BBRY up 5% on reports of new devices, BBM to Windows Phone

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2014 09:58 am EST

BlackBerry stock (BBRY) is up over 5% this morning on reports of BBM heading to Windows Phone as well as rumors of a new QWERTY device. BlackBerry announced earlier today that BBM, which recently was made available on iOS and Android, will soon be arriving on some Windows Phone devices as well. Upon the release it will make BBM available across all of the major mobile platforms.

There were also reports today of a new BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard set to arrive soon, only this device would also be brining back the trackpad and function keys that were lost after BlackBerry 7. BlackBerry hasn't confirmed this to be the case, but we should hear more on the rumored device along with the BlackBerry Z3 before the week is out.


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BBRY up 5% on reports of new devices, BBM to Windows Phone


+1. I don't get why people are so stuck with the track pad. BB10 doesn't need it. This would be a step backwards in my eyes.

Agree that a physical trackpad would be a step backwards. I can't imagine how it would work with BB10 other than to operate a mouse pointer in the same way that a PlayBook has a mouse pinter on screen if you remote control one from a BlackBerry phone, and maybe for selecting text in a similar way to how it works in BBOS.

But I think the way to go is having a virtual trackpad on screen for easier text selection rather than a physical trackpad so it doesn't have to be there taking up space when it's not required. It could be implemented as an extension of the circle and floating cut, copy and paste toolbar from that's been here from 10.2 onwards.

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I agree. When I came over to the Z10 from my Torch 9810 I just could NOT imagine navigating without the trackpad. When I got my Z10 up and running I honestly didn't miss it at all. I never thought I adapt so quickly. Now, I'm trying to convince others who have legacy handsets to switch over. I tell them that the switch to OS10 is worth it alone. I'll keep workin' on 'em...

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I say it's just bull, I don't think they will be coming back with trackpad and back/send/end keys. Though I might be wrong.

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I think maybe a trackpad-like device may get integrated into the space bar but I also don't see them adding phone answer, end keys.

I agree. I can see BlackBerry bringing in a budget qwerty (under 200 dollars) with some sort of integrated trackpad into the keyboard. But that is it.

Overall, I see BlackBerry eliminating the Q5, moving the Q10 to their mid tier so as to make room for the Z30. Then a cheapie device at the entry level.

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Here is an opportunity for BB to regain confidence by consumers.
The mass press has been saying the BB company is dead or dying. The public has no way to understand that the company has worthy products.
Now is the time for BB to market their great phones - and build up retail sale support.
People have a short memory. But, former BB users still remember, even if they went wayward and purchased other products.

Yes, but after any new marketing efforts, Joe Consumer responds and heads to his local fav phone vendor and promptly gets told by the sales rep BlackBerry is discontinued, going bust soon, not in his store, why not have an iPhone or this cool Droid? There's no apps on BlackBerry., you don't want that and I won't sell you one of those.


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Ah yes. This shows that the new management of BB must re-work their marketing program. So far this year (2014) there has been no apparent disclosed effort.

Awesome, all because of a new BlackBerry release.
Did the market think a new mobile was never going to be available?

How fickle of them

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Now up almost 10% to just over $10/share, but market reports say "BlackBerry Ltd shares rise after Ford said to drop Microsoft for QNX in Sync systems" or something like that, no mention of BBM on Windows Phone or a new BB phone in reports I read. However there is talk of the $19B WhatsApp deal that may increase the value or possibly hurt BlackBerry in the long run.

@jordandrews90..I think you're right,anyway Kevin is sure to ask Chen about this and he might even get a SCOOP,as all this Ford talk is just rumors,for now.SCOOP this one Kevin.BTW I think it's true and great news.

Yes, I read in the Bloomberg article, that the source of the leak believes that Ford will update all existing Microsoft systems, to QNX.

=$$. It's one thing to have the future to look forward to, it's another thing to receive another massive cash injection. I read 3 million cars in the US are sold with SYNC each year. x6 years, 18million cars. What, $10 per car licensing fee? I'm sure the $200 million is appreciated.

But then there is also the future, and the positive impression on the industry. MASSIVE win for BlackBerry/QNX!

@bspence87..who said $10 ,that's what the bashers want you to believe,I read somewhere that Microsoft was getting $600 per vechicle,which I don't think is expensive considering,BTW Ford is suing Microsoft over this issue .

@ZayDub...didn't happen today,Up 8.29%,12:06pm ,huge volume. can you believe after tomorrow with the new phone coming out under $200,another 8%???

There will be a minor correction / profit taking to hold back the Jakarta news. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't expect more than 2 or 3 percent tomorrow

@bspence...Yeah,I'll take it but the teck side of graffs,candles and all that complicated stuff has reached a resistence point of $10.10 and it should take off to the next resistence level,I have no idea what I'm talking about,IT'S ALL GOOD

Hey JoJo...yes, I noticed that today bucked the norm. I sold at $9.94 but gains were substantial. I saw a $10.10 spike after the fact, but now it's back at 10.06. I'll get back in during the 'inevitable' pullback/correction. Do you think tomorrow will also be a good day? I'm not sure what to expect from the new phones to be unveiled, from a market reaction standpoint

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@ZayDub...They have to go up again tomorrow, when Chen speaks it always helps so far,let's keep our fingers crossed,anyway I am long long long long

I've been swing trading, but am long, long-term. So much volatility, I've found it nice to take profits in the interim, and buy-back at prior or lower I write this, price is at 9.84 p/s. Chen is scheduled to speak tomorrow? do you know what's on the expected agenda? Any links would be appreciated too, as I was unaware of that. But I do agree w/ your sentiment about Chen being a positive catalysts for price increases! 

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Thanks for info! I doubt I tune in at 1am CT lol, but may pick up some shares in After-hours, and wake up early like a kid on Christmas morning! Thanks for your insights! 

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Agreed! I woke up this morning with a ton of new  articles in my portfolio app on my Q10!

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@daithiD...Probably keep going up for about 2 weeks before ER and then go back down, in anticipation of bad revenue.but just like last time we could be in for a surprise as the street feels bb is heading in the right direction,under CHEN.

Yes I was thinking the same thing, I think I might sell because of the expectations but then again we could see another surprise. What a dilemma ?

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@daithiD.. We're screwed,,HAHA.You never know,but have faith in the new team,and hold .Anyway BB is making good and doesn't look like a company going bankrupt,I wouldn't be surprised if they were going to be bought out either,this summer.

@daithiD...Tomorrow Foxconn unveils the new BB phone,more great news ,and the price it will sell it for, is going to be interesting.I think you're right

Yeah its all speculation at this point, no numbers to go off of or anything. I hope Chen is going to update the earnings projections during the next earnings call. I guess we'll have to see. I'm long on the stock so I just hope overall it looks good. If you watch it day to day it will make you sick.

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@daithiD..Yeah last year my golf game took a dip...I'm crossing my fingers I can block it all out this summer.I play every day and am sick to my stomach with double game and my portfolio,HAHAHA

stocks are up due to ford ditching Sync(stock market opened today) .We may see more stock rise couple of hours from now

Is that picture from today? If it is at $15, then isn't that a jump of 50%? I thought it was trading around $10 last week.

Perhaps that is an old pic, but if not, that would be a nice surprise.

This is a strange post, but that doesn't mean I'm unhappy with it lol. BlackBerry has been up five percent on plenty of occasions lately. Let's just hope this is the start of a major move. I suspect it will more likely be the start of a spike followed by a selloff though.

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The trackpad and navigation keys were sorely missed in the beginning. But bringing them back to qwerty devices will be a very welcome development. Keep moving BlackBerry... I love you

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I really like the idea of BBM being ported to Windows Phone. I have a couple of buddies who aren't moving off that platform. They would use BBM if it were available.

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CB is so slow with the news posts, what about the fact the ford has seemed to chose QNX over Windows for in car. There is still now report of this from CB, even though its everywhere else..

Ford has been playing with a QNX dashboard since 2 years now.
It first was tested in a Aston Martin back in 2012even though Ford is only a minority shareholder in AM now

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The stock is up based on Ford, these new reports of qwerty and Z3 won't affect the stock till later in the day. I wrote long ago about the future of BlackBerry being in QNX, it's a power house that's yet to be exploited properly.

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+100, Ford is the largest customer of Windows, In-Sync systems. Without Ford will Microsoft ditch In-Sync leaving even more opportunity for QNX? This would mean QNX's main competition is Google who haven't even developed their system yet even though they signed several deals. This news about Ford switching to QNX, if true, would be a huge boost in confidence in BBRY and QNX. With Nokia also going with Android for it's low cost phones and BBM for Lumina phones, I wonder how Microsoft is feeling about BBRY these days. Hopefully not too sore towards BBRY that we can still work together... (on BBM, excel & word for BBRY phones etc.) We will soon find out once the Nokia deal closes to see if Microsoft reverses any of Nokia's recent decisions..

I still don't see why Microsoft didn't buy BlackBerry in 2011, seemed a perfect fit.

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They need to take advantage of things like this, go on the offensive a bit. Why not make a brave commercial and play it everywhere and anywhere (prices considered) they can for a period? Something along the lines of "You've been told we're dead, you've been avoiding us, but we never left. It's okay, we forgive you because everyone has their weak points. The BlackBerry Z30 (show videos of the phone and the best reviews from known sources), the Q10 (same thing here), multiplatform BBM with Voice, Glympse and soon Video, why not give yourself the secure device that your busy life deserves"

Owk, the stock climbed by 5%, but what about the drop of more than 5%past week?
Anyway great news about BBM! And can't wait to see the new device!

Curious that they would bring back the track pad now that we have the all-touch. Especially with how well BlackBerry's UI works. Perhaps geared towards phones in the Indian market?

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It's now up 9%, but I'm seriously getting tired of reading articles about BlackBerry that begin

"In a last chance/ last attempt/hail Mary move to save the BlackBerry brand it's management has decided to..... "

Such ignorance in mainstream American press *sigh*

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With BBM in all platforms anybody think that WhatsApp is a Best option, now that Facebook bought them, more personal information in facebook hands.

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* FYI Mr. Chen is the US carriers keep ignoring BlackBerry the Q10 will be my last BlackBerry phone, I hate to say it but it's frustrating waiting for 10.2.1 and the lack of Carrier support worry me to the point of going to another platform.

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I love the Blackberry Z10 & Z30 cause they r the best then anything other smartphone out there cause there Internet browser & Security & there QNX car technology snapdragons chip why bring back the track pad & other stiff from the pass john chen should work with the people in the company he have now listen to the different job they have I been think BlackBerry should buy the new power snapdragon 64- bit chip put it in the Blackberry I'll always love Blackberry until I die

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The track pad and buttons return would make me howl at the moon! I'd become an Apple-style fan, waiting in a 24 hour line if it happens; Ok, maybe not, but I'd like to see it!

What else would the may says have, once BlackBerry brings this much-missed feature back!!!???

+1. A new device with the trackpad and buttons would finally get me to upgrade from my 9900. If some people prefer it, why not give them the choice?