Be your own mixologist with bartending apps for your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2010 11:35 am EDT
CrackBerry Bartending Apps

With summer fast approaching the grills (or barbeques) will be firing up on the weekends and the margaritas will be flowing. While you are entertaining you'll certainly want to have an arsenal of drinks at your disposal. If you didn't get a chance to read Bartending for Dummies and you're not a seasoned bartender like I am (no seriously, I am) then the best bet is a great app on your BlackBerry. There are tons available in the CrackBerry App Store - each with various recipes and features. You should definitely have one (or more) at the ready for when someone asks "Hey, whats in a pink lady?". Hit the jump for a roundup of the best ones we could track down, and always remember to drink responsibly.



Mixmentor is a quick and easy bartending app that puts over 950 recipes at your fingertips. The fun doesn't stop there however as Mixmentor also includes over 100 food recipes using alcohol as well as some great drinking games. There is also a full list of barware terminology, and you can easily search drinks and ingredients. Mixmentor sells for $3.99 and is available for all devices.

Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry

With Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry you can search for and find drinks by liquor, name or drink type. There is a huge category index for shooters and you can even keep track of your favorites or add new recipes. Not sure what to drink? Have Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry select a random drink for you. Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry is on sale for $2.99 until June 30th and is available for the 9700, 9630 and 8900. 


EasyBartender has a huge database of over 12000 recipes for cocktails (both alcoholic and non) including glass type, preparation and garnish. With this app you are sure to have a lifelong supply of drinks at the ready. EasyBartender lets you save recipes, create new recipes and even find out what you can make with the available ingredients at your bar. EasyBartender is available for $3.99 until June 30th and is available for the 9630, 9700, 9000 and 8900.

Bartender Pro

Bartender ProBartender Pro

Bartender Pro has over 300 recipes to keep your pouring all summr long. You can easily browse by ingredients or categories, and easily add your own recipes to be included in future updates. Not sure what to mix up? Enter your ingredients and Bartender Pro will tell you what to make. Bartender Pro is on sale for $1.49 until June 30th and is available for all devices.



With more than 6000 drinks, DrinkMaster won't let you down. Browse and search for dirnks from this huge database and you'll be a pro in no time at all. Enter your bar ingredients and find out what you can make in an instant. Glassware & garnish are all shown so you'll have no problem getting things right. DrinkMaster is on sale for $2.99 until June 30th and is available for all devices.

Last Call

So as you can see there are plenty of apps to keep your glasses full all summer long. You have no excuse not to pretend to be a master mixologist. You'll be the king or queen of the party and you're friends will be impressed by your massive cocktail knowledge. So go get your drink on, but remember... don't drink and drive and be sure to take caution when berry'ing while under the influence (you don't want to accidentally confess your love to the wrong BBM contact!).



I wholeheartedly encourage Berrying while drinking. I do it all the time, but then again, it is kind of hard to own a bar and not Berry at the same time.


...which one is recommended as the “best” or blend of most full-featured and nicest looking?


Where are the free bartender apps......I'm getting tired of paying for everything if websutes can make money without you having to shell out greenbacks evrytime then I know a mobile app can do the same.

The Consigliere

I have friends with iphones & they have 3 or 4 different bartender apps that were all FREE, yet it seems that everything for our Blackberries costs us.


thats why i'm leaving BB for the iphone4... i'm tired of all the RIM bs, we all sit around hoping for improvements, better apps, but nothing comes.


i wish bb had a free mixed drink app like iphone does


Those look like the best two apps because they have the most recipes and the ability to search for what you can make by what you currently have..


These are good apps. But I wouldn't pay for it. They should have it free like on the iPhones. Makes me wanna migrate to iPhone4 when it comes to Malaysia.


I don't need to mix a drink I need to drink some drinks. So what I would like is a free B.A.C. App. I've looked on the app world and they only have one but it charges.


I don't need to mix a drink I need to drink some drinks. So what I would like is a free B.A.C. App. I've looked on the app world and they only have one but it charges.


If you want an iPhone go and get an iPhone and stop whining. The BlackBerry is not an iPhone and its not the same other then its mobile and has applications. I wish people would learn the difference between the devices and stop comparing them. No one is forcing you to use a BlackBerry you made the choice when you bought it.

Next time do a little more research and realize it's not a gameboy it's a business device that is secure as hell. If you want to go play games, go play them just don't cry when all your information is leaked to the world.


This app is great. Thrown some great parties using this


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