Can you beat the clock with Beach Buggy Blitz for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 13 Feb 2013 12:37 pm EST

Anyone interested in a cool driving game for BlackBerry 10? Beach Buggy Blitz is now available to download from BlackBerry World and in addition to it being a great game it's also free - bonus!

As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to navigate your beach buggy around the race tracks within the allotted time. Failing to reach checkpoints within the time will result in the race ending so you had better not crash into too many obstacles.

As you progress around the tracks you can collect coins to build up your funds. These can be spent on a variety of things including cars, powerups and characters. The game is simple to play and moving left and right is achieved by tapping the screen on the desired side. There are also breaks which you will need to use for some tight corners. Speaking of corners - sliding around them actually feels pretty realistic which kind of makes you feel good inside.

As Beach Buggy Blitz is free you would be bonkers not to grab it. Go, Go, Go!

More information/Download Beach Buggy Blitz from BlackBerry World

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Can you beat the clock with Beach Buggy Blitz for BlackBerry 10


Hi Crackberry please help me I installed beach buggy blitz on my new blackberry z30 ST100-2 after opening it then wait for 5 secs then it stops working even in other high graphics games do i need to install flash reader ? i already updated the phone and its apps