Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!

Win the Ultimate BlackBerry Remote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2009 08:30 am EST

You didn't think we'd drop a video in the blogs yesterday of Unify4Life's upcoming AV|Shadow for the BlackBerry Storm and not give CrackBerry Nation a chance to win one did you?? :-)

Next up in our series of Turns 2 Years Old contests, the good great folks at Unify4Life are hooking us up with TEN AV|Shadow units to give away. This is the product that turns your BlackBerry into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to control all the AV gadgets in your house right from your Berry. SWEET!

Contest Entry: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us why you'd love to win this! Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn More: Visit to learn more about the AV|Shadow as well as their other products (gotta love Garage|Shadow!). You can also follow the links below for video and review coverage.

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Reader comments

Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!



This would be a great addition to my storm. I'm waiting for the UPS man right now bring me my new Storm... yeeee haaaawwww...

Man, looks great. I'd love to have it. Just think of all the time it would save me. With that much time, I could be on Crackberry that much longer.

This has to be one of the best lazy gadgets I've seen in a while. Why spend a bunch of money on a fancy all in one remote when you can sit on your butt and control everything from your phone. Perfect.

Everyday I seem to always lose the remote control in my house. I would find it in all sorts of places...from under the couch, to between crevices, to who knows where.

This app is wonderful and one I would use all the time.


I just got my FIRST Blackberry yesterday and found your site. I was so impressed, I posted your home page on our employee bulletin board inside the Rhode Island State House!

Dave Barber

What's goin on my fellow crackberry addicts? I am a new blackberry owner that purchased the storm on launch day. I, like many of you, am starting to appreciate my storm more and more. This is the reason that I go to work. To buy stuff for my crackberry! (and My wife sometimes) I need this AV SHADOW so bad because my wife won't let me buy a universal remote!!!! Well a nice one atleast. I want the best universal for all my goodies. Anything less would be like throwing a self installed set of window tint from schucks onto a lamborghini. And that just aint right!! Hook me up crackberry! I frequent this site more than I am willing to profess!! You guys rock and thanks for all that you do to get the good word out for us addicts.

I have been waiting for this type of product for bb for a while it will be great to control Av sources. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

This would be a great addition to my new Blackberry Storm that I got. I am not that old in the blackberry world, but this would help in getting to know just how powerful my Blackberry really is. This would be sweet.

I love this, i always lose my remotes but never my blackberry! What a way to beat that disappearing remote control. I hope i get a chance to use and abuse this program. Thanks guys

This would be great to win so I can get rid of all my remotes and never have to leave my couch. This is the ultimate in lazy and I LOVE IT!!

That's awesome! I would use it to control my whole entertainment system. I know I could just get any old universal remote, but who needs it when you can control everything from your freaking Blackberry Storm!!!

I have been wanting one of these since they were announced last year. At least I got to finally see them in action at CES. I'd love to win one.

I think this would be awesome. Especially since it is available on the Blackberry Storm now. One more thing to make my wife's brain scream. hahaha

I am ALWAYS loosing my remote... even though I have a backup, they are always lost. But I always know where my BlackBerry is ;)

I read, with much interest, about the Unify4Life. This seems to be the answer to our "controller clutter". Our home theater system has way too many remotes. There is one for the cable box, one for the DVD, one for the VCR, one for the amplifier one for the TV. It sure would be wonderful to put all these away and just use the Unify4life device. How wonderful. No more hunting around for the remote/s to watch our favorite show or DVD. No more arguments about who had the remote last and where they left it. I always have my Blackberry Storm at my side. Now it could be the remotes as well.

This is a great idea. I always know where my Storm is but NEVER can find the flipping remote and if I can't find the remote I just have my wife call me and I know where it is then. :D

It would be awesome to have control over all the electronics in my household. Also being able to do this from my BlackBerry would take the cake. My BlackBerry never leaves my side.

I would love to win one of the AV/Shadows. Not only do I think they're cool, but I'm having surgery soon and it would make my recovery much easier and much more fun. Hook me up!

What a way to shrink four remotes into one! My Blackberry is always by my side so no looking for those remotes!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

This product seems like it is SUCH a great addition to any electronics nut. I saw the other day they also have a PS3 dongle. I wonder if they will ever get to a point where they don't need the dongle. there has to be a way to make the bluetooth register on the PS3 as a normal device right? I'm sure its fairly complicated.

I actually just moved into an apartment with friends who have all types of AV items. unfortunately they also have like 3 remotes. one of which is now broken due to spilled beverage and uninvited people. I think this would be one of those things that I'd use every day.

Man, I'd love to win this. I have so many devices in my room. If my berry was the remote for them all, it would save me a TON of headache.

This is right up my alley. I'm an installer of LiteTuch Lighting systems, with intergrates lighting with:
Data Inputs etc.

This just may be another ave to help other customers enhance their needs


Would be terrific to have one of these - my brother always stashes the remote and I could have a good time with this thing.

Count me in - Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

This would be awesome. I could take care of my AV equipment, surf the net and take my phone calls from my chair and with only one device! I think I'm in love!!!!

I saw this and thought, no that I need to get! And now their are 10 free ones up for grabs!!!!! WAY COOL! Lets do this!

This is perfect for me. I'm the laziest bastard you'll meet. Pick me and i'll make you proud, I won't move for days on end.

This is a very cool app. For whatever reason, I sometimes find myself pointing my Storm at the TV to change channels. If I had this app, I would look a lot less crazy when I do that.

This is just a comment to win the This is a well need piece of equipment that would simplify my life.

I want in. This has got to be the coolest invention. Never loose the remote again. All you have to do is call it and its found!

woot woot - i dont even know what this means but this is my first post on this site and i have been following this site for a year and love everything you guys post and was checking it ever 20 min every day pre release of my storm lol

woot woot

I would love to have this app. It is such a cool/ handy thing to have and besides since my Berry is always close by it would be an excellent must have tool/App on any Berry.

i would love to win this my kids lose the remote all the time and i would have a remote on me at all times plus this is one of the coolest apps i have ever seen

I have a Logitech Harmony remote that is always giving me fits. I'd love to win this because who wouldn't want to replace a remote for a dependable Blackberry!

So I've had a terrific job for the past few years that paid me well enough to enjoy a few luxurious electronics like a big screen tv and a surround sound system, but most of all my blackberry!

Problem is, I got laid off recently and I can't really afford to keep all my electronics and I'm tempted to start selling them off but they aren't worth enough as used items to warrant doing so. The only thing I can get decent money for is selling my blackberry and saving a little bit on my monthly plan by reverting back to the stone age on a regular phone.

I love crackberry nation and I just can't fathom life without my blackberry and my addiction to this site, so please please please award me a Unify4Life AV/Shadow to give me a reason to justify keeping my blackberry!

The girlfriend says the blackberry needs to go, but she also hates how many remotes I have. If I had the Unify4Life AV/Shadow, we could eliminate all those remotes and she'd be sure to let me keep my crackberry!

Cmon Kev!

I would like to win this because I am purchasing a house and would love to add some sweet automation to my home. Please pick me and I will love you as much as I love my CrackBerry.

This is a really cool piece of software and I'll probably buy one if I don't win. At least I never lose my cell phone, can't say that about the TV remotes.

i need this app because i have too many remotes laying around in my couch. i have to always move them from around my lap an di end up just throwing them all over teh place. but my boldberry is always by myside how i love thee BLACKBERRY

I have the Harmony One and want to see how this would compare to it. Because the One is about the best remote I have ever had, the AV|Shadow would have a lot of work to catch up.

This is the awesomest contest. i would love to have one of these. the only reason i havn't purchased on is because the wife doesn't think its a necessity at this time. i disagree. I think that anybody with a BB should have one of these. and now that it is gonna work with the storm its even better. YEAH AV|Shadow!!!!!!

This product would be great, I always already carry my barry everywhere I go so this would mean no more lost controls.

I'd love to win this. I've got 5 different remotes and would love to use only my blackberry to set everything. I've also got a PS3 and using the game controller is getting old. I love the fact that U4L are Canadian too (based out of Markham).

Why do I want to win? I use my crackberry for everything. Controlling my living room with it is appropriate. Plus, its only fitting that my crackberry would be above all other electronics in my house.

I have been waiting for this product to become available. I would love to win one since I am trying to have my Storm do as much as possible. When I'm not at work, or talking on the phone, I'm in front of my Media Center enjoying recorded TV and listening to music. I would love this app!

Its getting better,would definitly love to have the software as its really useful.



Happy 2nd Birthday Crackberry, CONGRATS! With the amount of devices I have in my home, this is a must have. Can't wait to get a hold of one! ONE LOVE!

Crackberry rocks. This'll let us fight over what to watch with the wife! I'll get my BB and she can have the old has-been remote.

This site is just better every second, really good forum and incredible prizes, what more to ask for!!

Ohh and the remote would go perfect with the 4 remotes I use.

So in my bedroom alone I have 5 remotes; TV, DirecTV box, DVD, Blu-Ray, and another to control the lighting. They're supposed to be on my bed stand but they're usually just on top of the covers or under neath them or even under my bed. It's such a hassle to have 5 different remotes that I'm thinking of getting a universal one until I saw this nifty gadget which I know would be ideal for me since I always have my BB Storm in hand. Choose me Crackberry! I need this gadget....bad!

Though my wife says I constantly have my curve in my hand this would give me a legitimate reason to keep it close!!

This is an awesome device... the only thing that is missing it is that I can't use my BB as a Wiimote. HEHEHE. That will be the top of the Jar.

Happy B-Day CB!!! You keep on keeping on... This is a gotta have!
Keep up the great work.

I've been waiting for this to come to the Storm!! It would definitely simplify my AV-filled life. And happy birthday, Crackberry!

Another great contest Kevin. Heard good things about this setup, i wonder how bid the app is and how big of a digital footprint it leaves on your BB. Would love to have one of these, would never have to put my BB down!

Just got a Bold and love it. Can't believe I've been without a BB for this long. Anything free to go with it would be even better. :)

I would love to win this so I could drive my wife crazy when she's watching her shows and the channel keeps changing for no aparent reason! Cruel but fun!

I would love to win this because I could get rid of the other ten remotes around my house. I always have my phone with me anyway.

Who would've thought simplicity was spelled BB. As a new 8330 owner,(and an IT manager), I never underestimate what a BB is capable of doing. As busy as I am, I would love to have an opportunity to own one of these to make my life simpler. Especially when it comes to quality home time. Time to toss the Harmony.