BDay Contest: Win a Coveroo for your Berry... 10 to be Won!

Birthday Contest: Win a Coveroo for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2009 10:38 am EST

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Today is the BIG DAY! We are officially two years old! Don't worry, the partying won't stop until the week is done - we still have a bunch of giveaways and contests and sales to run on the blogs over the next few days... what a week! To make sure you don't miss any of the festivities, just click into the Site Stuff category in the blogs.

CrackBerry Turns Two Win a Coveroo Contest!

If you want to personalize your BlackBerry, Coveroo has to be one of the best options out there. Considering you get a whole new battery cover out of the deal, the Coveroo service is affordable and unique. When you visit their website you can choose from a big assortment of original and officially licensed designs, or you can opt for the custom service and get something truly unique (check out my CrackBerry Kevin one here for as an example). Coveroo also let us know that this coming Monday they are going to make a BIG announcement... a whole new way to bring luxury to your Bold or Curve. Could be makings of another contest! :)

To enter for your chance to win one of ten Coveroos (you pick the one you want for your device), just login to and leave a comment to this post! Entry closes this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!!

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BDay Contest: Win a Coveroo for your Berry... 10 to be Won!



Nice Covers...
And Kevin you know how to write News. I really like your Site and the way you make Videos and News.

I am not Gay! ;-)


Sweet, I have always wanted one of these. It would give me an excuse to show off my storm "naked". I would probably swith to carrying it "naked" full time.

I have been seriously wanting one of those covers. They are sexy! If I win - can I get it with the crackberry logo??

I'd love to get one with the CB Symbol on it, maybe say 2nd Anniversary on the bottom. That way I can show my clients easily where to go get the latest news and info in the blackberry community.

I'd take either the cover or the cupcake..just make sure to overnight the cupcake. Don't want it old an moldy by the time I get it. :)

From me to you, would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Today is a great day, as my daughter birthday is on the same day and she is turning 1!

Happy Birthday Crackberry thank goodness for your terrific TWOs and looking forward to keep referring you guys to all my customers for your helpful Crackberry Members and information. Keep it berry!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry thank goodness for your terrific TWOs and looking forward to keep referring you guys to all my customers for your helpful Crackberry Members and information. Keep it berry!!

please pick me as a winner or as one of the winners??? i actually tried to order one the other day, but the site does not accept paypal. i was mad... oh well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CB.COM!!!! GREAT JOB KEVIN AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

I am a realative newbie still to all things CB and I could not imagine running any Berry device without your site,dedication and support, again thanks and congrats on your 2nd yr!

I just wanna say happy bday once again...and i hope i win at least one of these many giveaways...I love you Crackberry!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!! Guess what!! It's my birthday today too!!!! I would love to win this coveroo for my birthday!! So glad we have this in common.

Kevin, for this one I won't make you the same deal I did with the 8900 contest, so instead of a pound of the finest "stuff" British Columbia has to offer, I'll...umm... I'll come up with something ;-)


Another giveaway! Michiganroots here would enjoy his 8310 with one big ol' Hockeytown logo on it please.

Thank you Kevin. We appreciate your generousity and congratulate you on this special day.

Happy Birthday!!! =)

These cases are sweeeet. They would be the perfect acessory for my storm wich runs barefoot other than screen protector ofcourse....

I'm new to Blackberry just two weeks and I learned so much from this site.You did a great job with the info and free stuff. Wow!

I have been thinking about one of these since they debuted! Now, would I go with the CB logo or something else???

I def would love to have a crackberry coveroo for my 8330. I am addicted to my BB and this site. I probably check the forums at least 30 times throughout the day. I havent replaced my battery door since purchase, i was looking at the seidio rubber batt door but would def love to have a coveroo instead. I didnt even realize that CB had its own coveroo, i hope i can win one of the 10.

Happy Birthday CB! What a way to celebrate. I love presents! So I can be a bit of a klutz sometimes and a Coveroo would be perfect for me and my BB Storm! I love this site and am completely addicted. Help me to love this site even more by letting me win the Coveroo!

I feel guilty signing up for all these contests. Thanks for contributing to the Blackberry crowd.

I am not only addicted to my BB Storm, I am addicted to your site! You are 100%, Total Enablers! Thank you for it! lol!

Hmmm, a custom coverloo, so many choices of what to put on it? An image of Ron (the hedge hog) Jeremy? Maybe a custom logo of a custom chopper well no not that chopper but that one as seen on TV. It would be awesome to win 7 and be able to flaunt a custom coverloo each day of the week.

happy birthday. i love this website. i reccomend it to all my friends that have blackberry. you guys truely made the best website for blackberrys. hope there is many more birthdays to come. and please i would like to win lol

yall are showering us with free shtuff. Makin it rain battery covers, cases ball and codes. Thats why i keep on

Y'all are saints at CrackBerry, giving away presents on YOUR birthday on top of all the other deeds you do for us addicted owners.

I WANT IT!!! I WANT IT!!! From that earlier contest, I REALLY needed the Otterbox for my wife, because she's careless as all heck with her Storm(ugh...I hate to even think of how she treats it.) ME on the other hand, I treat my Storm very well, and that Coveroo will be perfect since I carry my Storm in a Holster. I've entered almost every contest this week(passed on the trackball contest, cuz I own a Storm)...I hope I win SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am liking this! Happy Bday to lovely crackberry site, the site of all sites, the best folks visit here< now what did i win> cangaroo or koala> sure. Thanks

I would definitely like to win this one! BB is so customizable! Thanks for the birthday bash crackberry!

I would love one of these... I really like the new back you get. Looks like it would give me a better grip on my Storm!

I finally got my new 8900 and I am dying to personalize it. That battery door is killing me if just had some color I can't stand how the made it a fake metal. Please help if you don't I may have to resort to a rattle can you don't want that on your conscience do you????

Happy Birthday! love the site, but would love a Coveroo also...PICK ME! Coveroo please Cover me!

After dropping mine on some hard wood floors, I could replace my battery door but being a Nursing student with bills puts that on hold :(

Feel free to help me out :)

i would love one of these to make my fellow blackberry abusers at work jealous. we are always competing.


As much as I try not to drop "my precious"...i do sometimes...I totally could use one of these...i'm going to check out the website now!

is that enough? :-}

Happy Birthday!!

I love this site and you saved my sanity when I first got my BB. It almost ended up embedded in a wall out of frustration but the great people here helped me figure it out.

Here's to many more years!

This contest came at just the right time, I just dropped my curve yesterday, and blasted my battery cover door off and into pieces. I know I will have to order a replacement, but if I win I will have a back up when I do it again.

Thanks for all the help youve given me over the years... you guys are awesome! and so is my crackberry!


Happy CrackBirthday to youuu,
Happy CrackBirthday to youuu,
Happy CrackBirthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Yes please.... my Bold's backside is bare and needs a new cover.. you know, cant go outside without a cover on my Bold's $*&!

Thanks Kevin!

happy birthday!

Hopefully my luck can turn around this time! I've never won any sort of contest I've entered.
Good luck to all and congrats on the success!