BBSAK updated to version 1.9 - Now available in 8 languages

BBSAK version 1.9
By ObiGeorge on 16 Nov 2010 10:59 am EST

If you haven't used BBSAK, it's desktop software used to perform a wide variety of tasks for your BlackBerry, replacing the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. With BBSAK you can wipe your device, backup/restore your applications, load new or old OSs (without uninstalling OS from your computer), and install and remove CODs. The application is one of the most handy if you install OSs frequently, and is very easy to use.

One of the biggest requests at BBSAK, was support for multiple languages. Now with version 1.9, you get support for 8 languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, and Spanish. They are also looking to expand to vietnamese, russian, and italian. So if you speak any of these languages, head over to their thread in our forums. This version of BBSAK also fixed a couple of minor bugs, including the collapse button bug. Their new website has also launched, since the last time we posted on them, and includes a button for direct download, no more mirrors :)

Reader comments

BBSAK updated to version 1.9 - Now available in 8 languages


there are enough geniuses out there to make a BBSAK for MAC! so pls do!! that would be the best thing in the world after CB

Well said. Luckily I have both platforms, but it would be easier to just hook it up to my macbook rather than starting up my desktop.

I was getting a weird error too. But I installed over 1.8. So i removed, rebooted PC, reinstalled and it seemed ok. Did seem a little slow, though......could just be my machine.....

Well for me after I removed bbsak 1.8,I rebooted pc then installed bbsak 1.9,the only problem with 1.9 is the load OS button,it tells me there is no OS installed which I do have installed,but I can revert back to 1.8 and the load OS finds the OS.