BBSAK bumps up to v1.9.2, adds support for BlackBerry 7 devices and more

By Jared DiPane on 4 Apr 2012 03:35 pm EDT

The ever so helpful BlackBerry utility BBSAK has received an update today which bumped it up to v1.9.2. While you may think the bump from v1.9.1 to 1.9.2 would be a minor one, it was actually a rather large update.  The first major feature addition was BlackBerry 7 support, so now you can utilize all the great BBSAK features on your new devices as well. Beyond adding BlackBerry 7 support they have rewritten the application to enhance speed and performance. The rewrite allowed them to remove sluggish code and replace it with more efficient and quicker ways to get things done. BBSAK is now available as a free download and, if you wish to support the developer and their cause, you can do so by donating to them on their site.

For more information and to download BBSAK 

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Reader comments

BBSAK bumps up to v1.9.2, adds support for BlackBerry 7 devices and more


You may need to uninstall if you have that installed as it seems to think that version is newer then the one released (1.9.2 wouldn't install) but once you do it'll install fine. That's what happened to me on windows 7x64. Love this program though

I also had to uninstall 1.9.11 to be able to install 1.9.2. Definitely faster and will be doing more testing today.

because of the last version's laggy issues i went to vnbbutil....anyone have any comparison thoughts with that and 1.9.2? (cant test it yet but would like to know)

It's about bloody time! As nice as the previous version is, I was truly wondering if this app was ever going to be updated anymore. One thing I'm hoping is that I won't have to manually kill the device manager .exe to make BBSAK connect properly this time around... :P

Someone make a mirror? Website down :/

Too much bandwith used Lol.

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Last comments appear to be from a couple of years ago. Does anyone know if this software is still supported? I would like to get some answers to a few questions, but the Contact page doesn't appear to be working at their site.