Beautiful New Opus Theme Released By Elecite

Elecite Releases Hot New Opus Theme!
By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2009 11:20 am EDT

Elecite has released their latest theme called Opus. Opus is another dark colored theme mixed with bright colors that shows really nicely on any supported device. Icons on this one are nicely laid overall and the wallpaper looks really sharp mixed with the chosen color. Opus is using the dual screen option we have seen in previous Elecite themes, but be aware this theme does NOT work well with .151 OS on the Storm (as Plazmic has not released the tools needed to make updates to the themes).

Opus is available for all Storm, Bold, 83xx, 88xx and 89xx series devices for $6.99 from Elecite, but as of right now while supplies last, the first 200 users who purchase and use the coupon code "opus" will get an additional 30% off the purchase cost.



have the storm would like to see this!


no .151. Damn. Well, it's probably a good thing. I have yet to find a theme that actually works without sacrificing performance.


does this theme work on tour?


I downloaded it for the Bold - I like it. How ever, I do not like some of the icons and I do not like having my SMS/MMS mixed in with all my emails.

How do I separate them again???


Nevermind.. I figured it out. That was quick.


id like to know how to change the emial/text!


i like the colors. the black and blue go well. the icons are nice except i dislike having the same icons for gaming, applicaton and download folders. anyway tochange them?


I bot it for my BOLD on this morning :) The theme is very well done.


Messages -- this app/icon is by default the conduit for ALL messages of all kinds. You can split out SMS/MMS to an icon of their own in some OS levels -- with a message list displayed, click the BBKey and select Options > General Options. In that list of items might be one that says "SMS and Email Inboxes"...set to "Separate" and you will have a separate icon for SMS/MMS and they will not be intermingled inside of Messages.


They need to start making some themes optimized for the Tour!


Nice themes but they screw you on the price. Talk about expensive, this places is one of the highest charging places around.


This is a gorgeous theme, but Corporate Goth looks about the same and only $2 on Crackberry. Has anyone compared the two?


to bad you can't search theme's by name. can't compare Opus to a theme you can't find.


can the icon's be changed back to the default ones? i like the simple clean look of the 8900 icons. these icons are just too colorful for my taste.

Dinnearash Vareesh

This theme is the bomb-diggity. Using it on my Bold right now.


love the theme even love home screen where you can see a preview of the messages


opus theme very nice i was loving the noble theme but this on the javelin is hot-er. theme is a little large but got enough memory to handle it.


Does this theme work with the Tour???