BBScanner for BlackBerry Smartphones - Video Review

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Oct 2009 11:45 am EDT

Forums moderator yester18 took the time to do up this review of BBScanner for us. He goes over the multiple features, feeds, settings and more. If you don't want to shell out over $100 for a full-featured police scanner, this is a great app that lets you listen to a ton of police, fire & EMS radios. BBScanner is available for just $2.99 from

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BBScanner for BlackBerry Smartphones - Video Review


Couldn't this get you in legal troubles? I know in my state it's a big no no to have a police scanner on you unless you are a HAMM radio operator.

I had this app when it was free, and while it was pretty cool to use once in a while, there is really no need to have it. I really don't think it's worth $3.

I had the *free* one as well, see NO reason to purchase this app since i only used it once in a while or to impress friends.

Oh and i still have the free version .COD backed up.

Yes It works, ill upload it tonight when i get home from work. youll probably have to use BBSAK to install since there is no .ALX file.

to my knowledge, there are no laws against having a scanner, you can't transmit on it only listen. It's how many journalisim outlets in all states get the scene of accidents/incidents/fires, the ems crews don't call them. FCC only regulates the use of HAM Radios or two way radios. Again, to my knowledge but i've been known to be wrong a few times in my life.

Watching the video, I can see that BB Scanner has been updaetd to offer some good features like how to pick the type of feed and location, which may be worth the $2.99. Like jorGeorge, I listend to BB Scanner all the time when it was a free app. But back then, I didn't know about I actually discovered it when I was looking for a way to listen to air traffic control, which you can't do on BB Scanner. Via a feed source called,, you can use to listen to air traffic control of both minor and major airports. Well, one day I got curious and I tried to find some of the police traffic that I used to listen to on BB Scanner. Sure enough, I was able to listen to it through, which is free with no ads. You need to set up an account at to pick your stations, in which location and source of feed will be found in the description, and then you use on your phone browser to listen to the feed.

If you choose to use to listen to air traffic control, a very good site for tracking arrivals and departures into your airport is This site will show you the location, flight number, type of airplane, and estimated arrival and departure time, so when you listen in on the traffic, you know which plane is talking. Live air traffic control is usually delayed about 5 minutes on most tracking sites, and flightaware is no exception. If you don't want to spring for BB Scanner, try out It's worthy alternative, in my humble opinion.

Actually Kevin, most departments are going to digital communications and a digital scanner will run you around $500 US.

As for those asking about legalities, it is not illegal to have/use a scanner unless when "used in the commission of a crime" If you are using one to keep up with police while breaking into houses for example it's a felony.

i've noticed it's mostly fire and public saftey, not police channels, which is ok, but it would be nice to have police channels going. They're usually more interesting.

Actually u can listen to the air traffic by creating a custom scanner feed ive used what a pain in the rear on my curve 8330. Constant media player issues this app is only 2.99 which is cheaper then a gallon of milk and well worth it as far as being legal if u are pulled over with it runing just shut the application off as its on a blackberry which is a phone not a scanner.

Ive had this program and really liked it. They then started charging for it so I just decided to bookmark in my BB browser. It isn't the prettiest interface but it gives me the same info for free and takes up no app memory on my device...

The app is still free.. all you have to do is shut down and reaload that program every 15 mins.. He still gives away every update Free of charge and with all the new features added it is really much easier to navigate... You can bookmark your favorite channels so that you can get back to listening pretty quick. even faster if you happen to have good signal.. All in all the app itself doesn't take up much memeory on the phone.. so i keep rolling with the updates and stick to the free ver. Really only listen for 15 mins at a time anyway... But it is well worth the 3 dollars for the work that the man put into this smooth running, much cleaner looking app.. Will wind up buying it.. like the man said many comments ago.. It is cheaper then a gallon of milk.. in some places a gallon of gas..


you hit my favorite program yester. I love it and you can't beat the price. great customer support !! 5 stars!!
I did a test and found delay between 20-45 secs between real time traffic on my portable radio and bbscanner. For just listening for fun this isn't a big deal but I wouldn't use this for your job as a firefighter,police or EMS.

I am a Police Dispatcher as well as an EMT. I love that I can hear what is going on at work when I'm not there without having to spend $500 on a scanner. It's also helpful when I leave my EMS Pager at home, I can still hear calls. I do wish there wasn't as much of a delay (at times up to 2 minutes) and some of the feeds take up to 30 seconds to load, but otherwise a great app...I actually have this saved as one of my home icons on my Storm!

The reason for the delay is calls r dispatched out on the scanner then the software that is used on the host pc rebroadcast it out onto the web for the feed that u are listening to

does anyone use or have a good text reading software on their blackberry. I would like to use something but can not find anything good