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Be the stunt double in Stunt Pear for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 18 May 2012 03:52 pm EDT

If you’ve ever wanted to become a Hollywood stunt person but hate the risks associated with flying in the air and smashing into things, then don’t worry -- you’re not alone. While we leave the stunts to the experts, we’re still able to have a little fun with a new game for the BlackBerry PlayBook called Stunt Pear. Stunt Pear takes you on an interesting voyage where you have to smash your way through boxes and obstacles to get into the barrel. The developer has used physics and ragdoll effects to make the game not only appealing, but also a little challenging.


  • Smash, bounce and spin your way through 144 levels
  • Use gears, cannons, bubbles, tires, pinball bumpers, skateboards and shopping trolleys to reach the goal
  • Cool ragdoll physics
  • Collect the stars hidden throughout the world to unlock the Nightmare levels!

The developer of Stunt Pear is Chocolate Moose Games and an intriguing fact is that they first made the game for iOS, skipped Android (for now) and went right to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The move to go directly to BlackBerry unquestionably has me excited as more developers support what I feel is the best gaming and communications tool available.

I’ve been powering through the levels over the past few days and there’s something that’s missing, something that would spark the competitiveness in others and myself. That something is an online leader board with Scoreloop integration. With Scroeloop, you can see how others are doing around the world and attempt to beat their scores. Not only would this cause many to play more to beat scores it’s also known to help keep the game on tablets for a longer period of time. Other than the missing Scoreloop I’ve been addicted to Stunt Pear and recommend giving it a download. Stunt Pear is available BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is only .99 cents.

More information/Download Stunt Pear



Had this for a few days now. Pear > Angry Birds


Zach: You really suck at this game...LOL!!!!

Zach Gilbert

LOL I know! But I've gotten a lot better since this review. Also being behind the camera makes it harder to play. :P


No way you been playing this for a week!! haha here's a tip..if you tap right after a fail it will quickly reload pear for you.

also you can roll him left or right with a simple swipe across the screen..this really helps :)


thanks for the review. i have been eyeballing this game for awhile now but wish they allowed you to try a demo to see if you like it.

im downloading in a few mins now.


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