Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!

Win the Ultimate BlackBerry Remote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2009 08:30 am EST

You didn't think we'd drop a video in the blogs yesterday of Unify4Life's upcoming AV|Shadow for the BlackBerry Storm and not give CrackBerry Nation a chance to win one did you?? :-)

Next up in our series of Turns 2 Years Old contests, the good great folks at Unify4Life are hooking us up with TEN AV|Shadow units to give away. This is the product that turns your BlackBerry into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to control all the AV gadgets in your house right from your Berry. SWEET!

Contest Entry: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us why you'd love to win this! Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn More: Visit to learn more about the AV|Shadow as well as their other products (gotta love Garage|Shadow!). You can also follow the links below for video and review coverage.

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Reader comments

Birthday Contest: Win a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote!



Can never find a remote but my Berry is always close by. This would be and excellent addition to my av rack.

another great contest from the unify4life is a awesome thing to have. and so much better then the other remotes and i will never lose myine again. and of course HAPPTY BIRTHDAY

This looks like it would be a great product. Shouldnt everyone have one of these? Great post crackberry!

I'm a brand new Crackberry addict and thought my mind couldn't be more blown till now ! Gotta have this !!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!~~~and many more~~~
I would love to win the Unify4life app.
If it's free, it's me.

So that I don't have to stand up and fetch all the remotes for the wife everytime she wants them.

I have 12 remotes!!!
My girlfriend has to sit 2 feet away so I can use my A/V devices!
This is ruinning my relationship!!!
I need one desperately..

I am new to BB and I had no idea the type of apps that were available. It has changed my life and this is just another example of a complete awesome application that I am going to have on my Storm!

I'm so excited to get this type of technology into my hands. I have three kids at home, and the only thing I can really count on is that my at least one of my remotes is going to be missing on any given day.
I just recently purchased my first of many bluetooth home automation products. Only yesterday, I contacted this company about the Grage Shadow product. This will be another one of my purchases as soon as it becomes available. I hope that many more are on the way.

I would love this not only for the functions but to also mess with my teenagers, they would never know why the channels keep changing when they have the remote in their hands... oh the fun this will be when I win !!

Thanks crackberry !!

This would be an awesome thing to have. My life is filled with remotes, so why not make my most prized possession my universal remote...

With a housefull of co-workers for a party at the end of March, this would be a great show-off gadget -- (and I'd be showing it off to a bunch of BB users who may want to buy their own)

I know this might sound old, but I've never won a contest before. Entered alot of them, but have never won, so this would be nice.

Wow, now I could really be lazy. Got to love using your phone for everything. My Harmony remote just isn't doing the job. I would love to use my BB instead. Can't go wrong with

I am a tv and home theater nut and let's face it . . . I have too many remotes. My wife constantly makes fun of me as I hord them all by my side while I watch television, movies, and even when I am rocking out guitar hero on my PS3. Not only would this be a most excellent addition to my a/v setup, it would make some room for my wife to sit next to me on the couch (it's been a while).

Now when I win that 8900 from the other contest, I'll have a nice app to put on it!!! Unless the Storm version gets completed, then I'll have a choice to make. MORE CONTESTS!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No longer will I have to put the berry down to change channels. BB withdrawal will be a thing of the past. :)

(This does sound really cool.)

I never find a remote, but my storm is always by my side. I would to get the garage door opener. Great way to promote these great apps and blackberries.

The whole fact that I can simplify my life with one device to control everything is so sweet. I know I am looking forward to the garage door opener as well. no more looking around for my remote either with this product! I Always know where my phone is :)

I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be able to power on my PS3 with a remote control, and I think this little guy can do it for me. So if leaving a comment is all it takes to hook me up, then consider it done. Viva AV|Shadow, and viva CrackBerry!

Another great contest for your birthday? Gotta love it when people give away things for their birthdays. Thanks to all the sponsors!

Please, someone think of the lazy people. The lazy crackberry's who can never find the remote, but the berry is in hand already. One of them is me.

The Storm is my very first blackberry, and i have been hooked on finding every single way to show my wife how much superior it is to her iphone. I was telling her about this device last night, and her jaw was on the floor just saying thats so cool. Pick "This Guy" please

I love this application. I need this application. I must win this application. Pull my name out of the hat please.


This is prime example of why CrackBerry is the best BlackBerry website on the web!

The unify4life shadow would certainly make life a lot easier! Truly awesome!

Too many TV's, DVD players, Stereos, etc in my house - would love to have this to control everything from my BB. Since it's always close at hand. (unlike all the other remotes)

Girlfriend's b-day is today and spent 7 hours decorating a cake?? Yup...but it's worth it. My good karma will hopefully help me win this prize, espcially after she game me a sweater and a shirt for my b-day!! BORING!! Come on Crackberry...make my girlfriend jealous!!

Wow this thing is a really good idea. I would LOVE to have one of these to control all of my components in my room. It would make it easy for me to take this to other peoples houses too and show it off. Maybe get them to get one too!

I would love to be able to use this for my tv or garage, etc. the possibilities would be awesome.

I think this would be fun to mess with your husband/wife/bf/gf. Keep changing the channel at the important part of the show, then just look at them with, "what are you doing?" "Stop changing the channel"

I think this would be fun to mess with your husband/wife/bf/gf. Keep changing the channel at the important part of the show, then just look at them with, "what are you doing?" "Stop changing the channel"

This would be a life saver for me! I always have my blackberry but sometimes can never find the remote! I hope it win!

I have to admit, when I bought my first BlackBerry 2 months ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. This site along with all of the amazing things a BlackBerry can do is just awesome. To be able to control my TV from my phone would be the best thing ever. I can never seem to find my remote...but my BlackBerry never leaves my side.

Oh yes I want this device... Unity4Life "The only remote you'll never loose" why because you are so addicted you can't put it down. :)

This would be the ultimate Birthday present!!! Been stressed out and overworked trying to make ends meet finishing up college as well as working job on top of it... Haven't had any time to relax and do anything for myself in awhile and knowing that I won't be able to celebrate or do anything at all for my birthday (coming up in a few days)is depressing .. So winning this contest would be the ULTIMATE surprise / present and I would be forever grateful.


Happy Birthday, one of the best sites out there. I know I am on here everyday learning something new to do with my Storm. I have seen the videos for UNIFY4LIFE, and would love to win this one.


My storm is the only thing my 4 year old doesn't touch, thankfully DTV remotes are everywhere on ebay! would also be nice to use my Bberry to change the channel from "Soap Network" when the wife isn't looking :-)

Yay happy birthday cbb!! this would be so perfect for me since I would rather use my bb to do every thing hehe

This is one of the coolest gadgets I have been read about this year. Using my blackberry to control all my stuff. Just sweet cant wait.. pick me pick me :)

That is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen all day... granted the day just started and the 8900 give away would still be my top choice :D

This this looks sweet. My birthday is on Mar. 8th and would make a great birthday present for me. Thanks Crackberry for keeping us up to date with the all things Blackberry.

I think it would be cool to be able to use my Storm to change channels! Pick me! me! me! me! :)


I'm a couch potatoe, and this device would make my life soooo much easier. My wife is always nagging me to run in the other room to make sure I have our TiVo recording her favorate show while she watches her second favorate show in the room I'm in. With one of these I can do 2 of my favorate things at once. Play with my BB and not move, all at the same time!!!

I think I have room for one remote!!! I sure would love to get my hands on this. Happy 2nd! Birthday Crackberry! Looing forward to another great year!

thats nice!i can never find the remote, never, i dont care if i had a NCIS search party , so this would be a life saver from a already busy schedule...i love CrackBerry,, happy birthday too, 2 years of Greatness.

I think this is a great idea. Ever since I read about this I have been telling everyone I know to keep there eyes open. I would love to win this because this would make my life so much easier and I could show all the people I have told this to so they could see what a great piece of equipment this is!

maybe (most likely) i wont wi the colorware curve but this would also soo be nice to win..havent beeb on this site to long but its help me know just about everything about my beloved (storm).

This is definitely one of the neatest things to come to the BB world. I love the idea of using the BB as a remote. It's great to take all of those remotes and put them into the BB - something not easily lost! :-)

This would be a great application since my two young kids are constantly losing the tv remote. I won't have to look all over the house anymore.

I was actually going to buy a new universal remote but would love to have this capability through my Storm, would make life so much easier.

With the new digital switch taking place and me not having a digital tv here in my office, number of remotes laying around have grown out of hand. It would be Sweet to only need my Curve laying on my desk and get rid of the other 2 remotes.

I'd want to win this so my brother will stop showing me his iPhone remote saying, "Can your Blackberry do this?"

I've read about their gragage door opener and thought my car already does that, but this thing would be great for me! I have always wanted one of those Harmony all-in-one remotes but seem too expensive for what they do. This would work perfect because I keep my Storm with me all the time, even when watching TV. Thanks for hooking us up with the chance to win the CB & Unify! Happy B-Day CB!

If I won this app. this would make me the king of the castle, the bomb digity dawg and the coolest guy all around. This would be the sweetest application due to the abilities it holds. Please Please Please choose me!!!!

This looks awesome! I'd never lose my remote again. The quality of your prize giveaways never ceases to amaze me!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Crackberry!!!!!!

Would love to win this. I hate having 10 different remotes laying around the house and never being able to find the right one.

that's as good a reason as any right? ok, so technically my birthday is tomorrow (the 25th), but close enough...I wants b-day present!!! :)

i truly love this site, and i am constantly checking it on my comp and on bold.
dont know what i would have done when i got my first blackberry 2 months ago.
i would love to add this app.

pick me!

I would love to have this product. After watching the demo I felt like I needed it because I already have two remotes for my TV and Im still searching for them lol. Unify4life would be a huge help!

Happy Birthday Crackberry. Just what I wanted for your birthday present to me is a universal remote. I have the unit (Storm), just need the software (unify4life)

This would take my storm to the next level. Having 2 kids this would be perfect to be able to come home and my garage door open without having to push any buttons leaving my hands free. The remote control feature for the TV is great as well because anyone with kids knows the remote can never be found, but your blackberry is always on you.

Omg! I'd love to win this!! Simply because I have like 20 remotes and I'm always losing them. Whether it be in the freezer, under the couch, in the cupboard behind a box of cereal you name it. But I ALWAYS know where my berry is lol.

i would love to win this because i am a busy pastor plus a crackberry addict and when i am on the road this would be a great tool to have with me. and also i am getting other bb pastors to tune in to thi site. keep up the great work.

i just recently got the bold, my first blackberry.
I was totally missing out this phone is awsome. I was planning on getting a logitech remote when i came across this av/shadow on your site sounds pretty interesting.
Something i would definitely try. I've never heard of unify 4life before, but if it delivers what it's promising.
Will be checking out the demo and their website.

I would love to win one of these because I have three kids and they are always losing my TV remotes, this way when I came home I wouldn't have to waste time looking for the remote and could get right down to watching TV and reading CrackBerry!!! Thank you for your consideration and a great site!

This website is the best. You guys sure know how to keep us happy. Keep up the good work and the contests.

Sahid Saucedo??? No jodas!!!jajaja soy Javi Rayos, me quedo muerto encontrandote en un comentario de crackberry XDDDDD

I would love to have a Unify4life remote cuz I'd love to shrink everything down to one phone instead of a phone AND all my remotes! THANK YOU CB!!!

Why do I want one? it's part of my master plan to control the world. How else am I suppose to control the T-101 at Syberdine.

Man I'd love to win this AV/Shadow for Storm. I am always losing my dish network remote as well as my ps3 remote but I always have my blackberry storm with me so all the troubles in my life would disappear if i were to win this. So how bout it? pick me, please!

Wow, why would I want to win this? Who wouldn't want to be able to control everything from their Berry. It would complete my Home Theater setup wonderfully, and would make me more of a Crackberry addict. Need I say more?

A bigger house with more to look after, (I mean remotes!!) this could satisfy all of that, just with a box!? I'm game.

I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to change the channel or control the volume with my BB. I would love to get my hands on this product. Thanks for the chance.

I'd LOVE to win this! It'd be the perfect thing--one more facet of my life for the Blackberry to control...

These unify4life products look amazing. They could totally revolutionize how I live my life. I would really love to try it out.

Opening my garage with my blackberrry? What will I be able to do next? Make coffee? I think I'd be in heaven then.

See, Now you have went a given me another reason to keep my BlackBerry in my hand while watching TV. My wife doesnt understand. "Why do you always have that in your hand" Because sweetie, Its my remote! Plus I am saving batteries too, This remote is rechargable plus I can passcode protect it and you cant use it!!!

Please, may I have one.....
Thats all I ask is for one......