BBScanner Updated to v1.4.0.2

By Adam Zeis on 14 Sep 2009 09:07 am EDT

We checked out BBScanner when it was first released, and it has been a big hit in the community ever since. Unfortunately the free beta days have come and gone, but BBScanner is bigger and better than before in its premium form. Available for only $2.99 (a free trial is available), the updated features and revamped UI add much needed upgrades to the app. Setup is a breeze, and once started you can check out over 1,200 of scanners from all over the country. You can choose your favorites, listen to the top 20 scanners, search, create custom scanners or find "scanners near me". If you are in the police/fire/ems industries or just want to be in on the action, definitely check out BBScanner.

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BBScanner Updated to v1.4.0.2


i'll try out the trial version to see if its worth it. probably something to have handy incase of a local incident happens and you're not near a tv/radio

I work as a Fire/Medic, so this app is great. It is fun to listen in on what is happening on the go if needed.

Although, most of the interesting best scanners are offline because of the newer encryption methods. Hopefully more will be added!

I love this app! Not only can i hear what is going on around me, I can always tune in and get weather events around me to! When my dish network goes out in a bad storm I like having the ability to listen to the weather near me and police / fire. You can also add your own custom scanners :)

The only reason the scanner would be offline is if the feed provider is not streaming the feed. Otherwise as long as the provider has the proper equipment you will still be able to listen to the feed.

I do agree that this is a big drain on the battery, but he has made some adjustments to help minimize the affect on the battery draining.

This is the BEST program for a BB. I had the beta version when it was free and it was a no brainer to update it!!!

Am I the only one who thinks this new version is very very buggy. I have had it freeze up several times in addition to having to do several battery pulls after locking my backlight and red led on. Way too buggy to shell out any amount of money for.

I like the app, I think its great to listen to local policing agencies and listen to the weather radio. Especially seeing I live in hurrricane alley Florida. I liked the free trial so much, that I just purchased the app after having the free version for 2 hours.
They do have free unlimited upgrades if you purchase for the 2.99 and to me, 2.99 was worth it, however I was unaware that it ran down my battery not only fast, but down to the bone marrow. This is definatly a problem and hope to see another update that fixes this problem in the near future!