are awesome Kevin!!!


Haha that's awesome! Also, good luck with the workout this month, CBK!


This was wonderfully awful!
A true feast for the masochist. LOL.. LOL

Kudos Kevin!
It takes true COJONES to put this show on.


Sooooo glad I'm a lesbian. Thanks for the laugh, Kevin! ;)


What is this... I don't even.

Kevin, were you high when you did this? XD


Kevin! Hilarious ! your the man! I hope I get to meet you in real life one day so we can talk about how cool our Blackberry's are


Oh my......I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing that ;)

But..........good on you Kevin! At least your making it happen, while I'm reading CB!!!!


I was waiting for the crew from the 70's show to pop on ;)


LMFAO I saw this right after i left the gym!!! had never laughed so hard in traffic!!!!! GO KEVIN!! GO BB!!! Lets all get fit!!


Alright I'm sold. BTW Nsync Bye Bye Bye at 1:21-1:23?


This guy has bigger stones than any of the commenters on this board, including me. I say good luck Kevin and great work exercising. Keep it up!


OOOOOH Kevin. Be still my heart!!

Rod Stewart has nothing on you. Personally I prefer Brad Pitt.

Keep it going Kev.

- CB

Michael L#CB

Respect before 8
Respect now 0...


I've found some great fitness apps on the PlayBook.


Okay, was going to diet but now after seeing this... I am no longer hungry.


I'd be glad to write you an awesome workout the doesn't Include the shake weight or tug toner for the price of an Bold 9900. Think about it


Me like...hehe:::Kevin you are NO 1!!!


You know what Kevin good for you. Most people would not have the balls to do this. And don't let Phil@Android Central talk any sh*t, I would love to see his fat a$$ do this.


I uh... I held in the laughter until the leggings. Kev, you are one Bold dude, and honestly, I don't think it's not gonna take you the full month to win this fitness challenge. #KevIsJacked. BGR beware, lol.


Keep it up!
Perfect example for "bebold"


What has been seen cannot be unseen...


Proud... that's all I can say. Proud to be a member of the BeBold movement. Wonder if they'll put this on the screen in the waiting room at Equinox fitness centers across the country as a motivation tool....


"I typed this while running on a treadmill! Do that iPhone!"

Hahaha, awesome.


You BRAVE ! You BOLD !



I am glad to see that you have no pride and put yourself on the line for Crackberry!

Best of luck to you for the month!!


That is freaking amazing. Will someone please do a t-pain remix of that. That will make the new BeBold ad campaign phenominal.

Remik Szul

Kevin you are crazy! What time should I pick you up for Chicken Chef Friday?


Really Kevin, you rock dude LOL!

El Platanero

Kevin......I don't have the words. I'm there with you though. Looking to lose about 70lbs this year. I have a bit of muscle mass under the fat but none the less it will happen.

Sexy Blackberry owners. That's all I got say baby.


You don't need all that workout equipment. Work up to doing 100 pushups and 100 sit ups a day and you will get in shape and it won't cost you a dime.


kevin - your gay crackberry fans are going wild! as with most celebrities, you just have to get used to being admired for your body by both sexes.


Seeing how Mr. Heins is such a CrackBerry fan, once he sees this, he may want to use it as the next "Be Bold" commercial because it certainly takes a Bold person to pull that one off. Good job Kevin!! LOL


kev, did you know that you dance and have the body of al bundy? all you needed was a stripper pole and a couple of hooters dancing around you and it would have been an old episode of married with children. lol


Way to go outside your comfort zone Kevin! Good on ya and I dig the "let's see you do that on iphone" pience lol! I thought the same thing.

I'm as pumped as you are for 2012 BB changes.


This is a great way to motivate by doing. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but I want to join the movement for bettering ourselves. It is awesome to have others needing to do the same thing and getting off our asses and getting it done.

Good on you Kev!


Look BGR, you cannot do this! HA-HA. Good one, Kevin.


Way to be BOLD! My favorite ever Kevin video! Can't wait to see the final February Fitness Month video on the 29th (yes, you have an extra day to get fit!)


"It''s time to turn this mush in mussels!"
If your a true Arnold fan you know that one.


this man is insane


Serious props for putting this out there, Kevin! Way to represent for all us chunky brothas (and white guys, I guess)!!
Also, what the Hell-L Cool J is up with the shake weight?! lol


Funny as hell. keep it up


Oh my, warned and still watched it! Props to Kevin for being BOLD!
And triple boldness bonus for the Iphoners can't type while running on a treadmill!

ps. Kevin should make a rap video too including PB CHAIN!


LMAOO! This video made me laughh. My fave part was at the end "do that iphone"


Is that an Arm Blaster hanging up in the background?? Haven't seen one of those in years!!!


This video was hilarious. Sexy and you know it!


One word of advice: "Be BOLD fool!" *says it like Mr T in the old snickers advert.*


i wanna see phil n do the same video. THAT would go viral



Great big hairy ones Kevin...you obviously got them. Thanks for the laugh!


*dies* hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah was waiting to see when a 9900 appears xD


that was disturbing.


Adam's "dumbest things Crackberry Kevin's done this year" article brought me back here. It's been almost two years since this video was posted. Time for an update to see how things have improved or deteriorated. I've had laser eye surgery since the first video so my eyes are ready for round 2!