Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!

Win the Ultimate BlackBerry Remote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2009 08:30 am EST

You didn't think we'd drop a video in the blogs yesterday of Unify4Life's upcoming AV|Shadow for the BlackBerry Storm and not give CrackBerry Nation a chance to win one did you?? :-)

Next up in our series of Turns 2 Years Old contests, the good great folks at Unify4Life are hooking us up with TEN AV|Shadow units to give away. This is the product that turns your BlackBerry into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to control all the AV gadgets in your house right from your Berry. SWEET!

Contest Entry: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us why you'd love to win this! Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn More: Visit to learn more about the AV|Shadow as well as their other products (gotta love Garage|Shadow!). You can also follow the links below for video and review coverage.

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Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!



I've been trying to when any and everything on here forever and never have. So I beg you please pick me. This would be perfect for me being that I always have my storm handy and the tv insight. This would be the perfect tool to complete my crack addiction. Thanks

This has got 2b the greatest invention for the BlackBerry Ive seen yet!!!! Do you have any idea how many times I grab my berry 2 change the channel???? Jebus!!!! Im tired of all my friends laughing @ me trying to change the channel with my BB....I'd never have 2 hear " Hey Mark, think ya could make me a sandwich with that thing while yur at it?!" Its gettin embarrassing!!! LOL

This wld b amazing!!!! Plus it wld cut down on the 6-7 different remotes Ive got laying around my living room!!! Then I'd only have 1 remote to worry about losing, and since my Berry is literally attached 2 my hip 24/7 I wldnt end up finding it in my refridgarator!!! LOL Anyhow, PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH 1 OF THESE!!!!! Spare me the embarrassment of another frozen remote! :P

Being both a Crackberry addict and an A/V junkie, I need to have this awesome gadget! My life will be incomplete without it. Please, please, please!!

This would be great. Hopefully it works with my samsung plasma. The Comcast universal remote somehow doesn't seem to work. This will let me throw away my remotes and only keep my bberry, which I'd never throw away.

Crackberry happy birthday, you guys rock. this is the place to go for all things bberry and beyond. keep it up guys.

What a compliment this would be to my BB. A boy and his collection of gadgets would give bragging rights to have this!

Of course I should win....I am the ULTIMATE FAN of Blackberry, hence any device that would enhance it's already spectacular abilities, should be MINE!!!!!

One remote to rule them all, one remote to find them, one remote to bring them all, and in Unity4life bind them.

... in the land CrackBerry of where the AV/Shadows lie

Wow! I can finally recycle all of those remotes lying around that I never figured out how to use...if I win...What an awesome product! I would be most grateful...

I never know what to say to make my comments standout over everyone elses so they pick mine maybe this will work though...


Well its Simple.
1 Panasonic TV
3 Sony Tv's
1 Motorola DVR
3 Motorola Settop Boxes
1 Onkyo Reciever
2 Sony Blueray's
1 Sony DVD
1 Macbook Pro
1 Dell XPS
14 Remotes all over the house its time to consolidate.
BTW, Happy 2nd Bday

I have everything from my computer to a plain old dvd player hooked up into my tv why not be able to control it from my Storm!

This would be very cool to have since my wife does not like to let go of the tv remote. I can have my own remote and change the channel to my shows and she would be wondering what was going on.

My BB already does everything I need it to do except control my home AV..So please, please let me win this so I can check off that one last thing on my list of things a BB should be able to do!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this on my Storm. This is one of the coolest things you can possibly have for your blackberry and I can't believe you guys are giving it away!! Please pick me. I want to make all my friends jealous...

This is the slickest piece of AV integration I have seen in a long time. This is the key piece of hardware for me to be the Blackberry MacGruber...or MacGyver. Oh sweet Crackberry gods hear my prayer.

I need this app!!! Any ideas on how much it will cost for those of us that aren't ever lucky enough to win anything?

I want to be Unified4Life. I hope I win... all the remotes at home are worn out. The GF thinks I spend too much time on the 'Berry now... what will she think when I can channel surf with it on Sunday?!?!

I'm thinking about getting metal's a risky operation but it'll be totally worth it. To go with my metal legs I think a Unity4Life would be a great accessory. Won't ya please help out a half man half robutt?

I can never find the remote, but the upside is my blackberry never leaves my side! The BlackBerry is so universal so why not give me another thing for me to brag about when my iPhone friends are around!

Wow all these great contests are awesome. I am so glad I get to share my birthday with crackberry! This looks like an amazing app for the storm.

I need this because my old pocketpc ipaq had this capability and it suckkkkkss. I cannot wait to get my hands on this guy.

I think the concept for this device is outstanding, I would buy this over the Logitech Harmony series of remotes any day. I am also very intrigued by the garage door opener which I plan to buy once it becomes available. I'm also looking forward to seeing the device that could control my HVAC!!! Keep up the great work.

How cool would this be to get a gift FROM you on your birthday! And what an awesome app!!

Pick me :-)


How could you not want to win this? I thuoght my BB had already made my life more convenient, but if i win this I'll probably just live on my couch ;)

This is why I love Not only do you get help (thanks everyone!) but the contests are awesome!

I am buying a house and I think this would
be a nice feature to have for when I move in. That an I have wanted this program for awhile now but have been saving up for the downpayment on the house. That an I haven't won anything from cb yet. Now would be a good time to get lucky.

This would totally rock! I could finally get rid of my multiple remotes. I'd even buy a new garage door opener if I won this!! :)

This devise looks awesome. I paid nearly $350 for a Logitech universal remote and then paid an additional $50 to have it programmed.

It would be nice to have just one device for everything.

I need me one of these badboys. I saw the company's products in action at CES, and I've been interested since.

Hook me up!


What a week! I have a minimum of 3 remotes kicking around on my coffee table at all times. How sweet would it be to control everything with my BB???? Happy Birthday to the best BB site ever!

I want to win this because I just bought my first blackberry and I want to a junkie like the rest of you. Thanks!!!!

This would be a great thing to win. Both contest look great!!!! i would like to have the phone you all are giving up but this would be a GREAT addition to my current 8310!!!!!!!

This thing is amazing. The best thing about it is how I recently broke my TV remote so I have to walk over and press the buttons myself :( Plus my TV, satellite box and DVD player are all in the same place. This is the stuff dreams are made of! I love you guys :]

This thing is amazing. The best thing about it is how I recently broke my TV remote so I have to walk over and press the buttons myself :( Plus my TV, satellite box and DVD player are all in the same place. This is the stuff dreams are made of! I love you guys :]

The "Terrible Two's" for Crackberry really aren't so terrible at all! I think as far as CB goes we should call it the "Terrific Two's" :)

Definitely have to love a site that gives out free stuff for THEIR birthday. As with probably the other 574 people that have posted a comment (probably about 20 more since typing this), im a tech junkie and what better way to get rid of all those stupid remotes in the house then to get it all in one right on your BlackBerry. The people that think of this stuff are geniuses.

My TV is so close and yet so far away...
And I can't get all of my TV programs on my Storm (yet)

This would be the ultimate keystone to my first ever complete entertainment system. I have too many damn remotes now and am in serious need of a geeky universal replacement. To hell with harmony remotes. I don't intend on losing my BB any time soon.

It would be great to have this to not only have less remotes to worry about, but more importantly to play tricks on other people. I would love to set up the remote for my friends' televisions and start changing the channels and freaking them out. Oh the fun I would have.

The unify4life looks to be a very useful product. How I wish I didn't have to juggle several remotes to turn on the tv, change channels, work the dvd, play music ect.

So many contests & GREAT prizes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY just doesn't cover the praise you deserve.

It was just my birthday last week! I hope I get one of these! I love my new Storm and have been taking it to the max with my first-time custom themes, etc! Thank you for the opportunity!

Crackberry is the best they are always giving aways good to the loyal "crackheads". I can never find my remote, but i always put my storm in the same place. Happy birthday crackberry.

With a Unify4Life AV|Shadow BlackBerry Remote I would have to add to my AV components since I wouldn't have to keep up with more remotes. I would definately show this product off to everyone who comes over to party and watch movies.

Looks like a great product and with my Blackberry always with me I would never have to look for the remote!

How awesome would it be to just laze back, pick up your phone as though you're texting, and change the channel in front of friends?
The Blackberry is already a multi-purpose tool, and now it can control your TV!

That's why I want it... XD

having something like this would be a dream come true. with the amount of A/V stuff i have i was considering getting the harmony remote but this could replace that for me.

I like it because it is very convenient to have something like that and also it is very cool way to handle your AVs

Winning this contest and that phone is possibly the only the only thing standing between me and possible divorce. You see, I just bought my first BlackBerry -a 9530 Storm- and I'm getting married in April. Well, as you know, these things -BlackBerrys- can get very addicting and I have fallen prey to the sleek design and the high function abilities of this device which I can only surmise was invented by the devil himself. But I digress. Anyway...I told my soon to be bride that at this point, if given the choice of her or my BlackBerry, I just might have to choose the BlackBerry. I think the solution is to get HER a BlackBerry so she can see how addicting it is. Unfortunately, with the wedding and the honeymoon and our eventual move into a new place, things are tight on our end. save this marriage by choosing me as the winner so I can give my fiancee her very own piece of bliss.

New 50" LCD HDTV - $1500
New Surround Sound System - $900
New Blueray Player - $400
New HD Cable service - $60/month
Able to get rid of 4 different remotes with Unify4Life - PRICELE$$

Read about these and they sound awesome... it would be great to get rid of all those remotes lying around. Great idea and thanks to CB for the contest.

Ok... so here's the blatant reason(s) I need to win. LOL

(1) I'm always misplacing remotes in my house, or my 5 year old hides them, but I always have my Blackberry that would save me from missing the first part of my shows!

(2) I am a tech guy, but don't have a lot of the fancy tech stuff like a lot of my co-workers. I would be the envy of the office with one of these SWEET new gadgets!

So please.. hear my cry and let me win! :)

Oh.. and Crackberry is the greatest site on the 'net too!

All in one remote? I don't know how I'd make it through the day without losing a remote... if only they could do the same for my car keys...

Hello and happy Anniversary / Birthday to my fellow Crackberry friends...
May you always get your fill of the Crack...
Where would we be without our BB phones... likely walking the streets aimlessly playing with our joysticks!
I look forward to many more years of addictive info-rama from! Thanks Gang!

Thats a nice Thing!
I can throw my remotes out of the Window with that AV Shadow. Great! :D


Wow What a birthday celebration. It would be great to win this one. I always know where by Blackberry is, but I can never seem to find that remote!

Woooow. This might be the greatest thing ever. I need to win this. I am on all day and with all the money i lose at work i think i deserve this. lol please

who would not one of these and finally get rid of everything but my blackberry. Even more reason and excuse to have my blackberry with me even more now. Thank you once again Crackberry and Unify4Life...

I could really use this to control all the new HD equipment I have now. I hate having all those remotes. And I always have my storm right there so this will work great.

A product that would allow you to only need your BB. Who could ask for anything more. Sign me up!


Happy Birthday crackberry and good luck to all berry fienes for supporting the site gadgets gotta have it would be so nice to show off (*_*)

I am a new blackberry user, decided to get it to help me with blogging, and this is something that blew my mind. Its as if more and more things pop up as I go along. This is absolutely the best thing that I have seen, it possibly rivals sliced bread, at least it does in my book. Great job guys. Keep them coming!

Well I my computer is upstairs in my loft this would be perfect to allow me to control everything downstairs while I can still sit surfing this site all day long!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course while still keeping my precious storm close to me.

This is a great contest!!! I really really really need this because i have like 20 remotes and i am too broke to pay for this app!!!!! OH and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!!

i would love to win this , because me and my kids always lose our remote, but i will never lose my Blackberry.

Oh wow.... This actually has me more excited than the Curve 8900 (Since I already own a Storm).
I really wish I could win this!!

Well my computer is upstairs in my loft this would be perfect to allow me to control everything downstairs while I can still sit surfing this site all day long!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course while still keeping my precious storm close to me.

Now instead of having to hold my berry in one hand and my tv remote in the other, I will be able to do everything with my BB. Now it will never leave my side.

It would be great to have this as a tool for work as i install home theaters and then to take it home and not have to worry about the remote great!

My buddy was showing off his iTunes remote on his new iPhone, I would LOVE to show him up with the Unify4Life!!! Its a great device with a great purpose!!


This looks like a brilliant little gadget and I would love to win to try it out for myself as I have heard mixed reviews and would love to be able to see the gadget for myself.

I want my BlackBerry to run my car locks, work as a video game controller, a computer mouse and an electric razor.

For now, this is pretty awesome and will be the envy of all my friends. It would certainly clear up the clutter of remotes on my coffee table too.

Well for Christmas I bought an LG Universal controller for my house and had to return it because it just didn't work. It made all sorts of promises and didn't deliver on any.

I would love the opportunity to sit next to my buddies, eh em brothers, eh em iPhone lovers in my living room home theater and,

bring down the lights,
turn on the Blu Ray,
raise the volume on the Bose all from my seat...
Blackberry Storm in Hand!!!!

"Oh are you gents a little cold? Here let me raise the temperature in the room"

and then I'll just hit play as they drool in their seats playing with their Light saber app LOL.

This epitomizes the versatility of the Blackberry. I need one of these.

Maybe a remote starter for cars is also in the works? Garage door opener?

This is exciting.

I can imagine it now..."Here honey, you can have the remote tonight...pick what you want.....PSYCH!!!" (that was 80's talk for "I'm actually tricking you right now, and there's nothing you can do about it."

The reason I would like one of these is due to the fact that I am just so stinkin' lazy and not having to get up to control anything would be just perfect for my non-motivated lifestyle. :)

I want one I want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want oneI want one
and oh btw, I want one

What's goin on my fellow crackberry addicts? I am a new blackberry owner that purchased the storm on launch day. I, like many of you, am starting to appreciate my storm more and more. This is the reason that I go to work. To buy stuff for my crackberry! (and My wife sometimes) I need this AV SHADOW so bad because my wife won't let me buy a universal remote!!!! Well a nice one atleast. I want the best universal for all my goodies. Anything less would be like throwing a self installed set of window tint from schucks onto a lamborghini. And that just aint right!! Hook me up crackberry! I frequent this site more than I am willing to profess!! You guys rock and thanks for all that you do to get the good word out for us addicts.

Can't wait to have this optimized solution replace my half-baked VNC (using Rove Mobile Desktop on my blackberry and RealVNC server on my media center PC) based media center remote control solution.
Unify4Life looks like a much better solution.

What other reason do you need other than, " It's just damn cool, Crack cool... You dig!

Got some new gear over the holidays and this would be a great addition.

Happy Birthday to you!


The AV | Shadow looks amazing! I've just gotten myself a Storm, and that rocks as it is (OS updates and all)... so I'd kill to get my hands on an AV | Shadow unit.

I'm down in sunny South Africa, and I'm always looking for a way to get on the edge of technophilia, and I'm pretty sure I can drive around with a megaphone bragging if I had one of these!