Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!

Win the Ultimate BlackBerry Remote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2009 08:30 am EST

You didn't think we'd drop a video in the blogs yesterday of Unify4Life's upcoming AV|Shadow for the BlackBerry Storm and not give CrackBerry Nation a chance to win one did you?? :-)

Next up in our series of Turns 2 Years Old contests, the good great folks at Unify4Life are hooking us up with TEN AV|Shadow units to give away. This is the product that turns your BlackBerry into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to control all the AV gadgets in your house right from your Berry. SWEET!

Contest Entry: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us why you'd love to win this! Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn More: Visit to learn more about the AV|Shadow as well as their other products (gotta love Garage|Shadow!). You can also follow the links below for video and review coverage.

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Reader comments

Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!



this thing would so change my life in so many ways. I could finally get rid of the thousands of remotes sitting on the coffee table that just end up getting lost in the couch. Does anyone else ever get pissed off with the amount of time spent ripping the couch cushions off trying to find the remote? Only to find that it was actually sitting in plain sight on the coffee table right in front of you? I know I do. That's why I need this device.

Now, I've never seen, or heard of it till now. That is a MUST HAVE for my daily routine! Feel free to hit me up with one of these anytime.

I am the laziest person in the world and this would only add to my laziness and it would also piss my wife off beyond belief.

I think that it is pretty amazing what some of these products can do with these phones. NOt to mention the idea is just cool> so in that regard i would love to win.

My room mate and I both have blackberries and a nice home theatre setup. We have discussed at length either purchasing a product like this or designing one on our own. Having a blackberry controlled theater would make life easy as we will always have our ultimate remote in our pocket.

I would love one of these. It's such a pain to have a million different remotes and I always have my Blackberry with me. Sign me up, kiddies!


I have been looking for an alternative to slingbox for a while. this looks like a fun and amazing product. Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

That's a great gadget. I need one!!! Definetly.
Controlling my homecinema by my BB - great, absolutly great!!!


I just finished my dedicated home theater about a month ago and cannot find any options that include PS3 control. The AV/Shadow coupled with the Game/Shadow will fit the bill...and then they can come up with a Game/Shadow that doesn't require a USB Dongle.

Happy B-day and many more years to come Crackberry! I would love to win this because my tv remote is always getting misplaced or batteries always dying! My blackberry (crackberry) is always by my side!

Im a crackberry Addict!!! i check this site every day every hour constantly refreshing the site for news on how to make my storm the ultimate tool for me!!! this would only add to that quest!

I just just bought my first Blackberry. I love it so far. Never knew how much it could do. This would be a great addition.

I am consistently pleased by all of the thing we can do with our Blackberries! Thank you Crackberry and thank you AV/Shadow!

I need this device in my life! The power button on my tv got pushed in so when we misplace the remote it can be annoying! I never misplace my bb though.....

I'm one of those "I never win anything," guys... I swear I've entered contests to win, and someone I end up oweing!!!

lol, anyway, good luck all!!


Being in the Custom Home Installation business as an Audio/Video System Design Engineer, it would be really cool to have one of these. May even set it up at the office to demo to customers if I can part with it from my own home system.

I just think of the possibilities. At home, I'm always searching for the many remote controls that I need to operate all my electronics. My blackberry is always on my hand so I will be able to do everything with one control that is secured next to me at all times.

I also saw that you can use it with the PS3 as the keyboard. I'm planning on buying one so nothing better that using it with the PS3, I wonder if there will be a way to make it could work with the Wii???

This is one of the most kick a$$ toys that a guy could ask for both for the BB and for the home stereo... Can't wait to pop this out when the friends are over next and turn some heads... This totally beats any "smart" all in one controllers the cost 100's of dollars, and it isn't like hard core BB-ers don't ever not have their phones!!!

Can't wait to add this to the entourage!!!

Hey Crackberry,

Wow what a coincidence, i just bought a new TV 2 weeks ago and I have already lost my remote, if i win this then you will save me the liberty of buying a remote!!! Pick me! I'll actually use it! haha

PS. Happy Birthday!!

Hey, I'd love to win this for not only the convenience or cool factors, but to bring even more of my friends and family over to the world of Blackberry! How better to convince everyone who comes by to watch some Blu-rays on HD to get a Blackberry than to run the whole show with my Storm?! I really hope to get a shot at this thing!

Is there another piece of hardware that makes this work? I don't think any of the berries have a built-in IR or RF transmitter. So how does it actually talk to the AV equipment?

one way or another i am going to get my hands on one of these. I need something to control my house. only if i could get it to dim the lights i would never have to get my ass off the couch again!!!

I would definately want to win the shadow because i love the idea of have one remote. I just love all these new gadgets that are coming out now.

I think it would be fair if I received this prize. After all it is my birthday in a week so it is perfect :).

Ok, so I recently bought the Storm, and my wife is beginning to dislike my phone more and more every day because I spend so much time using it. It drives her nuts. I NEED AN EXCUSE TO HAVE THE PHONE IN MY HAND! Having the AV/Shadow unit, I would have an excuse to have it in my hand while watching tv. WHAT A PERFECT EXCUSE! So, what do you say...Can I have it?

I was just explaining how awesome this product is to my boyfriend
the other day,heh. Coincidence? I think not!
I've never won anything in my whole life and I would adore this!
Pick me!

I would love to win this so I can give up all the remotes peacefully to my wife when Im in trouble and secretly still have control over the tv and let her think otherwise.... "Yes Dear lesson learned" ;-)

Crackberry your freaking crazy with all your giveaways. Your are the number 1 site that care about their fans. Even if I don't win on this contest I would still say thank you to such a great website and community, keep it up! Thanks again.

This remote looks awesome, I would love to try it out and hopefully you can help me with that.

Man I could really use that. I have way to many remotes and most of the time I'm to lazy to find them so I find other things to do.

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Old remotes have about had it. This would be a great as a replacement.

If I were to win this contest, it would greatly forward my progress in world domination, which would lead me to total gadget domination, thus bringing all the Smokin hot babes to my house to watch caddyshack while wearing bikinis and eating bananas. Then they will mud wrestle with me in my bathtub... Ok maybe not eat bananas, but winning this would be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

this is one of the coolest things that ever happened to the world. probably right up there with fire, the wheel, and british comedy.

This thing rocks! I would love to have my blackberry control all my A/V equipment. This hands down beats any learning remote imho. I hope I win!

This is actually something I could use. I'm guessing with my luck, however, at some point when I go to pause a movie cuz I gotta whiz really bad my Storm will freeze up, again, and I'll end up digging through the drawer for the other remote while my bladder laughs at me and my girlfriend rolls her eyes. Maybe my phone will have rebooted by the time I get back to the television, but I doubt it, so I'd better leave one of my 4 remotes near by...

"OMG, stop messaging me! My favorite show is about to start!"

I have been watching this product for some time now. I would love to win one, and I would be the only person I know that has one.

Good day, I would love to have this for my wife (myself).. She is currently in surgery today and I know she would love to be able to access all the AV attachments to the TV, VCR, DVD and stereo while she will be laid up in the bed/ couch when able to lay there.. I bought my wife a BB Curve on her b-day last year and was trying to not stay off of work to assist and was trying to find an alternative. I could buy a multi-function remote control, but why do that and I can try to win this just by @ddmitting that I am an BB Thank you for letting me rant on, on, and on.... Please consider me as a winner, so I will be able to focus on the 4 kids that we have and let my wife play with a NEW TOY..... Go Crackberry dot com and Unify4Life!!! Great product!

Well the product speaks for it's self, if you have an addiction like me you would want to win too, so throw my name in the hat and let's see what happens.

Control my entertainment w/ my Storm. That's sick. Now I can be like Al w/ Ziggy. One step closer to a Quantum Leap.

I never win anything....EVER!!! I didn't even know they made something this cool. Please crackberry HOOK ME UP!!!!

I never win anything....EVER!!! I didn't even know they made something this cool. Please crackberry HOOK ME UP!!!!

i would love to have this app because my 9 month old son always has the remote and wont give it to me :~(

This site is truly fantastic. I have sent so many people here that had no idea about what al a Blackberry device can do. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Happy Birthday Crackbery! This little box could save me a ton of grief. While I don't watch too much t.v. when I do there's always the "where's the remote" thing or the fighting for control of the remote thing. This would solve that forever. My BB would become master of my A/V universe; not to mention the envy of all of my friends.

My Blackberry is always with me and I use my Blackberry for as much as I can, why not controlling my TV as well. I would love this!

I totally need one of these!!!!!!!!!! i have 7 different remotes in my living room alone!!! not to mention that i never win anything cool and this would be the coolest ;)

This is an AWESOME contest. They are great and you are even greater for providing an opportunity for us to win one!

I would love to have one of these because I usually don't know where my remote is but I Always know where my Blackberry is. It is Always Right Next to me. I'm a Berry Addict and I approve this message...

very cool app! Happy Birthday to CrackBerry! I like this app. It would be cool to have less remotes around the house. I would love to just use my storm to control the tv. Hey maybe this company could find a way for us to watch tv on the storm also. Again would love to win this and happy birthday crackberry! You are the best site for any blackberry user!

Thank you for the exciting contest! I would love to win this contest, I could use a new free toy, a new way to use my blackberry in ways I never have but always dreamed about, and I would use this, show this, and be extremely grateful! I'm crossing my fingers and clutching my Berry in anticipation!


This would be awesome to have on my Storm. I'm currently using 4 different remotes in my room. It would be great to use my phone for all of that. My Storm is already an extension of my arm, now I'd be able to use it for everthing

i had to move because of the damn recession.. i got laid off and now ive also lost my tv remote.. i refuse to sell my storm.. help me by choosing me!!!!!!!!!!!1

Awesome giveaways guys, i'd love one of these so i can get rid of the 5 remotes i already have, and use the one thing thats in my hands all the time anyway!!

Good luck to everyone!

wow I have never been apart of forums that give away as much as you guys, would love to have this seems really useful, thanks once again crackberry!

Looks like a nice product. Would love to have it ... if my entry is not too late and makes it through :-).

This is so awesome! I have so many remotes to control all my entertainment devices, this would be handy and sweet to show off at parties...

I'm obviously addicted to my Crackberry...But I'm also addicted to the rest of my electronic gadgets.

Being able to control all them from one place?!?!? I might overdose! It's all good though, because I'll be in heaven =)

I need this because i listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of videos in my spare time with family. it would be great if i could get this. especially to show off my blackberry =]


I am always looking for ways to unify my life!!! Crackberry is just what I need most of the time... now unify4life takes it to the next level! I need integration! I need Unity! I need the AV|Shadow! THanks for the contest!
You rock!