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Want to Be Bold with your own Night Bike? Now you can!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2012 11:29 am EDT

Remember this BeBold commercial? It features a bunch of fancy glow-in-the-dark Night Bikes and of course a BlackBerry Bold or two. The bikes are pretty badass and I'm sure this ad left many people asking just where to find one. Well - if you've been looking everywhere for a fancy new light-up ride -- you're in luck. 8bar bikes, the company that provided the bikes for the commercial, has finally made them available to the public. There isn't too much tech involved here - just a basic bike with a special paint that glows after being charged from a light source (they note UV light is best). While the bike itself will run you about $1600 USD, it does make for a sweet toy and is sure to keep you safe while creeping around the neighborhood after dark.

Check out more at 8bar bikes



1600? Time to start saving. I wants me one...


It would look awesome riding around the streets of Chicago at night!


Agreed - and would make it easier to find those annoying critical mass riders

Jimberry Storm

I wonder what the commercial will sell more, the bike or the phone?

El Platanero

That's quite steep for a bike. I'll just stick to riding in the day, ha.


At 14 seconds of the video there a map localisation BBM messaging. How can I get this on my 9900???


Could get a P'9981 or a Bike.. tough choice..


Cool bike but rim needs to sort out marketting and commericals its terrible. Btw I'm not hating


Very nice... These look very cool.


Hey, what kinda 'RIMS' ya got on that bike? LOL


Bring my trike there and have it painted and then it'll be a night bike! ;)


Bring along a SLR electronic flash and you can recharge glow-in-the-dark objects instantly.