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BlackBerry MWC Keynote
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2014 11:58 am EST

Outside of today's BBM coming to Windows Phone announcement, it's been a quiet Mobile World Congress so far for BlackBerry. We're expecting that to change Tuesday morning at 8am local Barcelona time, when BlackBerry CEO John Chen will take to stage to address a select group of media in attendance.

We'll be there bright and early to make sure we have a great spot to to bring you back all of news as it happens. For those of you in North America, you'll want to plan on staying up LATE. Just hit up the homepage and we'll have a story posted for the live blog as the event start time approaches. In the meantime, you can check out the countdown clock below for your local start time, and set a reminder in your calendar. See you soon!




We will not hear any big news here, I am confident about that. Just a few things Chen probably wants to talk about with selected media

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Anthony Roberts5

I cannot wait!!!!COME ON CHEN!!! DO BIG THINGS!!

Blackberry please surprise the world with some new phones and concepts!!!!!

I guess no sleep for me tonight LOL


Las Vegas, NV! 24/7!!! Sleep? West Coast BlackBerry Always ready!

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Its now or never!!

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Great work Kevin. Can't wait to see what's in store for BlackBerry. This is the first time I used BlackBerry 10's world clock. Very easy and useful.

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What GMT time is that??

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


Thanks! Can't wait!

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


Yeah I saw that too

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So, exicited. Awaiting this from Indonesia. Even we are now after midnight!


Keeping my fingers crossed X

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If that's the picture of the place, that is indeed a very select (few) people. :(

Z30 Pooooooooower!!!

Kevin Michaluk

That is indeed the venue. I am guessing 50 people or so. I need to get there early so I can grab a table.


Windemere, Jakarta and Z30 at another carrier in the USA...

Is that too greedy?


And "Congratulations to Johnny Toews, Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith and the rest of the Canadian "Gold Medal Winning" Hockey team.... loaded with Blackhawks with a splash of Sydney Crosby and a few others - you guys were "Stacked" from the opening ceremonies....


Crosby iced it for Canada his goal broke the backs of the Swedes. Credit where credit is due.


Pretty sure those who understand hockey know that Toews had what's called the "game winning goal"....


Guess you didn't watch the game. If you did, I suggest you rewatch (as I did) and see the intensity of team Sweden diminish after the Crosby goal. Those that know hockey know that "the game winning goal" doesn't mean much.

Whatever. They all did great.


"The game winning goal doesn't mean much"....

That's the dumbest thing I have heard, so far, this week - but it is early.

Go Blackhawks...

CB10 from the Z30


Let me see if I can make you understand. There were three goals 1+1+1 =3 If Toews didn't score and Crosby did Canada would still have won...


I can't wait but at the same time, I will keep my hopes in check. Go BlackBerry nonetheless! :-)


Actually no its not too greedy freddysrevng3.

Anything less will be disappointing.

The key is to shut the critics up, don't give them any more ammunition than they already have.

BBM to Windows is good news but it won't keep the wolves from the door.

BlackBerry needs to outsource the marketing. Let the competition fight for the contract.

Time for guerrilla warfare on the marketing front.

Under promise and over deliver is the key.

BlackBerry...Get it done.

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@ rick... could not agree more... go check out the post about QNX in the Jeep.... the kid describing QNX features is talking incomprehensible bits and bites.... they have to get a marketing program together to show "low information voter types" bopping around in their cars talking to their friends about nothing... like the SYNC commercials did effectively....

Sell benefit not bits and bites.... Marketing 101..


Have a look at the poster on the wall: 'For those who make the calls'. This is yet another example of BlackBerry marketing gone very wrong.

This is the type of marketing you do when you are already doing well, and don't need to attract new business from people who know little about your new products, and furthermore aren't interested or think you smell.

I really think this is the wrong approach. It's arrogant in the current climate and the ad doesn't say a darn thing about what the new BlackBerry is, or why the audience should care.

(shaking of head)... I would love to be in the meetings when they come up with this stuff. What are they thinking?

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Why would you say that "for people that make calls" is a bad thing to focus on. I momentarily used an iPhone (4s) and being able to make and understand the person on the other side of the call was ultimately the reason that I bought the Z30.

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I like it for the pun. It focuses on enterprise execs, on people in chairs of authority. They make all the important calls (=both phone calls and important decisions). A poster in a room seating 70 people isn't exactly designed to reach the mass market consumer.


give Yasch the prize.... well played..


I'd doubt that the room sits 70 people. BlackBerry is essentially trying to use "enterprise" as a market definition, which made sense for awhile when Mike L. and Jim B. did so, but ultimately cost the company greatly. There is such a thing as enterprise sales and BlackBerry should improve in this area, but with BYOD and iOS transforming the workplace, it's really a race to build phones people want to use. Thor's marketing definition of hyper-connected messengers was spot-on, but the BB10 that launched didn't provide a distinct, unassailable advantage for those people. Instead of fixing this, Chen is withdrawing from the race and just focusing on returning BlackBerry to profitability through selling companies cheap enterprise devices. Sad, but I still don't know why the board hired him...

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Okay, 50 people + standing room (as Kevin just mentioned in the live blog). I agree with you that the "distinct enterprise" definition is often either false or stupidly narrow, though as you say it does have its place. And I agree with you about Thor. But I disagree in the extreme on the idea that Chen is withdrawing from the race by selling cheap devices aimed at the enterprise. He's going hard at every segment of the market -- consumer and prosumer, low end and high end. Witness the Z3, the Q20, and the yet to be named high end device catering to high-end hyper-connected messagers.
P.S. Freddysrevng3 -- Go Hawks Go!


Oh yes will stay late for that, all eyes will be kept open. Pacific Standard Time.

nicky devriese

blackberry will be a giant again,john is the right ceo for blackberry!!!
he knows what to do


that is 2am eastern time. I guess I will wait to read about it tomorrow. :) I need my beauty sleep. haha


Can't see count down timer in app. :(

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Love that Slogan on the Wall. The best tag line for Blackberry I've ever seen.


Really? You may like it, but it's a non starter when it comes to engaging and indifferent audience. It does nothing at all to tell the audience anything about why they should care about BlackBerry, other than to be 'cool', and as the general cultural sentiment is that owning a BlackBerry does the complete opposite, I can't see why they've decided on this approach. Again, I think their current marketing (ads) style is out of touch and almost completely ineffective.

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Really? You may like it, but it's a non starter when it comes to engaging and indifferent audience. It does nothing at all to tell the audience anything about why they should care about BlackBerry, other than to be 'cool', and as the general cultural sentiment is that owning a BlackBerry does the complete opposite, I can't see why they've decided on this approach. Again, I think their current marketing (ads) style is out of touch and almost completely ineffective.

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I heard you the firs time.


I'm curious on John Chen's appearance! :)

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topics that may be covered

1.upcoming BB10 devices-most likely
2.Blackberry's future-Hot topic
3.BBM-Hot Topic
4.QNX news-probably
Upcomming Apps-most probably


haha !!! Lucky North American members that worse a Timezoned countdown !!!


The first to market with an Octa-core, z50 & Q30, 4GB memory 32GB storage, dual microsd slots, where one of the slots can be locked down via BlackBerry Balance?

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers


That would be so awesome


That would be terribly expensive.


Why would you think so? The cost of components are getting better and better plus coming down in price. So maybe the price of the phone will be marginally higher.
:) moreover it be like buying a high-end car.


Ugh, I think the last thing BlackBerry needs is to look backwards...the track pad and function buttons are not a good idea. I didn't think the Z10 and the new features of the blackberry 10 OS were hard to figure out. Especially not that hard that the company would have to bring back that stuff...

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BlackBerry still based on track ball and depending on your age so where the learning curve

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Thanks for the update.


BlackBerry should try adding a 29 mp cam on ther next high end device like Sony has done.. cam is already good but why jot get even better... love blackberry I wouldn't get any other phone! can't wait to see what's next!!

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Sorry 20 mp cam******

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Impressive turnout. Seating for 16?


Chen will announce he has accepted the CEO position at Microsoft.


Dual sim card with BlackBerry Balance would be amazing


I think that it was a good call to wait until tomorrow. Nokia and Samsung and to a lesser extent Sony were going to overshadow everything else today, anyway.

Let's hope the Z3 is the Foxconn device and the qwerty is a BlackBerry designed Windmere...

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Octacore powered Dual Boot with Dual SIM and 5inch Gorilla Glass 4 Full Touch Device , yay

Z10_STL100-2_10.2.1. 2141/2142


By seeing and reading how much M. John Chen seems to be working, I won't be surprised if he makes some very interesting announced about development and implementation at BlackBerry. Just my opinion but it looks pretty exciting 

Tim Heard

He definitely hasn't been sitting around waiting and hoping for good things to happen.
I hope you're right. ... Hope he creates some significant buzz.

Selfishly, I'm still hoping a slider phone will be announced, but I'm not holding my breath.


Is it realistic to think that Jakarta might be there? We've seen some pretty good leaks recently, it looks ready.


Chen is really the man, hero of the time! Just like Jobs!


I'll be sleeping at that time, but as soon as I woke up, hope to read anything new that will bring Blackberry


You crazy? I'm not staying up till 2am!! I have to get up at 6!!? :(


Also, I'm expecting Chatblend tomorrow.


Awesome! Watching straight from the app at 3am in the morning while in bed! So tired I got tears rolling! #BlackBerrylove #chooseblackberry10

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