BDay Contest: Win a Coveroo for your Berry... 10 to be Won!

Birthday Contest: Win a Coveroo for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2009 10:38 am EST

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Today is the BIG DAY! We are officially two years old! Don't worry, the partying won't stop until the week is done - we still have a bunch of giveaways and contests and sales to run on the blogs over the next few days... what a week! To make sure you don't miss any of the festivities, just click into the Site Stuff category in the blogs.

CrackBerry Turns Two Win a Coveroo Contest!

If you want to personalize your BlackBerry, Coveroo has to be one of the best options out there. Considering you get a whole new battery cover out of the deal, the Coveroo service is affordable and unique. When you visit their website you can choose from a big assortment of original and officially licensed designs, or you can opt for the custom service and get something truly unique (check out my CrackBerry Kevin one here for as an example). Coveroo also let us know that this coming Monday they are going to make a BIG announcement... a whole new way to bring luxury to your Bold or Curve. Could be makings of another contest! :)

To enter for your chance to win one of ten Coveroos (you pick the one you want for your device), just login to and leave a comment to this post! Entry closes this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!!

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BDay Contest: Win a Coveroo for your Berry... 10 to be Won!




Happy birthday. Thanks for a wonderful site. I recommend it to all our Blackbery users. Much continued success in the years to come.


I'm working for a Rogers cellphones Dealer. I Love my Blackberry and i'm using my bold to sell them.

When customer ask me where they can download things, i always put in their favorites in the BB browser.

I'm using Crackberry Viigo app to see new posts ans draw.
I Want to give a personnal touch to my blackberry.

Please give me one coveroo.

Thanx in advance cauz i know i'm gonna win ;-) AND HappY Birthday

I've never heard of Coveroo before, but looks like they make some pretty cool stuff! Any Berry would be proud to sport those duds!

I am new to this site as I just made the commitment to BlackBerry. This site is great with all of the accessories, software, etc.

Happy B-Day, CrackBerry!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! This site is awesome. I have told all my friends about it. Thanks for a chance to win.

I have learned a great deal from this site. It is a great source of information for folks that need to know...

Another give away... damn how do you stay in business?

But I need a cover for my storm... something that is nice!

Looking at has always been informative and just plain fun.
Now that I have a New 8310 Curve I know that a Coveroo would let me know that I have arrived as a true Blackberry addict.

I love that you are here! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't get my blackberry fixes :o}}}. Please give me my Coverooooooo!!!!

hip hop
here I shop
around the block at

love ya bunches!

What a great site! I found out about you guys a week or so ago and I look forward to doing business with you. ME

Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to check out all the contests you have in store for us. The coveroo looks great. I have a ucurve and this would just make my phone the envy at work. Im on this site every minute at work soaking up all the knowledge i can.

OMG those coveroos are so awesome... I would love to have the starburst yin yang one. PICK ME!!! my Storm would love it!!!

I would love to win one of these and I have the perfect logo design in mind. But I am sure I am one of the thousands so good luck with that. It's a great way to personalize the look of a great looking device.

Happy Birthday Crackberry! So many great contests and giveaways. This cover looks really cool!

What Candle do I have to blow to get a Coveroo around here...?

I'd love a Coveroo.Question is would a Coveroo love me...?

Happy Birthday Crackberry Kevin!

What Candle do I have to blow to get a Coveroo around here...?

I'd love a Coveroo.Question is would a Coveroo love me...?

Happy Birthday Crackberry Kevin!

This would be so perfect for my NEW BLACKBERRY Curve! I should win, I'll make this a easy choice, ME. PICK ME PLEASE!!!

Happy happy happy birthday! The site is always fun, informative and has so much to offer. Keep it up!

These are neat. I would love to see these up close. I've been on the website and they have a nice startup collection. I'm going to have to get one, just not sure what I want, it's gotta be custom!

Happy 2nd Birthday! Your site is always full of helpful and fun tools that make our crackberry even better! Keep up the good work and enjoy your birthday!!!


How cool is this giveaway? Wow, two years and until i purchased my curve i knew nothing about this site. Now i can't seem to pry myself off. The coveroo looks so nice and would be great to have to show off at work and show all the things that you may win if you would just sign up to be a member of

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!! Congratulations on turning two years old! That is awesome! I want to tell you that this is a great website and very useful! As a fairly new BlackBerry owner/user (I bought the Storm in December)I find this website to be very helpfull to me! I am glad this site is here for me and all other BlackBerry owners!! And yes like other BlackBerry owners, I have become addicted to mine! Happy Second Birthday CrackBerry!!!!!

Looks great, love the leather-like look. Been looking for a user friendly hard case...gotta check these out further

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!

These look very interesting, and I'm currently browsing the website in investigation. I love the ability to customize and have your own artwork on the unit. What a perfect personalization!

This would be an awesome prize to win since I could change between the OEM black cover and a different colored cover depending on what I am wearing. Besides the Crackberry logo would allow me to publicly display my addition.
I hope to be picked as one of the winners.
Happy Birthday once again Crackberry. Thanks for being there to solve my problems.

This is really an awesome idea for the customization of our Blackberrys. The idea of putting something on your phone that is special to you is a great idea. I can't wait so see what they ofer. Thank you Coveroo!!

Never knew about this company, awsome stuff...!

I'd take one for my Storm or Bold... :) It would be cool if the design was inscribed on the Storm.

Good luck to me... :)

This is the first site I visit now for Crackberry info!

Sorry -- not trying to cheat -- I thought my earlier comment failed to post!

I lost the last give away for a Coveroo so put another shrimp on the barbie and gimmie this Coveroo!! Cheers ;>)