That BBRY10 license plate found its way onto a car that's seriously built to keep you moving...

Built to Keep You Moving!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Mar 2013 10:15 pm EDT

A couple weeks ago we posted a photo that a reader emailed in of what had to be best license plate in Ontario. With BBRY10 on the plate and Ontario's "Yours to Discover" motto below, I didn't think it could get better than that.

That is, until I saw the photo above that was sent in on the CrackBerry tip line earlier today. It seems the BBRY10 plate was spotted in Toronto, and on no less of a car than a black Lamborghini Aventador. 

I'm a big fan of the blacked-out Keep Moving vans that have been driving around big cities spreading the BlackBerry 10 word. That said,  I think this lambo + BBRY license plate combo takes the cake as being the ultimate embodiment of BlackBerry 10. It's black. It's sexy. It runs on QNX. And it's seriously built to keep you moving! 

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That BBRY10 license plate found its way onto a car that's seriously built to keep you moving...


oh shoot i am so jealous of that guy right now cause that car is my favorite car and that license plate makes me want to get a custom plate for my car xD

This may be a first for me. A thread without 50 "First" posts on it!

You Sir are first! Kudos for not being a tool! :)

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Now this is marketing! This must be part of that one billion!

I love it! Beautiful car and beautiful phone!

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Did the person who took the picture waited to see who got into the car? Maybe Thorsten has some serious fancy wheels :)

If you can afford a car like that, gas prices are a non issue for you sir!

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I'm siding with the second post, when can the car be delivered to my house?!

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Please Kevin, make that combo to be the award for one of your contest ! Would easily hit millions of comments :P

Super phone, super car... pass everything but a gas station. Both will turn heads but only one is affordable to most...

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Speaking of which, I thought "The Car Company of Canada" (which is what replaced "YOURS TO DISCOVER") was a generic made-up name. I had no idea that this was the name of an actual company.
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If BBRY stock lets me retire early, I too plan on doing the one thing I said I would never do. Vanity license plates. In the same theme.

Is this one of those contests where we can comment to win?... if so I'd really like to win the car!!!!

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I'll bet with a bit of snooping, you can easily check out who owns of that Lambo .
Unless it is a photoshopped copy !

Nope you can purchase personalized ones in Canada. Diff from say the UK where the plate describes the year of the vehicle and stays with it. That lucky owner prob paid about $250 for that.

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I'm thinking of the case of a criminal driving a car with a personalized plate and someone else having the same car with the same plate.

As in, you can get a custom plate, but no one else can get the same one. And they're both "Ontario". So... Something's up. The last picture was just the plates though, so maybe they decided to try and see what they would look like on this car first?

Wierd my first response didn't post. To the person Canada plates can be purchased if you want to personalize Qhat you have. thus one prob cost$250 ish

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Is that the car Kevin is giving away because we still don't (and may never) have Instagram yet? I would take it!

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Honestly the best thing I've ever seen with a car/ license plate combo, other than a BMW with the vanity plate NOTABENZ. It was pretty funny! :D

Custom license plates are a waste of time because everyone speeds or is in a rush to get somewhere one day that it pisses off the other drivers who call in your plate (aka your tag) to the local or national police. In Canada the OPP have a website for people to lodge a complaint about someones bad driving which requires you to post the bad drivers tag. This info is eventually uploaded to your local police who see it on their car computers as well the OPP keep it too just in case. :)

Yeah but if you have THIS car, the car itself is about the only one around hahahah. Also, if that car speeds I doubt you have time to look at the plate ;).... YELLOW INSIDE THOUGH...??? OMG.

Cool car, but I'm still high off the excitement of finally getting my Z10 today...about 15 hours ago . . It's almost 3am and I'm in bed playing with my Z10, loving this CrackBerry app, listening to bedtime sounds on Songza.

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Too bad that 99% of the people that see this license plate will even know what it means. I know it's not meant to be advertising for BlackBerry, other than a fan boys extreme obsession. I mean why would you even notice it on that car. It's like looking at a hot chick with an amazing rack, and noticing her shoes.

My father and I buy our cars from THE CAR COMPANY OF CANADA they have some crazy cars!!!!!!! Everybody that's somebody buys from there. Best in Canada !!

Sweet Car. My friend has a white one, he keeps it registered in Florida and brings it here in the summer. Do a YouTube search for Aventador at Haugen's. Right now, there are only a handfull of Aventador's in Ontario. I'm willing to bet The Car Company is trying to sell that car and they put the plate on for a photo op.
Nevertheless, its a rocket, and my favorite car out there... and BBRY10 rocks too!

funny he chose a plate that said BBRY 10 instead of BB 10. The ticker symbol for the TSX is BB, BBRY is the NASDAQ ticker symbol. Wicked car though.

Just so you know, I didn't authorize the use of my car for this picture but for a white Z10 I won't mind.

Apparently the press has got hold of the photo and is trying to figure out who the owner is. All The Car Company if Canada is saying is that it is owned by a huge BlackBerry fan. Press is speculating it is Balsillie's car, which is not the case.

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The BBRY series was released in Ontario a few years ago, it isn't special or anything they just hit that alpha sequence in 2009. I have a BBRY plate in the 500s so I only have a few years to wait till my plates match the current Blackberry Model. Keven needs to do a BBRY plate and Z10 owner contest!

I bet you this is Robert Herjavec's car from Dragons Den and Shark Tank. This guy loves Blackberry and loves cars!


COULD IT BE - - - - - - - - ? B R I B E R Y ???? INSTEAD