BBSmart Alarms Pro - Updated and Price Slashed

BBSmart Alarms Pro
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2009 12:28 pm EDT

Now Available for All Devices, including BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, 8350i...

Back in the pre-BlackBerry Bold, Storm and Curve 8900 days, BBSmart's Alarms Pro app was one of those must-have applications (read review here) and was a top seller in our app store. There was good reason for this too as it was the most powerful, fully-featured multi-alarm application available for BlackBerry.

BBSmart Alarms Pro features include:

  • No limits! Create as many alarms as you want!
  • Choose from four cool alarm sounds or pick your own mp3's to wake up to!
  • Set snooze times for 1, 2, 5 minutes all the way up to an hour
  • Easily set quick alarms - perfect for alarms to grab the washing (30 minutes from now), or just to grab a quick power nap (wake me up in 15 minutes!)
  • Friendly, easy to use software designed by people for people (big buttons easy to read in the morning with sleepy eyes)
  • Create alarm templates so setting new alarms with your favorite preferences is a breeze!

Version 1.25 of Alarms Pro finally updates the app to make it compatible with all BlackBerry device models, including the Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and the touchscreen Storm. And the best part of this latest update is the massive price cut that came with it. Alarms Pro previously sold for $15.00. You can now pick it up at its new price of $4.95. Sweet!

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BBSmart Alarms Pro - Updated and Price Slashed


I wonder if they fixed the bug where if an MP3 alarm goes off while the device is locked the only way to shut it off is to pull the battery.

Hrm. I have the Storm and can't get it to use the tones already on the phone. I hate the preloaded ones and figured I could just select one from the system, but the test sound doesn't work and I already enabled all the permissions for the app.

I'm running into the same problem. I purchased the full version since I'd rather not be required to reset my alarm every night. when I'm setting up the alarm, the try sound button doesn't do anything. I've made sure the permissions are set up correctly, but still nothing. I've emailed CS and am awaiting a response.

I have a storm and have all permisions set to allow, yet still no sound with default sounds or MP3's. what gives? it worked great on my curve. this bug needs to be fixed asap cuz I love this app

For all those encountering sound issues, this is a known issue with the BlackBerry Storm OS The issue has been submitted to RIM and they have acknowledged this as a valid bug with their OS.

The issue has been fixed in the subsequent Storm OS's that have been leaked, but just still waiting on some of the carriers to push out the official non-buggy OS to everybody...

If you are encountering this issue, please consider upgrading the OS on your device.

BBSmart Support

Nothing like screwing over the existing customers, by lowering the price for the future ones. The first customers who paid the full price are the reason you are still in existence as a company. Perhaps you might consider paying those people back with a free app! I take it as a slap in the face when myself and others who wanted this program paid the higher amount for it, and then you go and cut the price to sell more copies for newer handsets. WTF? If this is what I and others can expect, this will be the first and last product I will buy from you.

what a rant. Do you deel that way about every product you buy that ever reduces it price? Do you demand to pay full price every time you buy something?

Looks like a great product, I'll try it out.

Some people amaze me by the greed and immature level. I really should go back to the car dealership and demand my money back since they are now selling the 08 models cheaper than what I bought it for. HOW DARE THEM!!

I too bought the BB Alarms product at a higher price for my previous BBs. But in doing so we're eligible for upgrades for free so what's the big deal? Everything drops in price over time.
Chill man and enjoy the product again if you have a newer unit.

Thanks to the BBAlarms people and releasing an update so I can use this again on my 8220.

this is really a non issue. storms are going for like 128 now, should the people that paid a higher price be entitled to something as well? its business, sometimes you find a good sale, sometimes you dont.

Nothing drops 66% in a day. Simple. If it was one of those gradual reductions over time, I could see it. But this is total $hit.

Does this alarm turn on the Storm if its off? Thats a great feature I like on my Storm. I do hate that the Storm only has 1 alarm.

Does a purchased liscence on one device stop you from being able to use another device? I purchased this on my 8320 and now I have an 8900.

I sent multiple emails to every one of the software companies that I had purchased BB software for when I got my Storm.
Not one replied to me, even the ones that had compatible software that would just require a pin change.

I had to re-buy almost all of the software for the Storm,

And I never did get a working version of the
Adorno MultiAlarm Pro software for the storm - 10.00 wasted and now its 4.99 - now who's pissed

if you go into the crackberry app store and log in with your account, you can update your pin. I just did and it worked like a charm

Great app, glad to be able to use it with the Bold.

The quick alarm is handy for things like parking meters.

I give up, how do you get it to make sounds? I have mp3 ringtones I want to use as alarms, they're on the SD card, all application permissions are set to "Allow." Nada. Help? Tnx.

Thank you. Finally multiple alarms on my Curve!

***kbch*** To use an mp3 from your SD card select "From File" and then select the appropriate folder from the SD card to add the song/ring tone you want.

Thank you, skynny70, but still no dice. I don't have a "From File" option, just "Customize," which I picked and navigated to the file, and now under the "Sound:" line it shows "File: [my file]." Still no sound. The alarm "goes off" -- it prompts me visually -- but no sound.

Anyone else have any ideas? I'm still on last Verizon official OS, is that my problem?

and you go on and enjoy having only one alarm on your device.

ive used this program with my old curve and now my bold, at the price its going for its definetly worth it. but to each his own.

The customer service sucks I decided to try the full version paid and received a PIN and activation code "What the hell do I do with a PIN, Enter it where?" E mailed to have my activation reset.......still waiting...........screw it.


The most common reason why your registration key will not be working is if you did not enter in a valid device PIN when purchasing the software.

Please login to your account and update the PIN and a new registration key/activation code will be generated for you.

Account login page:

BBSmart Support.

Ok I have had some E mails with the smart guys I think Iam on that verge of getting this problem fixed, but......This E mail tag is slow...Very slow if you have a problem expect days not hours.

i downloaded the trial version eariler today and I can't get the sound to work... I've gone back and edited app permissions and still no sound any advise....

For all those encountering sound issues, this is a known issue with the BlackBerry Storm OS The issue has been submitted to RIM and they have acknowledged this as a valid bug with their OS.

The issue has been fixed in the subsequent Storm OS's that have been leaked, but just still waiting on some of the carriers to push out the non-buggy OS to everybody...

If you are encountering this issue, please consider upgrading the OS on your device.

BBSmart Support

Allowed all permissions as per instructions, still no test sound. re-booted, still no test sounds.
Oh Well, $4.95 down the drain.

Dear BBSmart Support.
I would be happy to add a leaked OS upgrade if you will provide me with a guarantee to replace my Storm when the bugs eat it up.
Maybe that's why they call it
'leaked' and not the Official Version.

No sound and cant get ti to show full screen.
Only half screen with the shure type keyboard that will not hide

So, in order to have this app work, I need to use a leaked BETA OS? I'm sorry, but shouldn't an app work with the official OS rather than needing to use a leaked OS to work? Though I appreciate the update here, I still haven't received a response from the inquiry that I made at the BBSmarts site...

nope I changed the PIN got a new number tried the apps registration and same thing "invalid registration"...I quit!

The only thing that annoys me about this app (aside from problems already mentioned) is the icon that shows up at the top when you have an alarm set. I'm sure I can get used to this, but for now it keeps making me think I have new messages or something. Any way to turn it off?

I didn't see a way to turn off the icon through the app. But that'd be a good feature to have for those who don't change (add/delete) the alarms frequently and hence would find the icon not as useful.

ya, what is up with the icon and words "BBSmart Alarm Pro" permanently at the top of my screen? I don't even have any alarms set and I have the bell icon and the number "1".

I really don't want this permanently at the top of my screen.

UPDATE: I pulled the battery and the words/icon were gone.

Everything seem fine now.

As with anything, prices drop though you don't see that with software as often as you might see with an LCD flat panel tv.

but...expecting the software to work fully with a 'leaked' version of OS is a bit much to ask for. I'm a newbie with blackberry and don't feel upto the challenge of 'unofficially' upgrading my storm OS. From business perspectives, a developer should have stated the requirements clearly, so people who buy the program, they know what to expect. To assume that everyone will use/install the 'leaked' OS, is assuming way too much.

Imagine if Microsoft's solution to fix an MSOffice issue was to install a 'beta' version of their upcoming OS

Recommendations are to distribute the software as 'release candidate' till the required OS becomes final.

Thank you

Another program from CC that doesn't work. When I try to open Alarms Pro I get this message " Uncaught exception java.lang. error". What can I do?

Well, I must say that I too am a bit pissed to find that they've dropped the price.

You see I purchased this back on 11/11/2008 when it was listed as "working on all blackberry devices"

well I waited and waited, sent email after email, forgot about it for a while... then came across the email that I'd sent in my sent items.. got me fired up again, sent another email.. I only ever got one response email.. and you guessed it...

"we plan on releasing a bold compatible version in 10 Days"

well I finally did get it working yesterday, and that's what makes me so pissed off, only 4 months after I purchased it @ full price... now others can get a semi working version for a third of the price...

will be the last app I buy from them period.

Per the email I received from them:

Unfortunately, this is a known issue with the BlackBerry Storm 9530 Operating System (OS) version The issue has been submitted to RIM and they have acknowledged this as a valid bug with their OS.

The issue has been fixed in subsequent Storm OS's, but a newer OS version has unfortunately not yet been pushed out to Verizon customers through the official distribution channel. You are however able to upgrade the Operating System on your device yourself and for instructions on how to do this please read this link:

The most recent Storm OS version is Please consider upgrading the OS on your device to alleviate this issue which RIM since fixed.

I purchased this product yesterday and promptly received the activation code. Unfortunately, I can't activate it! I have emailed the company but have yet to hear back from them.

I had this on my 8100 Pearl and I LOVED it! When I upgraded to the Bold & sent an email requesting a new key, I was sad to find that it wasn't compatible, but they did send me a new key!
Glad I actually get to use it now!

I downloaded the trial, but when trying to set an alarm time I could not select the OK button. I moved my finger all over the place, but the button never highlighted. I also couldn't click on the recurring checkbox. (v .75)

I liked the concept and was willing to spend the money, but I have since deleted. (not to mention the sound issues with v .75)

Thats all an os issue not a BBalarm issue. There are several apps that sound fails on v.75. You will have to wait for the official OS or get one of the leaked ones.

After a few days of trial, I think I'm keeping BBSmart Alarms Pro. Good UI, rich features and I don't have issues at all (on Storm .103 OS). The only missing features IMO are the ability to countdown for longer than 99 minutes in the Quick Alarm and on-the-hour hourly chimes.

downloaded on my Bold yesterday for a trial run.. i'm running

not sure if it's just me but whenever i set a new quick or regular alarm, a 'bell / alarm' icon will appear on the top.. and at times, it does not appear... it will only be 'fixed' whenever i do a battery pull.. and after a while, the same issue happens (i.e. i set a new quick / regular alarm, the icon does not appear at the top).. then i would have to do a batter pull again for it to appear.. vice versa..

Tried to change my Bold theme to the default one but still i get this issue.

Just to let the team know that's all.

I am a new BB user and purchased the BB Storm. I tried BBSmart Alarms Pro and ran into a problem when trying to set the alarm time. I could change the alarm time but could not click the OK button to accept the change.

I contacted BBSmart and they were very responsive. They indicated the problem is a known issue with the current OS version that VZ supports ( They suggested upgrading to the leaked version of the BB OS

Since I'm a new BB user and would prefer to not brick my phone, I'm forced to wait for VZ to release an upgraded BB OS they will support. But I thought other Storm users would want to be aware of this. If you are comfortable installing a leaked OS on your phone, this looks like a great app.

I am hoping VZ will provide an upgraded OS soon. The BBSmart support was incredibly good. I am hoping I will be able to use BBSmart Alarms Pro soon on my BB Storm.

Please bring back Auto-Snooze!!

Allow the alarm to go off, then auto-snooze, and go off again in 10mins!!!!

If I need to wake up, Punch in the Password, then press the SNOOZE button, and then go back to sleep??!!

I'd be totally awake already!!!

This was in the previous Version, so the code is already there!!

I know that not everyone wants this, so you can put this in the Options.

MUCH appreciated!!!

Yeah --- except when you click on the purchase link all of a sudden it's $8.95. Classic bait and switch; the FTC ought to check this out.

liking the prog during the trial but annoyed at the pricing bait-and-switch appearances. Feel mislead even tho the product seems worth t he price even at $9 instead of $5. FWIW, works w only a minor glitch on screen after snoozing (possibly after multiple snoozes - I use the snooze to keep track of time in 10min intervals when trying to get kids out of house in the morning). Will report glitch to BBSmart shortly, as well as a few other minor feature reqs (advanced alarm scheduling i.e. every other Friday, would be lovely) but wanted others aware. IIRC app store here claims it's not compat w Flip but I took the risk & it works.

"You can now pick it up at its new price of $4.95"

when i click on purchase, it gives me an amount of $8.95 and $4.95 as stated in your article.

Please clarify.

I was actually looking around this morning for a legit Alarm program for my girlfriend who just recently got a blackberry pearl...I was just about to buy this app (since it would do everything I wanted) until I...

a)noticed that the price said 4.95 and when I got to the checkout screen it magically turned into 8.95

b)I got skeptical and decided to read user comments...and wow, are you serious? I thought this was a legit site, but after all the nonsense that these "customers" have had to go through and YOU NOT EVEN RESPONDING TO MOST OF THEM? I will NEVER purchase a product from this site and I hope that others will follow.

c)on a personal note: why, did you have someone pay $15 for an application that didn't work on their phone...not respond to their emails for months...until you knew that the actual version that would be compatible with their phone would be released in 10 days...YOU DIDN'T EVEN OFFER A REFUND??! WOW, that sounds like BAIT AND SWITCH AKA: CRIMINAL, to me.



lol i just came across this thread and its hilarious! Thanks for the laughs guys, this program rocks and who cares how much it costs, 5 bucks or 15 bucks its not that much money and if it does mean that much to someone they shouldn't be owning a blackberry to begin with :)