Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!

Win the Ultimate BlackBerry Remote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2009 08:30 am EST

You didn't think we'd drop a video in the blogs yesterday of Unify4Life's upcoming AV|Shadow for the BlackBerry Storm and not give CrackBerry Nation a chance to win one did you?? :-)

Next up in our series of Turns 2 Years Old contests, the good great folks at Unify4Life are hooking us up with TEN AV|Shadow units to give away. This is the product that turns your BlackBerry into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to control all the AV gadgets in your house right from your Berry. SWEET!

Contest Entry: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us why you'd love to win this! Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn More: Visit to learn more about the AV|Shadow as well as their other products (gotta love Garage|Shadow!). You can also follow the links below for video and review coverage.

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Reader comments

Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!



I would love to win this product because my wife flicks me to change the channel and volume now. With this she can have complete control with out flicking me!

I Love CB, have to get my daily fix.
Takes awhile to read up on the latest info.

This AV|Shadow on my beloved Storm would
be great to have!

I could stay comfy and keep browsing CB,
while I operate all my av items!
(Love rocking to the golden oldies while
doing my internet 'chores') LOL

Thanks guys!

I'd love to win this cuz we just got VZW Fios ... and there are a few Sets within 14 feet of each other and the tv's don't know which control to respond to and go rather bonkers quite often. lol

I have read the review for this unit, and i am quite impressed with the feature, although i am not a big fan on tinkering with my garage door circuit... hopefully winning this one though!

Perfection is pretty hard to get but once AV has wifi capabilities it will be Perfect...

Big supporter.

If I won that would be so tight. This is a slick device/software and would be a good addition to any BB. However, as a college student its tuff to come by money for these types of luxuries.

I cant wait to see what this can do on a storm! The amazing things that people have came up with on blackberry's is just amazing and I am just glad to be apart of it.

I always know where my BB is but never my remote, this would mean no more worrying!

I live on my crackberry as it is... with this thing I will have no reason to put it down... PICK ME.....

I live on my crackberry as it is... with this thing I will have no reason to put it down... PICK ME.....

HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY 2 YEAR BIRTHDAY!! you should pick me because i dont have a remote control for my t.v's and because i owe verizon 500 dollars for not returning my broken blackberry(equipment charge)so i cant afford this application!!... i choose to try to fix it instead because i didnt have the heart to return my first blackberry..its the love of my life :D

This has got to be the coolest program I've seen to date on the storm...I have a surround sound, blu ray, stb, tv, etc...all with their own remote, this would be extremely useful for my entertainment setup, and once i have it, I can show it off to the rest of my friends and family and get them hooked as well!

man, having this at home will the best thing ever ...i wouldn't need to look for the remote control ever again..because i always have my blackberry with me...and i will never lose my BB storm

I have been waiting for this product to come out! It is the only thing the Palm has over the BBs - the IR sensor. I really would be able to do everything with my BB! The only thing is I would kill myself to blow my apartment rent on it - I am a poor student. Help me out!

Please! Please! Please!

To be able to have this capability in a phone is almost to amazing to imagine... especially when I think of the first Cell phone my family had 12 years ago and what it was capable of doing in relation to it's size.

Truly amazing.

Why do I really need this? Why not! With everything going on in the financial world, I'm not sure when I will be able to actually BUY something this cool. Also, well, I kinda sorta lost the other remotes :(

I have been watching this develop over the last year or so with some envy. Review after review all point to the "cool" factor and the functionality.

Sadly - she-who-must-be-obeyed hasn't read all the reviews nor has she even started using her Pearl to full extent let alone seen the benefits of 3G on my Bold. .

Now THIS contest comes along and it may be my lucky day :)

Thank you to both CB and Unify4Life for sponsoring this. Very cool.


So here's the deal...I have 2 soon to be 3 tv's in the house and 4 kids, well you can add 1 more kid because I have a 18 month old dog too. My wife and kids always seem to misplace the remote whenever I want to sit down kick my feet up with a couple cold MGD's and watch LeBron smack the s**t out of Iverson's shot, watch Ray Lewis blast the s**t out of ___________ (insert any first string quarterback's name in the blank), and maybe an occasional all day binge of TruTV. To be said a little simpler, I can't watch what I want because they have misplaced every single remote we have in the house, including the DVD remote (so the Scarface, Old School, Pineapple Express Saturday evening marathon I had planned just went out the window). Oh yeah, I didn't mention that we have had to go through 5 TV and 3 dvd remotes because my yellow lab seems to think that chewing on those things that look like bones (which happen to be the remotes) are fun.

If I had the Unify4Life BB remote, I would always be able to watch what I want when I want. No one will ever be able to misplace another remote from me again because my BB isn't likely to leave my hands, or hip, anytime soon.

Sure my wife would whine about me "not putting my phone down" but she wouldn't complain when she loses the remote. I can simply reassure her things will be okay because I always have a RELIABLE back-up option.

That's enough ranting for me. Please just select my username and I'll provide all the info needed to have a Unify4Life BB remote sent to my house.



I'm constantly losing my remote control for the many devices hooked up to my television set. I never misplace my blackberry because its always in my hands. So this device will be perfect for me to control all the devices on my blackberry since its always in my hands.

My blackberry is always with me. How great would it be to eliminate another 1/2/3 remotes? Fantastic!

I have not won anything ever from any contest in my life. is one of the greatest things that happen to my life. This site offers so much, i absolutely love it.

Crackberry has the most innovative minds i have ever come across. I loved what people did for the storm contest.

i am crackberry 4 life!

I have not won anything ever from any contest in my life. is one of the greatest things that happen to my life. This site offers so much, i absolutely love it.

Crackberry has the most innovative minds i have ever come across. I loved what people did for the storm contest.

i am crackberry 4 life!

How cool is this!? With someone who has every new electronic gadget in his house and car, this would be a great addition. Connecting life with the cool...

My husband had just mentioned the other night that this would be a cool feature and then I saw this video on CB! He's so excited!

Nice. It will be so cool. I probably wont tell the wife about it for a week, and piss her off by changing the channels. ahahahha

Dear Unify4Life and Kevin,

The reason I would love to win this device is simple. I am a flight attendant that does many layovers in different hotels at different cities. Always bothers me when I get in from a long trip and I am settled in and about to watch TV when bam! the TV remote does not work! **Ta-la** Is when the lovely AV|Shadow comes to play and saves me stress.

That is my reason and also that I never win but I have learned "Never Say Never"

Best regards,

This is another gret example of multiple devices converging into one. I would love to have this @ home oavr even work.

What a sweet deal - it would make a great present for my Blackberry-loving bro (assuming I don't get tempted to keep it myself)!

I like love love this product. Can i have one, like really? Like Really?.
Peace and Love,

i would love to have one of those shadows . i recently bought a universal remote and it doesn't even have the right codes to input for all my devices so im left with a lot of controllers like everyone else but after seeing this baby on CES i wanted one right away . Kudos on a great product

These things are awesome, I especially like the garage door control model. Also, I wouldn't mind one that let me drive my car using my BB. James Bond style.

This would make a nice addition to my living room. Nothing better then being able to control everything from a device that is always by my side:) Please pick me!



You can't win if you don't put your name in the bucket.

I'd love to win this because I have several devices to control and would like to consolidate remotes.

Not going to be annoying saying pick me pick me pick me. I got a storm and think this app would be great like whats better than a storm remote? i dont have much in life other than my blackberry. Im only 17 soon to be 18 and how cool would it be to be the first kid on the block one with a storm ha first in my school too but first with this awesome technology.

WOOOW, this device seems amazing....amazingly convenient. Blackberry is already so much, but a universal remote on top of that???

Do Want! The remote for my stereo in the bedroom broke so I can't lower the volume/turn it off when I want to go to sleep without getting up and freezing. This would be perfect.

This AV remote would be the PERFECT way to tie together my AV system. Unfortunately, being a dirt poor student, I cant justify spending $100.... has given me hope! I love this site, happy 2 year bday!

I have been looking for an all-in-one software program for my blackberry but I am not sure how Unify-4-Life works. Has anyone used it?

Just moving to a new home and I would love to unify 4 life!! I am going to network the home anyway but this would top it off. Hook a brotha up!!!

Just moving to a new home and I would love to unify 4 life!! I am going to network the home anyway but this would top it off. Hook a brotha up!!!

This has got to be the coolest app ever! CAN'T WAIT!!! Oh, and:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to the most addicting website ever created
Happy Birthday to you!!

Well I have to say only that the shadow is preety!
I could't see the video bacause the website was blocked.
I'm just trying to get use to my blackberry.It has so many
features I end up with a headache by the of the day.
Who ever wins one of the shadows I'm sure you will be very
My children make fun of me because i'm not very good at this.

I need this so that I will be one step closer to not needing my wife. I still need her to tell me where she left the remote. Since my Storm never leaves my hand (even on the throne), I would truly be the king of my living room.

this would be the perfect thing for me, as I have a different remotes for my pc (which is hooked up to my tv), the set top box (freeview), the surround sound, the Wii and the Xbox 360, not to mention the TV itself!. So basically I have 6 remotes lying around, and to make matters worse...the tv is on the same frequency as the surround sound, and my wireless remote for my media center pc is on the same frequency as my xbox remote! so im constantly switching things on/off that i dont want to! Basically, my remote situation is in a sorry state of affairs, and this product seems to be the perfect solution! I am definitely right in the heart of your target audience, so please pick me!!

I find this item would be super usefull since I always have a my crackberry beside while I'm watching tv and stuff, I'LL HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER MY UNITS, SICK!

Yes I've been reading up on these and I was thinking about getting one for my house!!

Woohooo they rock

Why would i love to win this? simply because i'm lazy...just being blackberry does everything for me, sometimes forget I even have a computer...why not add remote to the list ;)

This product would be amazing to have. I really need a universal remote so that I don't have to keep using 5 remotes to control all my A/V equipment. what could be better than using my phone that is always with me.

A Wingman never leaves his pilot and just like the Unify4Life AV/Shadow, it will not leave my side. I can just think of all the awesome things I am going to be able to use with just this one device and of course my Blackberry Storm. What better solution to come home with after my 9-5 healthcare IT job, open the garage, turn the TV on and flip through all my sports channels, MTV - ABDC, and then flip to my XBOX 360 and start gaming. Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones to get a crack (had to make the reference) at winning this on Crackberry. You guys are awesome...T. Cruz

See almost like Tom...Wingman...get it :?

I've been looking for something like this for a very long time! Cant wait to get one! Hopefully FREE!!!!

Not only have I not won a contest here on Crackberry but I also really want the AV Shadow. I have a 46" LCD TV, Xbox, reciever all sorts of AV equipment this would go perfect. I am also stoked that they ported over the program to the Storm.

Have about 7 remotes sitting on my coffee table to control all the electronics right now, sure would be sweet to be able to replace them all with my BB Storm.

I would like to win because I loves the toys. I am a goodie freak. Techie-toy poor. This would be an opportunity to engage in a cool techie toy and not be poorer for the experience, in a mannor of speaking.

This is awesome my storm could use this so much with all the gadgets i have at my house being able to control them with my storm would be the ultimate because i never set my storm down.

I have 3 kids and every remote control I buy is missing the cover. Between my 2 teenagers and 5 year old I rarely get the opportunity to watch TV, but when I do I'm always hunting down my batteries back from digital camera's, toys, or flashlights. (which half of those are also missing the covers.

My bedroom remote is a mess of scotch tape and the batteries still do not fit snug so one has to push the battery from underneath and then push the channel or volume at the same time. My DVD remote in the same room is long gone as well as the media remote for my Xbox. I was smart enough to put our Plasma in the Bedroom or I'm sure the logo for Disney or MTV would be firmly etched in place as the kids often forget to turn off the other commonly placed TV.

I saw this product as WES and was very impressed. I would really love to have one.


Please please please pick me. I love my Blackberry Storm. I love and I love my 50" Plasma TV. This would be a cool thing to win!

This is one of the coolest most useful tools I've seen for the casual consumer! I always have my bb on my lap or right next to me, how great to be able to control the tv. And the garage door opener is awesome too. I think the best feature of the door opener is that it recognizes when you are arriving home and opens the door for you. One downfall I see is keeping your bluetooth turned on which significantly reduces battery life. Awesome ideas, I look forward to seeing more from this company!

I'm in class right now and I'd love to have the ability to turn off the projector my professor is using.... Please give me the power! Thanks...

Had another dream last night, and the best part was when I got up this morning I was able to rewind it with myUnify4Life's remote and watch it over and over. COOL!

Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, to Crackberry, to Crackberry, to Crackberry, Olay!!!

Has a nice jingle to it!!

I would love to have this. It would take a lot of different devices and combine them into one handy package. This is something I need.

This is probably one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen for a blackberry. I love technology and i would love to win this sweet device. Good work Unify4life

Oh my god this is a must have item of the year i want it so badly as me and my wife constantly argu over the remote.... when we can find it lol it can take over the remote so i never need to worry about where it is and not only that but it can do my DVD e.c.t i think this has got to be the most koolest item out yet!!! it is sooooo koool!!! I Love IT!!!

This is the gateway to what's to come technilogically...if only I could toss my remoteS away and live in what I was expecting for the 21st century...

I've been telling all my friends that my BB can be used as a remote, but none of them believe me! I will def. be showing them this article.

This is just a frickin' sweet device! I'd love to use it with my Storm... Congrats on two great years of Blackberry love!

I think this is an amazing product, and I want it SOOO bad! I have too many remotes in my life and I want to be able to control stuff from my berry, since it's in my hand all the time anyway! :-)

What a SWEET birthday present that would be. I've had my storm for about 2.5 weeks and can't see myself without it. My birthday is March 7th and that would be the BEST present i've gotten in years!

I really need one of these! When I am on the Crackberry Forum I can't be interupted to get up and change the TV. I can't be distracted from my Crack!