Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!

Win the Ultimate BlackBerry Remote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2009 08:30 am EST

You didn't think we'd drop a video in the blogs yesterday of Unify4Life's upcoming AV|Shadow for the BlackBerry Storm and not give CrackBerry Nation a chance to win one did you?? :-)

Next up in our series of Turns 2 Years Old contests, the good great folks at Unify4Life are hooking us up with TEN AV|Shadow units to give away. This is the product that turns your BlackBerry into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to control all the AV gadgets in your house right from your Berry. SWEET!

Contest Entry: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us why you'd love to win this! Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn More: Visit to learn more about the AV|Shadow as well as their other products (gotta love Garage|Shadow!). You can also follow the links below for video and review coverage.

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Reader comments

Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!



This thing looks neat. I don't know if it would replace my universal remote but it looks cool enough to try.

Im new to Blackberry and to Ive had my Strom since mid February and im addicted. I dont know where my life has been before this device and this site. Im learning that there are a lot of very cool toys around as well. All I can say is that if I were to win one of these things it would just further my addiction... and I would be VERY thankful!

I was recently told if I come home with another television or speaker that I would be forced to move from my house. I am addicted to two things AV equipment and my blackberries. This app would be used and abused in my house.

I love crackberry! I check it several times a day and can't get enough. Let's just say that i'm a crack (berry) addict.

I have always loved the remote control app on my old windows mobile. Definitely like to see this on my blackberry storm..


I would love to be able to use my crackbery to control my entertainment system. I currently usa a Harmony remote which works really well. My crackberry is with me at all times so would be nice to use it instead. Please enter me in this contest.

This is a must for any gadget geek. If I win, I will make it my mission to tell everyone i Know with a bb that the need to purchase this.

O.K. I have been keeping my eye on Unify since the beginning. I think this is the most incredible application that will ever be developed for the storm, or any other berry PERIOD the thought of having one device that can call, email, text, etc... AND serve as man's best friend!!! My wife will go crazy, she already says Give my berry more attention that I give her. This will put her over the edge!! To have my baby with me at ALL times now, even watching t.v. To win this would make my year!!!!

I use my BlackBerry for everything and would love to use it as a remote too. One of the coolest things demoes at WES last year!

What an endless source of information! Crackberry has been wonderful for helping me learn to use my Storm

Well I might as well take a shot at winning it since I'm definitly going to be buying it. Good work Unify and Happy B-Day Crackberry!!!

One of the best applications I have seen so far. I wish I didn't purchase that logitech universal remote last month... grrr

Gotta love Crackberry!

This looks neat. Wouldn't mind winning this. It would help consolidate all my remotes into a device that I carry with me everywhere.

What I love most about Blackberry is that it excels at integration and synchronizes my life. Unity4Life would only bring it to the next level. I want! :)

the Unify4Life would be a great replacement to the garbage remote that came with my television, and it would also allow me to become a bigger BlackBerry addict if that is even possible.

thank you crackberry for everything and this software looks amazing and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Just bought my first house, getting ready to move in and need help to set up the ultimate entertainment pad. I love technology, love my blackberry, why not have them in one place. Happy B-day

I so need this! the remote on my tv died and my cable box remote won't run it...pick me pick me! I have to put down my crackberry to get up to turn up the volume! Help!

Just when you think crackberry is at the top of there game, BAM! You keep raising the bar with these contests! Great job crackberry, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! 2 years young and you seem to outdo yourself every day! What a great accessory for any BlackBerry user! It is the ultimate way to ceed control of the remote to the wife and still be able to flip through the channels "Man Style!" I need one! Happy Birthday!

Love to win I can show everyone what a total crackberry addict I am and that I use my blackberry for everything! :-)

This is a great tool, with applications like these I will never have anything other than a Blackberry. I think the site is great just learned of it and I check it like I check my stocks. Now all we need is more contests for more stuff!!

We can always count on to come through for us with great giveaways. I would say though, that this may be my most anticipated win. This product has the potential to change me life . . . for the better! Unify Me!

the iphone has an app call remote , very good app that connect you laptop with the media player or or itune via wifi, amasing for partyes.. i dont like the iphone but like the app so i would love to get it :) and with this you can do so much more, i have so much electronic to control at home i cant wait to do it via mon bb

This company looked really good at CES. Their device demo is straight forward, and I see them doing plenty of business in the future. I'm an IT manager who administrates the Blackberry infrastructure in the company. I'm always reading up on RIM news articles and third party companies that make Blackberrys the best mobile devices around. Crackberry is always the first and last website I visit daily. The new O.S leaks are always my favorite. With companies like Unify4Life, it brings interest to consumers outside the corporate community and provides the fuel that keeps everyone competing to be the best.

I have been trying to get one of these since i first saw it on CB...but i got laid off from my job and could not afford it with have to stay up on all the bill and daycare for the kids. I think this product is AWSOME i have so many stupid remotes around the house we cant find any of them most of the time. I have a birthday on April 1 NO fools jokes lol lol

Thanks Josh

Chances of me actually winning are slim but...just in case...

I would love to win simply because I NEVER lose my blackberry, but ALWAYS lose my remote. I might even get rid of my remotes completely, though that might piss my wife off a bit ;)

Man do I need this I just got the 8900 and my new 42" should be picked up next week and all I got to control this sweet TV and sound system is an 4 year old remote that is not bringing much "Harmony" any more with only 50% of the buttons responding to my commands and the LCD is crack so you guess what the soft keys are for. Another great reason why I need this after dropping a large coin on the TV and 8900, there is no way my wife will let me get a new remote. I want to thank Crackberry I have been a fan for just over a year and thanks to you guys I have gone from user to abuser. Please help and Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday To the Crackberry Nation. I am proud to be a member. I would also love to win a Unify4life setup I have a pretty awesome audio/video setup and while my remote is OK would love to have an awesome remote (aka. my Curve) Wooo Hooo! Lets go Party On!!!

Who wouldn't want a remote control that is always with you like our phones always are?! The bonus is that I wouldn't have to keep searching for the remote after my 3 year old hides it.

This devise is much need for the Storm. This will truly take it to the next level . I am in need of this devise for all my Audio/video toys. Not to mention my wife loses the remote controls to TV at least every other day. So now I will have my on personal remote which I will always no where it is... Because it's my Blackberry Storm. Now A.K.A "UCD" ultimate communications devise.

I would love to win this for my storm because I am fairly new to the world of crackberry and really want to know what I can do with my storm that and for the benefit of unity4life if I love it I can sell it to everyone I know because when I love something people know that it's gotta be good any how hopefully someone worthy wins either way ... CRACKBERRY4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the DVD remote? Where is the TV remote? Where is the cable box remote? Where is the tuner remote? WHERE IS UNIFY4LIFE AV\SHADOW FOR MY Blackberry Storm? How could you not want to win such a promising product? To get rid of all the remotes on my table would be amazing. Think about how good my Storm would look on the table not surrounded by remotes. I have a 2 Blackberry home and too many remotes to count, this product would be amazing and help with the clutter in my living room. Thanks to Unify4life and Crackberry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY. What did we do before you!

What could be sweeter than your blackberry addiction now being useful to others in your home?

I am a mother of two and all of my remotes get broken but my kids know they cant touch my Storm.
The one remote we do have only controls power on TV and volume.
I sell for Verizon and love showing customers new gadgets and downloads for the Storm.
I check multiple times a day every day to look for updates or other cool stuff!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I want to win!!!!!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that it would be an honor and a priviledge and an excellent opportunity to own this unit and be able to control my whole system from my phone. I never put the phone down anyway except to cut on my entertainment unit. other than that, I am glued to my phone and to be able to control it all from one unit would be awesome. I can't do that currently with my cable remote but if I had this, it would be so much fun to show off when I have guest over and just to entertain myself. Thank you for the opportunity to even comment.


Ooh i could use one of these, all my homelink buttons in my car are being used already!!

I would love this product so I could mess with my family. If I had this, I would be able to switch the channels on them and they would have no idea. I could see me being able to pull this off for months and would be able to send in weekly updates on how far it went. I might even see if I could mess with the cable guy...

This app and tool would make my BlackBerry Storm just that much greater. My BlackBerry can already do so much, this would be a much appreciated perk.

Good luck!

This is another fantastic contest to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of! The AV shadow is an awesome gadget. My birthday is actually February 27 and this would make a great gift. Thanks for all you do to make our Crackberry experience fantastic day to day.

This would be so cool to win. I am totally a gadget-a-holic...where is the 12 step program for that??

try this out! I've read a lot about Unify4Life and would be really interested in seeing it work in real life!

i have been waiting to get my hands on one of these it would be amazing to be able to control everything with my crackberry!!!!!!

I've been wanting a univeral remote for a while now - ever since my expensive Logitech UR was not doing the job for me and my crappy cheap Sony UR had the unfortunate run in with my temper after one of my teams let me down. I love my Storm and this would be an incredible edition. Not to mention I would definitely brag about it to my other Blackberry user friends. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

My god I want this so bad. When I first saw this all I was thinking is
I may finally be able to go a full day just using my blackberry that would be
sweet. Now you guys have this contest. I hope I win that would rock

Being new to blackberry I am amazed at what I can get this phone to do. This would just be the iceing on the cake and make my other half even more desperate to get Blackberry than she already is. Top site and top kit.

Awesome product! I could get rid of my old remotes and not worry about changing another battery EEVVEERR!!!

this would be so awesome ,,i have so many remotes that this would just freak out my fiance' with something like this for my BB what a awesome app

I was a long time Palm Treo user and had a program to use on my TV for the Treo, and I really miss it. I recently moved over to the BB Storm and love it!! I'm now a fan of BB's. I really miss being able to use my phone for the TV controller. I want to make my friends say "I want That!"

I could really use one of these. I don't know if it's the curiosity of the BB but people are ALWAYS breaking their necks when I pull mine out! LOL

I want to win this so bad it hurts..... but im telling you i feel like a winner just being part of this site!!!! Crackberry forever!!!

I'm having my Birthday today too and im happy to share it with Crackberry. I received my first born son as a gift days ago and a AV/Shadow would be cherry so i can control everything without leaving his side!!! Haha. Plus i'll promote the HELL out of it at corporate!!! Thanks Unify4Life and Crackberry for everything.

This would be a great addition to my blackberry. I would greatly appreciate this application. Thank you in advance for chosing me.

This is a great product. I'm always losing the remote for my tv but I never lose sight of my Storm. The AV/shadow is ideal!

2/24/87 the day i was born this would be an awesome birthday gift pick me pick me lol seriously lol pick me!!!

With all the equipment I have that needs it's own remote, this would make life easy! And I'm addicted to getting new technology...gotta have it!


Well I just want start off by saying that this Storm is my first Blackberry and I love it! What would make me love it
even more is if i won this software which I can show off to family and friends:)(to show them how cool the phone could be, just because of all the hassle they gave me saying "BB's are stupid") Not to mention...I've never won anything in my life. Plus this APP would just make me LOVE the STORM even more.

The good contests keep coming; and to think, I was just looking at the application yesterday and wondering if I'm going to purchase it =P

Crackberry is the best site for blackberry users such as myself very proud storm owner and I would like this av shadow because i have alot of av gadgets in my house and would be cool to use a product like this from my storm. Thank you crackberry for all the information.

I hope I win this, because if I don't I'm sure I'll spend the money to buy one. So far, though, I can't figure out where to put the box in my living room to have a line of sight to everything. Maybe I'll hang it from the ceiling.

Ooo, me me! Pick me! :o)
Ooo, me me! Pick me! :o)
I so want to win it...cause
we have 4 remotes.
yeah buddy!
·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ ><((((º>
Happy Birthday Crackberry

my nephew has something like this on his Iphone, & drives me crazy with the things he can control with his iphone. I WANT ONE!!!! my BB can't be outdone by his phone!!!!!!

Great product! i would absolutely love this product in my home
my entire bedroom is all by remote, even my light! i have blue lights everywhere and lots of funky things :) i have the bluetooth a2dp adapter for my blackberry atm for my stereo butt it would be so cool to control my tv as well!
Then i will be fully remote controalizeddd :D

Thankss guys :)!!

I really believe that this is a must have app, have you ever lost the remote to your T.V., DVD Player, etc...? I have, but for some reason I always know exactly where my phone is...on my hip. Unify4Life would be such a great app for me because between my bedroom and living room, not to mention my showing of instructional videos at my job, I can get a lot of use out of it. If this contest goes according to how long someones been here, then I don't deserve it. However, if it goes according to who will actually use this app, well I guess I should expect to win.

This is such a cool app. I think it would go good with the surround system, blu-ray player, shaw pvr, and maybe even xbox. One remote, one solution!

I'm REALLY interested in trying this product out...I'm skeptical about the benefits/convenience justifying the price tag though.

Rest assured, if I were to win, I would test and review this product like no other!

Good luck me!

I would LOVE to have one of these. Two toddlers in the house make remotes disappear! But my wife and I always know where our blackberry is.

i thought my storm was sweet before but now i can actually do anything with it!!!! this unify4life av shadow is gonna be the sweetest thing ever!!!

After losing the remote to the DVD in our latest move, and my already uncurable Crackberry addiction, this means that I could keep my thumbs going in Messenger while advancing through our movie collection.

I fell in love with this device the first time Kevin had the video posted on this site last year. I'll be crossing my fingers behind my Curve this whole week.

Thanks again Kevin for a great contest, great site, and a great community... =)

What a ultimate gadget this would be to be able to use my BlackBerry as a phone. I could make my boyfriend so jealous that I have a better toy. ;O)

Ah man my parents stole the only two garage door openers and i have to use the stupid code opener outside the door, rain or shine, so this would be way more convinient to use then that gay door thing which doesnt work half the time!!!!

This is one of the best apps/products I have ever seen for Blackberry! Kudos to the Unify4Life team. Great job! I would love it if I could get rid of all of my remotes.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago from the CES show in Las Vegas and thought it would be a great application for my storm!

You guys just keep giving and giving which is ok
because I realy would like to have one.

My wife constantly has the remote control in our household. But, since this is a work tool, she is forbidden from touching my BlackBerry. So, that way, I could have the remote too.

I hate having a ton of remotes and well, I want this!!! :) Me me me me Mr. Cotter, Me!

Remember Horshack on Welcome Back Cotter?

Wow, I am old.. HA HA HA..

I don't know if I spelled any of those names right but you get the idea.. Just imagine Horshack saying that while asking for the remote.. Me me me Mr. Cotter.. Me!!

This is by far the best site ever made. So freaken addicted. I cant go a day without a fix. PUN INTENDED!!! LOL... No idea if I'd still have this "Storm" If it wasn't for this site. Thank you guys and keep the leaked OS-es coming

Not only are you giving us great advice and a great place to hang out and learn more about the Blackberry, you're giving us gifts!

Let's hope I win one! :)


This would go great with our new Media room. I would love to be able to steal the remote from my wife by using my phone! Very cool product.


I can't tell you how many times I've fumbled around trying to find my remote, and I miss the most important parts of shows because of this. I never lose my Storm though!

I could certainly use this device to make my life easier. Between the kids losing remotes, or simply walking off with them...yeah, this could be a wonderful tool to have with me. (Love the garage door product too...think I'll be buying one of those anyway).

I love new things! I'm checking for new stuff on my storm every day! This would be great! I was hoping it would come out for the storm sometime soon!

I love new things! I'm checking for new stuff on my storm every day! This would be great! I was hoping it would come out for the storm sometime soon!

I use one remote back and forth between two rooms because I am determined I will either find my lost remotes or I will win a fantastic contest like this one.

Remote me up.

I have a brother-in-law, that always hogs the T.V.! He either has it tooo loud and he wont turn it down, or hes texting on his cell phone (which by the way is NOT a CrackBerry) and he wont give up the remote. With this nifty little device i'd be able to change the channel, turn it down, or just turn it off! I would be 'King of the...well uh, King of the "A/V" electronics' hahaha!

I would be invincible...

and the best thing is, i wont even tell anyone i have they'll think i have magical powers!!!! Oh YEA!!!!

Rock on people of the CrackBerry!!!!!!! Best of luck to all of you!

besides controlling my A/V components, I would love to have the unify4life application to remote start my car and open the car door for me, and using the garage door opener from unify4life open the garage door, especially when my wife goes after me with a glass plate in her hand i can jump right into the car and drive off, lmao that would be a funny commercial.