BDay Contest: Win a Coveroo for your Berry... 10 to be Won!

Birthday Contest: Win a Coveroo for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2009 10:38 am EST

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Today is the BIG DAY! We are officially two years old! Don't worry, the partying won't stop until the week is done - we still have a bunch of giveaways and contests and sales to run on the blogs over the next few days... what a week! To make sure you don't miss any of the festivities, just click into the Site Stuff category in the blogs.

CrackBerry Turns Two Win a Coveroo Contest!

If you want to personalize your BlackBerry, Coveroo has to be one of the best options out there. Considering you get a whole new battery cover out of the deal, the Coveroo service is affordable and unique. When you visit their website you can choose from a big assortment of original and officially licensed designs, or you can opt for the custom service and get something truly unique (check out my CrackBerry Kevin one here for as an example). Coveroo also let us know that this coming Monday they are going to make a BIG announcement... a whole new way to bring luxury to your Bold or Curve. Could be makings of another contest! :)

To enter for your chance to win one of ten Coveroos (you pick the one you want for your device), just login to and leave a comment to this post! Entry closes this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!!

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BDay Contest: Win a Coveroo for your Berry... 10 to be Won!



Happy Bday, and hope you have so many more. I would love a coveroo with Crackberry on it, you would not believe how many people see my phone, and it would be a great advertisement for you too! But seriously, I would love to have a coveroo adorn my phone and show a little more of my personality and my passion for my Blackberry!

Ok, Coveroo, Carry on mates!

I just love, and this would be a great advertisement of it on my blackberry. Happy 2nd birthday, Crackberry!

Kevin, you did a service to humanity when you made this site! I love your Coveroo! Thats exactly what I need for my Bold to show my CB love :)

If I wanted to kiss a**, a crackberry one would be AWESOME. If I wanted a custom, a lakers one would be REALLY cool. If I wanted a pre-made one, the Obama one would be nice.

Seeing that this my Birthday (March 1st),this would make a great birthday present. Happy Birthday Crackberry.

This is a great idea, especially when one realizes how easy it is to drop the Storm and damage the original cover.

Your website is the first website that I can get on when I wake up in the morning. I reach to the right of me...pick up my BB...check my messages...then head straight to this site. Pick me for a coveroo.

Stuff we all get - Micheal Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

These Coveroos are so cool. I'd love to be able to rock one on my phone... as if I don't already get enough questions as a Storm owner!

coveroos are pretty cool, because they would keep all
blackberry's in our house assigned to their rightful owner,
instead up picking up the wrong one, oops!

I'm always looking for ways to "cool up" my Javelin. This would be an awesome bday gift for me! (it's my bday this week)

As a new BlackBerry user, Crackberry has been extraordinarily valuable to getting me to use my device to it's full potential .. including helping me select the best apps and accessories out there! Thanks so much and Happy Anniversary!

Ok one more time to enter these contests,,,,,, PLEASE LET ME WIN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh! I've been wanting a COVEROO!!
Dearest Crackberry,
Please select me to recieve a free Coveroo- I wrote this poem hoping I can convince you in doing so.

"Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want a coveroo, and Crackberry- I love you!"

Thank you for your time.


like to walk around with a new back on my phone. It would just make it stand out that much more as I don't use a phone cover or anything so outside of the case the phone is always exposed.

This is the best site for news, reviews and how to's. Here's to many more years or service.
Happy Birthday

Thanks for all the great deals that yall have for CrackBerry and BlackBerry users/abusers. I think the coveroos rock in the functionality and design. Thanks again for making BlackBerries more personal.

Larch Taylor

I would love to win the coveroo. I know this is just what I need to protect my BlackBerry. That I love.Please pick me1

Happy Birthday It is the most used website I have ever seen, and what better to make it more worth while than to win a Coveroo for my Blackberry Curve. That would make a GREAT ending to a GREAT week.

HBD Crackberry! I have been frequenting this site for about a year now, and I have gone through three Blackberries since I got my first Pearl three years ago. I hope I win this Coveroo so everyone can see that I am really a crackberry addict.

this is soooo cool ive been trying to find this some were and now look! its on crackberry! lol wow another thing saved by the brilliance of crackberry lol
hope i win :]

I've spent many hours glaring in intense envy at the crackberry coveroos and would love to get my hands on one of those beautiful pieces of art.

Would love to coveroo my Storm with a Manchester United crest if that's allowed ;)

Along with Fifa World Club Champions 2008-9!