Beautiful pair of BlackBerry Z10 dummy units appear in black and white

BlackBerry Z10 dummy
By Adam Zeis on 24 Jan 2013 04:12 pm EST

Getting ever so close to the BlackBerry 10 launch event next week, the leaks keep popping up and getting us even more excited for what's to come. The latest leak is of two sweet looking BlackBerry Z10 dummy units that showed up on Instagram today. Shown off in both black and white, these guys are ready to hit a display somewhere in the very near future. We're not sure exactly where these are from but we're putting our money on Rogers or another Canadian carrier. That's all there is to it -- nothing more to see here. January 30th is right around the corner!!

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Source: Instagram

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Beautiful pair of BlackBerry Z10 dummy units appear in black and white



I wasn't going to say anything just to avoid a debate. IMHO, the white one would have been much better if it would have been a white bezel too.

That contrast is what's pulling me over the white side......

It's screaming attention grabber and I WANT people commenting, and asking...."is that the new BlackBerry?"
I want that attention, and I absolutely want the, "ya but is it any good" query's!!

The more I can help get people talking, and asking for a quick demo, the better my shares will do! (it's all about

Sorry guys I'm going to have to disagree.. I've never been a white phone guy, it's all ways been black or nothing for me.. but I must admit IMHO the white version has really started to grow on me. I like the fact there's some white but enough to be to much. I'm not sure I would get the white but it definitely has grown on me.

That's a valid opinion. That black bezel is a bit of a fail for the white version. Apologies to the folks that like the contrast but that's a niche market. I would've bought an all white one, something cool to put on the table - mmmmmm that Bold design on well.

Good lookin software though let's liscence that to some of those industrial designers developing the dream mock ups. Can we get that done through Kickstarter?

Okay, I'm done ranting.

...but then you get those whiners from Apple crying that it might look too much like an iPhone somehow...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS 7.1
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BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.1

I really want a white one. An ALL WHITE one. That white and black looks gross to me. Dang. I don't understand why they did it black and white.

...IMHO I prefer the all black and smokey chrome on my Torch 9860...I was kind of hoping for a look like that when they were designing it...and similar curves and contours to the 9860...the white to me (as a colour on a phone) looks cheap compared to the black...but the all black BB 10 will work for me too :)

BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi OS 2.1
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.1

Hopefully they make screen protectors with white edges (borders) that make the whole phone look white,like they have for the iPhone 5.

I like the white because of the contrast of the white ends and black screen area. If it was white all around it would look too blah, IMHO, but that's just me. I wouldn't have considered white otherwise.

Different strokes for different folks. :-)

<< Z10 4 ME >>

Agree, looks more like a two-tone to me. As of now it's black for me. However the white is certainly unique and bucks the current trend. luck...I would assume it just takes you to the BlackBerry website for an intro to BB10.

Honestly, why not go the extra mile and just make the white ALL white?... It just seems lazy on their part. If i were to be stuck between the black or white one, that would surely make me pick the black. The really should've went all white, bezel included.


Had the same thought, my white 9810 has a white bezel. it looked good to me. wish they would've done that with the z10 as well.

Personally, I like the contrast. When watching videos and such, it will make it easier to forget the bezel is there if it is black.

MONTREAL FOR THE WIN!!!!!JUST A LITTLE CLOSER Z10!COME TO ME!!lol i dont even wanto know if you are right or not about QC : just the tough that im getting my new bb to a rogers store in two weeks is too amazing!!!!!! :D

Look carefully at the image. Read the words on the dummy units' screens. They are in French and English. Which means that these dummy units are headed for Quebec / Canada, right?

At the top, the words (translated) read: "Discover the BlackBerry Z10 experience. "

At the bottom, the words read: "Ask for a demonstration. "

PS: Canada availability will be 1st February (Rogers) followed by 5th February (Telus and Bell)

French/English is done across Canada.

Im kinda liking the White! Ill have to see once i go pick this baby up!

Would have been one totally in french and one totally in english in Quebec, not the two mixed up. Beside, the paper on the wall behind reads "Not so", which means it's obviously not in Quebec... maybe in Montreal ;)

The white is tempting... but too flashy for me. I guess I'll decide when I see them.

Both units are not very elegant.

1. They look very edgy.

2. The logo "BlackBerry" is way too dominant, too big.

3. The "white" one looks so pimp. Complete white would have been better.

p.s.: And the OS 10 GUI is not very elegant as well.

BUT I will buy it, cause I love QNX and the hub-flow-peek concept. :-)

Will be buying black..wife is undecided on black or white. Like most here the white should have been completely white

Black for sure. But dummy units? Why not live ones. It sucks trying to shop for a phone when you only have greasy broken dummy units on display.

I'm surprised Eric Savitz from Forbes hasn't already written an article talking about how these phones don't even work....

Forbes lost a lot of credibility because of this douche in my personal opinion . they should have fired him while ago. but dont forget that people who believe what ever opinion they ear without any proper research is as dump as the one who try to influence them. the ones who got fools by this guy would have been fouled anyways even without the idiocies that Savitz said

On another note, I still hope that at carrier locations and retail locations they have live demo units. In one of the latest BB leaked videos, there was a section that was for demos. I really hope that RIM is sending out live demo units, otherwise a lot of potential consumers won't be able to fiddle around with the new OS and see what BlackBerry has in store for them.

''I still hope that at carrier locations and retail locations they have live demo units'' the french notes that says ''ask for a demonstration'' indicate that the reps have been trained to show off the new blackberry to the interested customer on a live demo unit. its a good move in my book for these reasons : the reps are able to show them all the main features and of the new OS instead of letting the customer play with it without him knowing what he is doing. its like having a little training before you take the seat yourself and see how it feels in your hands. strategically, it is a very good marketing plan. looks like RIM had put in much more than we tough to build a good relationship with carriers and work with them to make sure that the product will be advertised at his best instead of letting them on their own (carriers) they probably implement some formal training so all carriers will have the same knowledge and same tools handy to sell this RIM Goodies at its best.

Personally I think Eric Savitz is a d*ck. To me pure stock manipulation yesterday. This morning's opening RIM stock dropped almost $1 before rallying by the end of the day. Not even Eric Savitz can stop it!!!

I'll be buying that gorgeous white Z10...oh my!. When I carry it around people will think it's an iPhone and won't want to steal it....:-) .

At first I didn't like the black bezel on the white but I'm starting to really like it, its different than all the other white phones on the market, iphone, samsung... The contrast makes it stand out. When people see it they will know its a Z10 blackberry and not mistake it for just another iphone or android.

Wow I cannot believe I am saying this, always been a proud black blackberry owner. The black bezel on the white phone, well.........I am in love.

I'm curious if anyone has been able to get the QR codes that are on the screen of the two dummy units to work? I tried, but was unable to get a read. Maybe they lead us to something good...

If anyone gets them working, please respond and share what you find!

I would have to kindly disagree with the above posters, I think the white Z10 has a nice white & black contrast. If it was all white, it would seem bland/plain and a bit like an iphone. As for myself, I'm an old fashioned guy so I will be getting the black.

ehhhhh...the white one is definitely different. don't know about anyone else, but it kinda reminds me of white wall tires used to outfit old Cadillacs. it's definitely an attention getter and would probably make an onlooker ask which new phone it is. I'm leaning more towards the all black one, but won't completely rule out the white/black one. hell...just give me BB10 already!!!!!!!!!!

Are these looking bigger because their dummy units? or will this actually be the size? because in the videos we've see they looked smaller :S

I just think in the video's the guy's hands were really big so it made the phone look smaller than what it really is, if those r the video's your talking about.

For those speculating on where this picture was taken, the white with green lettering boxes in the background say "ArchiveX" which is ArchiveX Limited (records storage company based out of Montreal).

Also the background writeboard appears to say * Jot Se * (asterisks on the side)... google translate this as French for "to jot"

So an educated guess would be Montreal

Some of you are so tacky/old fashioned. That white phone is an absolute vision of beauty!

It just screams S E X @_@

I am indifferent about the color I want....I currently have a white 9810, everything else in the past was I am torn on this one...I am making the lady decided which she wants and I will take the opposite...LOL

What if the white Z10 is not all white because a certain corporation might have a patent on an all white all touch smartphone. Sure, it's far fetched but wasn't someone recently sued for having a rectangular device with rounded edges? The reason I will get white is because I am going to be an ambassador for this phone. I want it to stick out so that the person close to me is curious what that thing is that's in my hands; of which I shall tell them it is only the greatest cellular device on the market. I shall do this for a period of one year, following which I shall return to old faithful - Black Blackberry.

i guess they couldn't make a white border in the white model.. probably because of the bezel gestures. i'm 100% sure, but seems like it.

Nice- hey those look good! Perhaps the final product will look all white like that. I think the black bezel is probably part of the swipe up and probably isnt just plastic or what not like people mentioned

VERY nice! I've been leaning towards white, but you're needs a white bezel. I'll wait to see the final product before I decide, but if it's a black bezel on both I'm gonna go black. Which is too bad, because all white looks really sharp!

Or maybe there's gonna be a mystery color....

LOVE the renders. definitely a huge plus if the bezel matches the phone's color. The bezel-less concept looks sick also. It that is workable in the future with swipe gestures, I'd jump on that train also.

usually prefer white but that really looks crap !!
not a hater as i will defo be getting the black
just my opinion

Just wait for an all white, then you will have all options, all black, black on white and all white. That would make sense to cover most taste. Another thing would be that they want to keep the screen black to enphasise is a BLACKBerry which make some sense to me.


I currently have an S3 but I find it way too big to carry around in my pocket and just find myself not taking it out with me, is the Z10 the same size or slightly bigger?

The phone looks real smart but I feel like I should get the other one to get more use out of it.

Your s3 has a 4.8 inch screen the Z10 has a 4.2 inch screen its not as big as the s3 but bigger then the iphone 5's 4 inch screen I think Z10 is the perfect size.

As some have mentioned for me personally the black one. The white and the dark bezel don't appeal to me. If it was silver-ish maybe. But still glad there's a colour choice.

Agreed, hopefully they go back to their roots and start making multiple colors. I do question the legitimacy of these pictures though. You don't really see dummy phones that don't use a screenshot of the actual OS. I'm going to throw in my thoughts that this is just a companies thoughts and not the real deal. I saw a render of a white Z10 with a white bezel and that had me sold. Hopefully that is what RIM's final product will look like. If not, then it will be Black for me.

That white looks friggin' HOT! I've always gone black because of the dead pan serious tone it just gives off, but the white is a nice option!
My only concern is how the back is. The back on the white Bold 99XX was very much different than that of the black Bold 99XX with having a slippery plastic. The bottom lip also has changed to a burning colour meaning the white plastic used was of a cheaper grade. 5 more days, well wait and see!

White and black is perfect, white for my wife and black for me! That way we can make sure we don't take each other phones. You have no idea how disappointing it is to get to work pull out your PlayBook and find out it's your wifes. We have very different taste in music!

friggin' sweet! idc what colour it is... I'm getting one.... it could be rainbow color for that matter... its whats inside that counts!

People just like to complain. If it's not people bitching it should have been all white, then it's people bitching that it looks like every other smartphone out there.

I will get whichever color my mother does not so that we don't mix up our phones

If it's white, it's gotta be right. But, once you go black, you never go back.

I really don't care either way, I'll take whatever's available and in stock once the phones are available for purchase.

Called ATT today to find when they will be getting the phone, and they advised me to call RIM....ARE YOU KIDDING ME ATT!!!!

O waww this is something i was waiting for about a year and here it is , FINALLLYYYY , Guys just so you know i am a very dedicated BB fan , I have BB since 2006 , I own a business in canada and one in Europe , all my employees must use BB device for work , thanks to blackberry my life is much easier when it comes to communication , file shaing and so much more ! i have preordered BB 10 already and cant wait to own it , DREAM BECOMES REALITY

Crackberry I have been checking your for a year every single night , and morning when i have my coffee, great job supporting RIM

Am I the only one that thinks it looks like a bad PhotoShop job? Zoom in and look at the top and bottom edges where the white parts meet the screen. The bottom has at least 4 changes to the straight line it should be creating and the top has at least two. Look at the left corner and to the right of the speaker. Looks like the remnants of trying to straighten a diagonal shot.

Just my two cents, consider me skeptical...